Ideal Weekend.

Assalamualaikum and big fat hello to everyone!!!

How’s your weekend going? Good, bad, annoying, tiring…?

I had the ideal weekend experience. Let’s start with Friday night… I’ll do it part by part cause years down the road, when I read this ‘little diary’, I wouldn’t wanna be reading essay. Heh

*Friday night*

Dinner with my secondary school friends and hang around at East Coast Park jetty area there before relocating to some pondok. Heh. While we were at the jetty, there’s a group of  pakciks or uncles there fishing. *ba bam. bam ba bam. insert jaws shark theme here. ba bam. ba bam. ba bam* Haha… They caught a stingray. One of my nosey friend went to there, cause they were like 50cm away from us, and talk to them. It got a little chaotic for a moment cause apparently, when you’re fishing, you’re suppose to be quiet. Us? We were excited and thus noisy for them. That’s TOTALLY NOT A HOBBY I’d like to pick by the way, thank you very much. I’ll probably start singing after throwing the line in the water. As they were pulling the stingray, the other pakciks told us to move aside cause the stingray’s sting might sting you. Amacam bro? Ada tongue twister tak? Hahahahaha… I didn’t know that man.. Aisey. No sweat anyway, such a dangerous hobby *actually it’s not. Hah*, I’ll stick to or choose a new and safe hobby like, hmmm… have a pet piranha or something. *double jerk eyebrow* Haha.

And then…

This crayyy-syy coconut girl wanted coconut. So, we walked, to the food area from the pondok. There were two types. Normal and Thai coconut. The Thai coconut looks like the ones that I usually buy in the supermarket. So, I thought, ya know, we’re by the beach, have the real coconut. Green skin and all. BAD CHOICE. It tasted like some disgusting thing. It’s like you pound paracetamol fine and put one teaspoon in the coconut juice. blearghhh…. Lucky I asked the aunty for a cup of ice, for me to chew on of course. That cup compensates the disgusthang coconut taste. We bid farewell and drove off.

Singapore radio station 89.7FM has this ghost story telling session which supposedly starts at 12am on weekdays. With rubbish advertisement and all, it’ll start at 12.25. I didn’t know that. Nevertheless, Oh God I am an avid fan of ghost stories and movies!! Around 12.15, after some songs, we heard they DJs voice and I went YESSA!! I tried to say it softly, only to myself but apparently when I was young, I swallowed microphone and have loud voice since. The whole car just burst out laughing cause, well, I’m comical like that… *ahaks. vomit rainbow* .. Putus steam seh… after the DJs voice, it was like, part 2 of the advertisement. I give up. Just start when you want la ey? That wasn’t bad. The bad thing is, THE DJ wasn’t the one telling the story. It was some female DJ. Disappointed.

Obstacles. Don’t bring phone.

Assalamualaikum and Guten Morgen Yeoreubun!

Haha… 3 languages in one line.

Yesterday, I went for morning jog given the fact that I ate cream pasta *yes, I know, I deserve a slap* at 1 am. I left home around 6am to find that it was drizzling. But it was cold, windy and wet, just my kind of weather, so didn’t think twice and ran. 5 minuted later, my specs are covered with rain. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah la kan. Continue to run. This time, it’s the first time in my entire life, I ran around the neighborhood, as in, by the road. I usually don’t like it cause you inhale car fumes and awesome oxygen that trees specially fart out for you. Not nice right? It’s like putting salt and sugar in your tea. So, I…ran and got home. Bathed. Wanted to eat fruit, but I forgot. So I slept.

Night came. My cousin watsapp-ed me if I wanted to go jogging with her. You know, the kind of weather that it gets hot and humid? No or little wind movement that makes you wanna stay in air-con room all day 24/7? After that, the skies clears up a little, get together to form fatty shape, getting ready to bless us with their liquid molecule called rain. That transition, the sky gets red at night, a lot of wind, shiok bo. Right? Haha… So, despite running in the morning, I said, yes. So, I went. Covered approx 4 km in 30mins. I want to slap myself. Need to buck up!

