Penny University

Assalamualaikum errbbaaddeehhh!!!


Last Saturday morning, my cousins and I head to Penny University for breakfast. All of us wanted to try the cupcakes that everybody was raving about. Particularly, the nutella rvc and salted caramel.

On the way there, around 0945, one of my cousin was panicking as she was afraid that the cupcakes would be sold out. I was like… Oh come on, its only almost 10. The cupcakes won’t be sold thaaaatt fast. (the shop opens at 0830 by the way).

True enough, when we were ordering, the last four rvc has been snapped up. Yes, it was thaat fast. Luckily, the salted caramel cuppies were still there.


What’s left of the salted caramel cupcake 2 hrs after the opening hour.


You see…. In that tiny box, someone have snapped up the last kopek of the nutella rvc. Well, too bad for my cousins.

Me? Big fan of cake!! Not rvc or nutella though… Heh


Loving the vintage “cash register”.


My breakfast.


Le cousin’s brekkie…


Our “appetizers”

Prefer the lemon meringue as oppose to the chocolate. The lemon meringue has a very rich lemon taste… To the max. The chocolate, has this, smoke bacon taste… Not to sure if its baked with another food containing bacon in the same oven or its intentionally done that way. Nevertheless, I like it! Haha, weirdly.


Pastries. The setting reminds me back in Italy when we’re at bakery…  Pheeling Pheelings ya knowww

Can’t remember what my breakfast food is called. It’s basically toasted bread with cheese, marmite and poached egg with side veges.

The portion made me go… That’s it? That’s the portion you serve to a cow??

But nooooooo….. T’was filling mann… But I just thought that it’ll taste better without the marmite. Find it too salty for my liking but, something different, thumbs up.

Up next, our dessert…


Salted caramel cupcake.

Unfortunately, this experience didn’t go down well. You see, we ordered 6. 4 to dine in and 2 to go. Apparently, when we ordered, they didn’t set the cupcakes immediately. So, before serving us, they sold and serve some of their cupcakes. Of course, we were upset and complaint to the staff’s there. They did give us lemon meringue on the house to compensate but… Damage done. And we’re cool about it… 🙂

The salted caramel cupcake was nice. Just nice. I guess, my cousins and I had our hopes pinned up too high which leads to disappointment. There’s nothing fantastic about the cupcake. Love the creme topping though. The cake density, caramel and size was a bit out for us. We find them a little too small and the caramel didn’t match our tastebud. We can’t comprehend people’s rave about it.

I’m blaming Indriana Irawan for setting our Salted Caramel Cupcake standard. Hers is nicer, in my humble opinion. It was bigger and cheaper, numero uno. The density was more moist yet soft, the caramel was just nice…. Not too much, not too little….

This, coming from someone who don’t favour caramel that much.

Overall I’d say it wasn’t a good experience. The food was ok… So-so. The ambience…. I like the setting…. It’s different.. has a warm and rustic pheel to it… Oh, and, I find it a liiitle pricey. I guess, anything for food. You gotta give it a shot man ….. ;b

Fret not dear comrades, my taste bud and yours may be, different. Just like how beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Tastes of food and drink, lies on the tongue and in the mouth of the eater…. (chehh…step cool sakkk).

If you have no plans, drop by Penny University. You can find them on facebook for address and directions. Be there early, like…. Err…. Super early. Or else, all you’ll probably get is their coffee… ;b

It’s not halal certified because the owner is a Muslim. The meat use is from Zack. Which is Halal. And they don’t serve alcohol. So, no was-was (doubt) from me…


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