Current status: Shagged.

Not a reason to be lazy and not blog tho.

I must confess. I’ve been watching too much. I repeat.. TOO MUCH criminal/action pack TV series.

Nikita especially. Another thing I have to admit, I can be quite a feminist. Don’t tell me I can’t do something cause I’m a girl. Unless you’re asking me to grow Adam’s apple of course. Having said that…. I’m done digressing. Bahahaha.

One fine day…. while I was watching Nikita, there was a knock on the door.

I be like.. Anak mana mintak kene cepuk ni!? Menganggu ketenteraman awam jeeee. Ishhh. (Which kid is being a public nuisance asking for a beating?? …Ishhh)

So, hit the telekung, plaster a smile, march to the door and be nice.

Turned out it was my neighbour. He just wanted to borrow my iron.

Chett… Take it yo! Can’t keep Nikita and/or Abang Reese (I can bounce off between 2 different series at any point. *blows nail*) waiting.

Probably an hour later, another knock to return the iron.

I put it back where it was and few hours later, while I was, well, can’t remember what I was doing, stretching or going to the loo, my eyes caught the iron and went…. ‘OMG. What happens if the neighbour puts micro camera in my iron like a perv.’

I’m not all covered and in my scarf 24/7 at home you know.

This is what happens when you have intensive back to back action pack/criminal tv series session. Your spidy sense just heightens.

Husnuzhon, Aqilah. Husnuzhon.

Almost asked my brother if I need to buy bug scanner or get a new iron and realise I really shouldn’t let my imagination run wild.

See! Husnuzhon settles it.


But OMG, I swear… For the next few days…. I felt like the iron was watching me.

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