Body. Brain. Berserk.

Peace be upon y’all!

So bearing in mind what DeeDee quote and I’m sure all of you know; You are what you eat. When I woke up this morning, I had egg sandwich. Ok la, still healthy right? Egg, butter and bread. I’m confident I can get through the day eating right!!

And it came…. My maid offered me her mihoon that she cooked specially for me. I’m a person that never refuse food, I tell you. So I ate it with my half eaten sandwich.

Next, I was craving for Orange. Putting the orange in your mouth, slurpping the juice… FUHH!!! Lucky there’s oranges at home. Gladly took one and ate it. Not bad… Healthy food choice all the way!! Come on brain! Let’s be Positive!!!

Then…. it came.

I saw this picture…




Dian, a young Indonesian fashion designer, having Ice-cream in Venice. Ahh…. my brain starts rewinding to last year’s school trip. Venice was one of the cities and everyday my friends and I had ice-creams and gelatos. I have to have Ice-Cream now!!!

*Opens the freezer* Found Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake and Maple don’t know what flavor. Ate it with ice-cream cone and watched Running Man. H.E.A.V.E.N for a moment.

Before that, I had Fried Spinach snack. SOOOOO much for healthy living eh?

My maid came afterwards and made this steam cake. I had a bite. URGHHH!!!

Late dinner? Meat porridge with fish tempura and chicken.

Today’s food journal:

Egg sandwich


Fried Spinach Snack

Ben & Jerry with cone





You are what you eat. Right… I’m sweet thanks to B&J’s and an orange. Can? Haha

Slap myself.

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