Assalamualaikum all!

So, I thought that the last post would be the last post before my submission. But, no. There’s something more important then my work right now. Something that has to be shared… Some important thing like… life…. and death.

Around 1730 while I was lying on my bed in my room, joking around with my maid, I heard sirens. I thought it was just a drill. A tiny voice in me went, “Why would they have drills at such hour.”

At 1800 when my dad reached home. He announced that at the traffic light junction at the end of my house, there’s an accident. Kids, dead. I lost my appetite. I can hear about death, but not kids man. They’re….KIDS for godsake.


source: straitstimes

This got my mind going everywhere. I mean, I’m sorry for repeating. THEY’RE KIDS. I can’t imagine the pain of their parent.

Imagine, on the way home, in the train/bus/car/taxi tired with all the traffic jam and you get a phone call saying your son is gone. They must be…devastated.

I can’t imagine coming home to one less sibling.

Kids, ride safely. Doesn’t mean the traffic light is red, the green man is on, it’s safe to cross. Don’t assume. ASS.U.ME. Don’t make an ass of you and me – me in this case is  not Aqilah… :b There’s bound to have one idiot out there who thinks he/she is a road daredevil at the cost of someone’s life.

Drivers/riders, if you drive/ride a high car/bike, don’t assume there’s no small kid crossing the road.

Everything is a two way street. It works hand in hand.

Now, I don’t feel like leaving my home for school tomorrow.

My sincerest condolence and prayers for the two boys….and their family.



Loving the header new picture. Hating its ‘pixalatedness’. But I can’t bear it’s original image… Too pretty for this blog.

Haha…. Bear with me man… Once I’m done with my submissionsss, I’ll repair the picture and fill this blog with some positive posts… These past few posts have been soooo… depressing, disturbing…. filled with negative aura….

SO much to post. So much more crap to do.


Till then



You see, my siblings and I, our difference is worlds apart.

BUT!! I finally found a similarity.

My brother is leaving for Europe tonight for 5 weeks…. 4hrs before departing from home, he still haven’t pack his stuff. *salute*

When I left for 2 weeks trip to Europe with my school, a few years back, I packed on that very evening.

Thank god these trips, my mom wasn’t on board. If not… you’ll hear her nagging and panicking around the house, in your ear…








a week before your flight.



Yesterday, I went to a departmental store and bought bathing soap. Such a big fan of soap like Dettol and Lifebouy cause I like the dry feeling of the skin after bathe. I know, I know. It’s not a good sign. No moisture, bla bla bla…. I guess that’s why once, few months back, I had an unwanted visitor, eczema. Heh. Who cares man. Hygiene comes first! *Macam paham moment*

soapLemonFresh1011-226809See!!! The packaging reaaallllyyy looks good! *It’s probably the yellow. Or lemon. Or me*

I got attracted by the Yellow colour Lifebouy. It’s lemon scented. I LOVE lemon. The schmell (smell) of it… So, I bought it la. After I bathed, I realised that I smell piles of washed plates around me. Looked around….. aaand realise that it’s actually me. I don’t know who to blame? Myself for being excited over lemon. Scientists working in the dishwashing liquid soap company for choosing/using that scent. My maid for using that scent. Or, my mom who paid for it.  I’m still working on that.

So, people, now you know, unless you wanna smell like a pile of freshly washed utensils, don’t use lemon scented soap. (Love the blue!)

For me… I still have few more months to live as a plate. Hahahahaha

Which is which?


Time check 4.38am. Cadding brutally.. living up to archi student motto: Part-time student, Full-time ninja.

I dare say that I’m skipping laters lecture not because I can. Heh. But, one and a half hour video on our beloved world renowned womanizer architect enchek Frank Lloyd Wright. Seriously!!?? I have a life man! I need to train my muscles. Have I told any of you? My fitness level is so dang high, people are jealous. I’m serious. I can plank for 8 solid hours, or up to 12, whichever my fats are contented with on my bed. Any fitness instructor coulda, woulda and shoulda be jealous.

Usually, I would be sleepy by this hour, ok no, jangan bedek. I would be sleepy once I see my drawings on autocad. I don’t know what is keeping me awake.


I can usually stay up for 48 solid hours straight, bedridden, unless, I need to do whatevs necessary, watching finishing Korean Drama series or English TV Series (gahhhh!!! I miss my Abang Morgan!) but when it comes to doing work, 1 hour max and this imaginary voice screams at my ear,” I’m tired. My lower back is aching. Tension headache. Light’s too dim. Gotta go school. Too hungry. Hands are tired” All sorts of blardy reason, I tell you.

Niwaes, lemme track my insomniac cause:

Dominos pizza at 9pm?

Might be. (I’m still full now, it’s a miracle.)

Green Tea?

Might be.

Excitement for skipping later’s lecture?