lose my mind. In the kitchen.

Assalamualaikum alls!

My body clock works total opposite of normal human race. So, after finish stuffing chicken in the bread for dinner, at 12am, heh, I wanted to heat my food. From the  ‘food prep table’ i turned 180 degree, to where the microwave is, put the food in and close the door. And then…. I heard this noise.

No kidding.

It’s like  octopus tentacles stuck to your arm and you, pulling it off. *chok*slimy*chok* get my sound effect? No? Ah, nevermind la. Imagine, if you can, the sound a sucker fish makes from sucking the fish tank. geli like that. So, I looked down, to a corner and found some unclear animal species fighting or mating, I have no idea what they were doing. I’d be glad if it were cockroaches. But not cicaks. Oh no. Not lizards. I was scared. My legs were about to give out.

How? I put the food in the microwave already. But it seems like the only thing I can do is, take the food out, not heated or get out of the kitchen leaving the food in the microwave. How now brown cow?




*light bulb lights up*

So, I went to my room to put on what I call, home shoes. Searched high and low for my wedges but I can’t find them. Forced to make a decision. Why wedges? It’ll make time for me to scream and throw the shoe off my feet if the thing, if it decides to jump out, to climb to me. More side profile surface. If you get my complicated train of thoughts. So, heels pon heels la. Must make do mah… So I put on my heels. And lose my gut. No can do. I need more help. Phail…

HOW NOW???!!!




Ahhh… This is when, having a younger brother comes in handy.

He went to bed 5 minutes ago. So shamelessly, I woke him up.

“Please help me in the kitchen. I’m scared…*pleads*”

“Why? Why are you scared? Ok, I’ll follow you. But for a while only ah”

So, the siblings kitchen quest begins!

Went to the kitchen. Got him to block the path where if the animal decides to come out, it’ll have to go through the younger brother first. Hahaha… Being me is not being mean at all.. Muahahahahaha *evillaugh*

Got him to heat my bread while I frantically throw the butter and cheese in the fridge and pour water for myself. 2mins later, ALLIZWELL!!!

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Hahahahaha




 Dear stomach,

you gotta thank the yobro (younger brother)! 🙂

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