That’s the story of me running twice a day. History mannn… Record breaking I’m telling you.

Tonight, another cousin asked me out for night run. Fuhhh!!! My thighs are burning the whole day. I was contemplating. Like mad. Sitting down and standing transition was a challenge. But, I like pain. No, I’m not sadistic. I like pain for the better. If you get what I mean. It’s like yin yoga. 1st min your struggle. 2nd min your body gets a lil loose but the pain is still there and the 3rd min, you’re all set handsomely in the pose. Stretch your body here and there, pain right? but when you release from that pose, your posture improves almost immediately, you feel good right. Don’t lie. Anyway, that’s how I like my pain. Hahaha.

So, I said yes. I give my muscles no chance to rest. Sorry. Hardcore siao abit today. Heh. *shrugs* But, today, I plan to just brisk walk. They say that brisk walk is one of the healthiest best and low injury risk impact form of exercise. Does my sentence makes sense? Deal with it. Haha… En route back, like… 3/4 of the journey, drizzling starts to get heavy. Heavy drizzle. I walked faster. Why? Cause I brought my phone with me. URGGHHH!!! R^Y%$GRY%^&% …. If I didn’t I would probably continue under the rain. Gladly.

And it came! WOOOSH! Terrible description of sound effect I know. Just picture/imagine it in your mind. I started running! I NEED TO PROTECT MY PHONE! MY BABY! RUN AQILAH RUN! With my burning thighs and the need to get my phone to safety, I ran to shelter. It got freaking heavy and the wind… 창난 아냐야 … No joke!

To cool down, we tawaf around the block. My cousin got wet. Haha. Me? Probably a little. Was too busy putting my hands in the pocket with my phone making sure no rain drop lands on it even the slightest.

We got impatient and wanted to go home cause the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Wrapped my phone tightly and thickly in my jacket. Ran as fast as possible to the next shelter and to the next and to the next till we reach our block. It was crazy but an experience.

Moral of the story? Don’t bring phone la deyy…


Assalamualaikum and awesome weekend to you people!

Just came back from my cousin’s majlis talaqqi bersanad.Woah woah woah… What’s that!? I just knew what it really means today. Allow me to share.

Maksud Talaqqi

Perkataan Talaqqi bermaksud mempelajari Al-Quran terus dari sebutan guru. Guru tersebut mestilah seorang yang pernah mempelajarinya dari guru sebelumnya yang berkesinambungan hinggan kepada penerima wahyu pertama Rasulullah sallallahualaihiwasallam. Melalui kelas ini, murid akan diperbetulkan bacaannya satu persatu dari ayat mula Al-Quran hingga ke ayat akhirnya. Murid mestilah seorang yang telah lancar membaca Al-Quran dan telah tamat pengajian ilmu Tajwid sebelum boleh menyertainya.

Meaning of Talaqqi

Talaqqi means learning the pronounciation of Al-Quran from a teacher. The teacher must be someone who have learned from another teacher. The chain continues to go up and ultimately reaches the original person of which the divine revelation is revealed to, Our beloved Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him. Through this, the student will correct his/her reading of every word from the beginning till the end of the Al-Quran. The student must finish their Tajwid class before proceeding to Talaqqi.

The event sounds serious huh? Well, it’s not actually. It was just her teacher, few of her girlfriends and few of her cousins (I’m one them. Thank you. Haha) Basically, she finished reading 3/4 of the Quran with her teacher and recite the remaining last few surahs with us as witness. It’s fun actually.

What’s interesting is that after she finish reciting and all, which took less than half an hour, we got the Ustazah (teacher) to say one to two lines of prayers on our behalf. Before that, she said, at this kind of gathering, I presume, this kind of gathering, refers to gathering for His sake, 40,000 angels descends and gather around the group and brings up whatever prayer you made or the Ustazah made, so, go ahead and make your own little prayer before she recites something for us. 40,000 angels, MaSya-Allah… Goosebumps man…Haha… In my heart, I was talking to the hair standing on my neck and hands, ‘down boys!!’ Hahahaha… Lame, I know.

