Assalamualaikum everyone!

Goshhh I miss this space.. Been too busy lately and finally I have a breather, hence this post!

Will blog more in few days time, InSyaAllah.

In the meantime, while I was doing some online shopping, I was soooo baffled at the price of this pen!


Pilot Friction


I got these pen in SG for probably $2. At Giant no less.

I can start a business here guys.

3 minutes

My heart was beating so fast when I opened the fridge.  It started to get more frenzy when I open the packaging. The smell was, OH MY GAWD! Open your mouth quick!



















I guess this is what love looks and tastes like. Sea Salted Caramel & Caramalised Pecan. Bahahaha.

*continues to dig in*.









Then! In less than few minutes,










20141015_030847What did my spoon and mouth do to me?!

Where’s my dessert?

Green Beginning

Assalamualaikum errone!

So, last Friday, I had a group presentation and alhamdulillah, we finished and submitted on Thursday! Had a good dinner on that day itself thinking it was already Friday, and oh boy I keep reminding myself that I gotta wake up early for school the next day because weekend has not started. Bummer.

Checked the weather forecast for Friday and I just smiled when I saw the Sun image on my laptop screen and knew what to wear. The rock off your shoulder when you know what to wear… ;D

Apparently it rained a little but I was indoor, so Phew! for that.

20141011_003704 20141011_003756

Taken on my way to home. Hi-yuuuuuuuuuuuuujjj rainbow! It was massive and just, so beautiful Ma Syaa Allah.


That’s just me being brave wearing ballerina flats and absolutely no coat out. Thank god it didn’t rain on me!


2014-10-13 00.24.24

Since all trees are browning/yellowing, I felt like a good, walking green tree. How did I do?


Dinner by yours truly. I’m so at peace with my inner-self. Can you tell?

I feel extremely green that day. How about you?


Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum every-badeh. How was your eid?

Mine was like a black canvas with a hint of shiny glitter.

I woke up shagged and was contemplating between doing housework or doing school work. It was a tough decision. But since my place was getting a little sandy, and I only fancy sand on playground or beach, chores was it! Bo-o-ring. Bahh. This is the black part of the canvas.

Did the boring usuals, mopping, cleaning, laundry-ing the bed linen and all, while watching Bones (multitasking at my best)… I heard a weird noise. Like a blooping ring tone.

I thought it was the laptop, but it’s new! Can’t go nuts that fast. Can’t be Bones cause I’ve re-watched this a gazillion time and I’ve not heard this ‘noise’ before. So I stopped mopping and check on the laptop and my dad was calling me!

It was nice to see my dad and my uncle even for just a short while. The shiny glitter bits of the mundane day.

Last year, had no parents around for hari raya haji and this year I have no family at all. My, my, how are we moving up in the independent world.

My dad had to ask about the card I used at Bicester village yesterday. He was pleasant that I went out with my cousin. I was more than delighted of course! Hehe.

“You used the card yesterday right? I got the bank’s sms”

“Yeap, I bought a bag”

*Widens eyes* “You bought a bag??? Don’t you have enough bags?” *Eyes still widen*

“It is pretty!”

At that point in time I wanted to smack my head. Should’ve said I bought a coat instead. He’d be more forgiving, I assume. 

I hope you’ve had a good time with your family and food. 😀

I think I need to go and grab that coat. Gotta test my dad’s expression again. Bahahaha. K bye!

Shopping Saturday

When the weather forecast says it’ll rain tomorrow, it will rain tomorrow.

So I woke up early this morning, watch the window gets wet as I prepared breakfast and whisked away by my cousin to get some exercise.20141004_170038

Look how cold it gets.

I did my research prior to heading there. It says that the parking gets very full early in the morning. We reached there at 11am and yes to full parking! -.-“

I literally clapped my hands when we reached there. Hello! … I saw some yummy brands. What was I suppose to do? Pat my knees instead? Haha.


Full parking does equates to lots of people. It was like a mini asia village. Lots of Chinese, Philipines, Malaysian….*whispers* some singaporean… you get the drift right.


Raining… The whole morning till mid afternoon. No joke.



There’s a prayer room for Muslims. It’s called, ‘The Contemplation Room’, beside Dior. It. is. not. helpful. It’s like they’re telling you to contemplate (get the pun?). God or Dior. Bahaha. The shoes they have in there… my, my, my… in my size, desired height and reasonable price!


Versace. Not a good collection for shoes. Milan and Johor have got better collection. You can count on me, girlfriend.

Gucci has got lovely relatively cheap heels. But they were a little too short for my liking.


Finally! The sun comes out.

How I feel you may ask?

Like finally I’m on the greener side.



At 5.30pm, we were low on fuel. So! quick bite…



My cousin kindly paid for me. Well, technically, I quote, “RR (some atas car company brand) is sponsoring.” Feeling apologetic towards my pancreas (all those desserts.. they’re upset with me. Don’t wanna mess with our pancreas now, do we?), I grabbed lemon ginger juice and mango & lime fruit in a cup.


Our loot for the day. (Note: 95% is not mine. People always make me look like a shopaholic >.<)


On our way back. All comfortable, warm and snug in the car. Don’t dare to unwind the window. The outdoor temperature is not to be easily disregard.


Sun…. setting. The feeling is just Ma Syaa Allah. 🙂


My loot. See! Not a shopaholic.*pats my shoulder*

Anyway, here’s an episode.

As I was passing by a store, I saw a nice men’s black trench coat – you know, the one’s that makes you look mucho, double breasted design, for handsome girls like me, hehe *smacks face* – with a gold trimming. Drool worthy guys! The trench coat, of course.

When I was in Boss, with my cousin. I saw a similar trench coat and confidently approached the staff, saying, ‘Hi, I saw this kind of trench coat (points to an in store plain black trench coat), with a gold trimming on the mannequin outside. Do you know where I can find it?”

“Gold trimming?” Shows me a blurr look. I swear the guy looks like a Malay but with English accent -.- … Anywhoo! He went outside to check and came back to me, “Sorry ma’am, there’s no such design displayed outside.”


1) He called me ma’am. Do I look like a ma’am??

2) I swore I saw that design. Jangan malukan beta! (Don’t embarass me!)

So, I went out to check with my own 4 eyes, and he was right! No such design! Did the mannequin get a quick change or what?!

I apologised and he said that it’s alright. It’s been a long day anyway.

I wanted to go, ‘Pfft.. yeah right, long day,’ but I realised he was right, I was shagged. Shopping is like exercise. On your mental, physical and economical state. Plus I’ve used up a lot of those. Bahahaha.


Ahhh… The smell of leather in the house. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Till then, may Allah grant you the opportunity to roam round like he gave me, and grant you more sustenance so that you may purchase more than me.

Assalamualaikum err one!