Where there’s a will, there’s a way

I’ll start this post with a prequel.


Posted this snippet on my instastory few days/weeks(?) ago… And this is what the person that I was having conversation with asked…

Helloooooo…. I have a life y’know. HAHAHAHAHAHA. #kidding #oknodontleaveme

So, since the one time that I posted a snippet about us was being questioned, I figured, I might as well upload a lengthy post. Makes the next answering the ‘why’ episode more worth it. Hahaha.

Yesterday this happened:

Few minutes later…

*pops confetti*


Then, of course, nothing will always go your way. So this happened,

My heart dropped a little, but, nothing a phone call couldn’t fix.

So now, let me tell you what happened.

*clears throat*

After deciding what we wanted, I stood in front of the cashier, ready to pay.

Naturally I dig my trash bag for my wallet/card and lo and behold…





Ok no. Emojis can’t really express it.

This is more like it.

(image credit:Β my best friend)

I pleaded the woman if I could Paylah her cause ultimately, the bakery gets their money and I get my babies!

But noooooooooooooo……. She wouldn’t accept my request. 😒

Dig my bag and found some $15 cash.

Okay Aqilah, calm down. Whatchu gonna do now?

With $15 … I can only get 1 flavour each of the Semla Bun. While I don’t mind getting only 1, Filzah wanted 1 flavour each and forget about food! This is dessert!

One does not simply disappoint a person when it comes to dessert.

I tried pleading again, but her answer is still no. #whyyyyyyy

With a heavy heart, 1 ordered each and as I was taking out the $15, thinking how to break this sad news AND how to split the flavours – maybe we can cut them into 2 and exchange so that she gets one each – my hand touched this what seems like a ray of sunlight on winter solstice.


The week before christmas, my team and I had team lunch and we exchanged gifts for our secret santa mission.

My wishlist is a book and because it’s cheaper in UK (missing England now *sobs*) I gave the link to where my secret santa can get the book at a good deal.

Because our lunch was wayy before christmas and the book couldn’t reach in time, he gave me cash in ang pao instead.

That ang pao has been in my bag since then. Every time I want to cave in and buy something else, I remind myself what that money is for.

But, sorry Lloyd! (my secret santa) I was at a crossroad of something that looks like a life and death situation, I had to use that money.

My face lit brighter than the christmas tree and the cashier lady laughed when I hugged the red packet.

Β #noshamethere

So yahhhhhh! That, ladies and gents, is how I got home with a light heart and 2 Semla Bun’s, one flavour each for Filzah and I.


The minute I told her, ‘I didn’t bring my wallet,’ she too, went


Lesson learn, bring your wallet and more shops need to start accepting Paylah.

You beautiful you.


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