We had food, of course. While we were getting ready to leave, she gave us doorgift! Marha! Marha! Alhamdulillah!! You know why? I LOVE PRESENTSSSS!!!! Hahahaha… Cheap thrill. Ok. Sorry.


Cousin with the lil cousins








and of course, the gift!.



let’s not forget that… haha.



yellow cerruti shawl.

I was being such a kid and ask if it comes in different colours. The cerruti shawl is only in yellow. There’s another shawl but it’s patterned and, I gave it to my maid. Haha… Suits her better. She bought the shawls from my cousin cause my cuzzy sells it online. I love it! It’s long and wide, love the coverage. Haha.

In the mean time,

Keep calm and eat, guys 🙂

Fulfilling Day

Assalamualaikum and gutttttteeeennnn morgen to you!

2.10 in the morning and this insomniac girl is blogging. Haha. I’d like to come to a conclusion that my friends circle, and my cousins too, we’re good at last minute planning. Like seriously. Watsapp my friend last night cause we’ve not met up for God knows how long and half an hour later, we have a date, the next day, just now. Once again, we ended up at Fika.

Her Swedish Meatball

My Seafood Pasta 🙂

I don’t know why this time round, I can’t finish it. Like, seriously! It’s my first meal of the day, so, I don’t know, don’t you eat more? No? Am I the only one?

What’s left of  my pasta. It’s really a big portion. I just had to tapao it home. Too much to waste good food! 🙂

Camwhoring on the way home.

Dear Nadia, it was a short meetup. But we shared many stories and exchanged advices. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but I hope, I’ve helped you in some or any way. If I didn’t I hope I’ve been a good listener 🙂 See you very, very soon, InSya-Allah.

On route home, got watsapped by the cousin for dessert. So? Rushed home, prayed Maghrib, change clothes, get out.

While I was ironing my shawl to match my clothes:

Maid: Why are you changing your clothes? You’re just going out for a while.

Me: I wanna wear my sneakers out. So, I need to change clothes.

Haha… I love being a girl! It’s tiringly fun! :b

Settled for Coffee Bean(CB) cause Swensens queue was ridiculously long. While the cousins had CB dessert, I had BK’s Taro
Turnover and Hershey’s Sunday pie. Why? I don’t like CB’s dessert. banyak songeh pulak… The best part, my niece and nephew joined us later! Haha… I miss them man, they made my night!




Have a great weekend guys!

Almond Florentines

Assalamualaikum and Hullo errrone!

The brother’s injury brings out the chef in him. A week after the Lemon Cheesecake episode, the next victim is Almond Florentine.

Can’t wait!


2 egg white

140 gm icing sugar (I use 100 gm)

260 gm of almond


Take picture first 😀

2 egg white in da bowl

Icing sugar joins the eggs

Preheat the oven before that! Haha… noob

Ahhh.. Finally, the brother is using his muscle. To a good use. Haha. Whip em’

Kaypo kia here puts in the almond.. I must be in the frame mahhh

Lining the parchment paper. Because it’s his idea to bake, I made him line it. Haha… hate lining parchment paper mannn

Mix em well…

Put it in the parchment paper. You can put it in bite size shapes or do it the lazy but cool way. Put it together and break em up later! Haha… Saves time right?? *double jerk eyebrow*

Bake em for 6-8 mins or until they’re golden brown. Hah!




My microwave oven was a lil weak so, it took us, 1 hour!! Yes, I know… 6 mins to 60 mins is just… hmph… nehmindla…

Because there’s extra almond, my brother asked me to make another 1 … my own.. Sound like fun right? Haha.. so, I made la. Preheat another smaller oven an all, put it in and after 10mins, pale like me. sighhh

Got a little impatient there… Increase the temperature to 250°C and increase the timing.




and voila!.




Charcoal glazed almond florentines… Anyone?


I rest my case.