Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness obviously haven’t found the right store

Assalamualaikum all!

*sigh* I’m so shagged right now….Just came back shopping with le momma at town. It’s funny how I’ve gotten super duper trooper lazy to go shopping there after having 3 months of internship at town. It’s like I don’t even wanna think about there. I used to lovveeee there! It’s like every girl’s shopping heaven.

*eons ago shopping drama scene*
‘Mom, this bag pleaseeee. I did well for my exams’
‘Mom, this shoe please, its on discount’
‘Mom this bagggg…Gawwddd….It’s limited edition.’
‘Really ma? Who goes to ___ on 30% discount and juuuusssttt buy wallet?? *facepalm*’
‘Mom…I ran out of powder. I need to buy more.’
‘Mom, I ran out of facial wash. Juuuust facial wash, I promise’

*At cosmetic counter*
Me: Hi, I’d like to get this facial wash. Err ma, I ran out of emulsion. And err, that pimple cream too. And this and that….
Lady: Miss, we’re having a promotion. Spend xxx and get free gift.
Mom: You ahhhh….. Hurry up top up whatever items…To get the free gift.
Hehehehe *wins*

But that was then. I’m sooo lazy nowadays. What.Is.Wrong.With.Me!!??

Now, when I say I want facial wash. I skip the promotion and grab just my facial wash… Hehe. Oops, I hear moms credit card heave a sigh of relief.

Today has been meaningfully (got such word meh? – is there such word?) dramatic. Had breakfast at Penny University with the cousins. Which I shall blog about that later. And then met mom for shopping cause I really need my essentials. I mean, I can buy them but, long story short, my allowance has not been transferred. Nevertheless, got to use her money…. Hehehehe….*evil smirk*blows nail*

I guess, I’m more matured too tired to give a damn to think whether I want this or not nowadays that shopping today is like, grab and go!


See! I bought  juuuuuust my facial wash. Somebody gotta pat my shoulder man. *patsmyownshoulderfornow*



Lunch at Pepes.

Me: Hi, I’d like table for 2 but 3 chairs, please.

I mean, come on, girls always come with excess baggage, no? Pfft…


Freaking fried chicken that costs $13.50 and tastes no gook (no good) than my maid’s. Seriously man, is this a golden chicken or did this particular chicken drop from heaven!!??


Kinokuniya cause I’ve been searching for architecture books on Jewish Museum (Berlin) since… June… Warrrgghhh….


aaaand, I found it!!!

My mom was surprised when I grabbed two books. Usually, I’ll flip books and grab em, grab em, grab and grab and grab – like 15 books – till she’s gotta stop me, or more *giggles*. And her credit card of course, from wailing…. Again…someone pleaseeeee…. Pat my shoulder….

Sigh…I’m such a good girl nowadays.

Hmm… I think I deserve another bag :b

Someone get me a polka dot plastic bag pleaseeee… :b

And last but not least. My favourite items (FAVOURITE AHHHHH!!!) out of today’s purchase…


Pyjamas…. All these 3 for $17!!!!! Seventeeeeeeeennnn dollars!!! Am I cool or what!!??? Hahaha… Sorry… Too ecstatic for myself…. *bows 90 degree*

Excuse me while I sashay around the house in my new pj’s…


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