Ideal Weekend Part 2

Assalamualaikum alls!

Let me continue with my weekend eh? Hee…

Friday night, before splitting way to go home, Irna and I set a meet-up time for our first ever exercising class together! Zumba!! Haha.. The plan? Meet at my house bus stop at 0915.  The class starts at 0945. I told her to give me a wake up call. I’m seriously a night person. Waking up early myself has its on seasonal phase. Not today tho.


Got a call at 0730 to wake up. I answered. Shut my eyes for 2 mins. Got 2 miss call and answered the third. Suppose to meet Irna at 0915 and bus stop and I woke up at 0924. Handsome…. Irna was even in front of my house! Hahaha… I’m sucha a sucker. I thought of just skipping zumba and cook breakfast for both of us. Haha. *snort* I know… But, I didn’t tell her of course. I thought to myself, I must make a difference in life. Usually, that’s what me and my cousins do. Haha. When exercising plans fail, we’ll substitute the activity to eating or lazing. Haha.

While running out of the house, along the corridor, I accidentally dropped my bag. I got shocked and shrieked a little, not because the bag dropped. But because a cat ran past my bag. Poor kitty! It must’ve been shocked. Sorry baby! Haha. Managed to grab a cab immediately and rushed like mad. After we alighted, while running to the venue, accidentally swing my hand and hit Irna’s mouth. Sorry!! OMG… I felt bad… Seriously Aqilah… Accident hazard seh…

After Zumba class, which was super fun by the way, we went to have breakfast. To commemorate our first exerciseday together, I suggested Macdonald. I know. So much for exercising right… Hahahaha…

I K.O-ed when I got home since I didn’t get enough sleep. Next on my agenda that day was Usrah at MKS. Woke up. Prayed. Had late lunch and vroomed off. Suppose to meet at 1730. I juuust board the bus from the interchange at 1720. Oh God, you have no idea how I panicked throughout the journey. Reached around 1800 and they haven’t start. Phew!

The theme or topic this time is ‘Lakum Deenukum Wa Liya Deen’ or the translation: You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion. Can be found 109:6 (Al-Kafirun:6)

So we recited 21:1-21:28 Surah Al-Anbiya and discussed on it. One out of the many things I love discussing is that everyone thinks differently. At the end, when we’re summing up the gathering, everyone will have to share 1 point. So the things that the group shared is beneficial. Sometimes we’ll go, ahhh, why didn’t I think of that. That’s a good point. Why didn’t I think from that perspective and more.

A few learning points on Surah Al-Anbiya:

  • .Our beloved Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings be upon him, was tested personally more than 1400 years ago and he was calm and cool about it. Now, us? When there’s other religion trying to provoke or anger or pinpoint Muslims and Islams, sometimes, we react. In a negative way. That’s what they want. So, keep calm, people. 🙂
  • .Allah did not creat the earth and the sky for us to enjoy. Sure we have our happy moments but, this temporary world is made for us, however, we are made for the hereafter. So, do not make this world a permanent resting place or live her as if you’re immortal. Y.O.L.O. Right? You only live once. You only have 1 shot to Jannah. Do it right. InSya-Allah.
  • .Some people believe that there’s is more than 1 God. *Naudzubillah* Hence, in this surah, verse 22: If there had been in them any gods except Allah, they would both have certainly been in a state of disorder; therefore glory be to Allah, the Lord of the dominion, above what they attribute (to Him).

A sister gave us an example. Imagine: god A wants Mr. A dead. But not god B. So god A says, kill that man. God B says no and reincarnate that guy. So he lives and dies. Lives and dies. Lives and dies. This is on a small, human scale. Imagine if it’s regarding earth. One moment the Amazon is in Paris besides the Eiffel Tower. The next moment, it’s around the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The world would be in a state of confusion.

I shall stop at 3 points. Haha.

And what are posts without pictures right? Pfft…

I’m busy eating, as usual. Hehhh…

Group Photo!!!!! ;D









Up next!

Left around 9.30pm and got my bearings lost at Bedok Interchange. Gahh!! I really wanted to slap myself. Anyway, I made it home by 10.30pm. I quickly got ready cause next on the agenda that day, Girl’s night with the gal cousins. We all gathered at my cousin’s place which is less than 20m away from my place. Haha.

Some put henna on their hands and toes, we cooked maggie at 2am cause, this girl got hungry. Face masks, eye masks and god knows what more that night. Slept at 4am with the intention of waking up at 5.30am since one of my cousin have morning walk with her colleague and I have Yoga Pilates class with Irna. I am very confident that I won’t be late! Haha


In the end, we started making breakfast at 7am. I left, got ready for Yoga Pilates class which starts at 0845. 1 hour earlier compared to Saturday’s class. Made it! I wasn’t late! Hehehe…

This time, we had brunch at my place. I cooked fried rice and we laze around after that. Made Irna watch Family Outing… Heehee… I love that show man. Since I only got 2 hours of sleep, I fell asleep while watching. Haha. We took turn to fall asleep. Even after she left, I kept waking up and falling asleep.

Oh! I bought this too. Since it sounds like a good deal… Haha

I had my exercise class with DeeDee who is well known amongst the makciks-makciks and this makcik went. She’s the ambassador for Reebok and released this DVD a few months ago, I think. She’s quite an accomplished trainer. You guys can check her out at I mean, let’s start young! Haha. Watched half of the DVD and took a break. Will try it out with my cousin tomorrow. Will letchu know how it went. Haha. Hopefully no wall breaks or something haha….

I love this weekend! Met my friends, Sisters and Cousins… Mission, Accomplished! 🙂


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