Didn’t rain but I made it back!


​Hello Muffin Man! Oh how I’ve missed you.

This time round, I went back alone. No sister cousin shenanigans whatsoever. Just me, my empty stomach, my huge appetite and I.

When I arrived there, possibly 10 in the morning, it was pretty much full. Since I was alone, I was ushered to the table for 2 which coincidentally is the very. same. table. I. Sat. At. With. My. Cousin. *I miss her already.*

So I sat at the same seat pretending that my cousin is in front of me. Nothing some imagination can’t fix *blows nail* Ordered my same favourite sandwich and the same ol’ same ol’ scone set.



​The tea blooms in the pot guys. I be jakun like that.

As I sat calmly, enjoying the start of my day, a chinese lady walked in, alone. Sitting in front of my table, facing me.

After few bites of my sandwich, our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

Since I’ve warmed up my mouth with that mini chewing session, I figured that now’s the right time to make full use of this chatty lips.

So with a smile, when our eyes met, I said ‘Hi,’ followed by ‘Where are you from?’

Holy Moly… Turns out we’re from the same motherland.

This is a big news for me. Throughout my uni days, I’ve not met a single Singaporean. Forreal. Malaysian, Indonesian and Bruneians were so easily found that I started wondering where all my homies be at.

Anywho, as the cafe got a little more packed, I sat with her and we had  lovely conversations.

Shan’t dive more into it but we had conversations from travelling to drug store make up.


Food just bonds people, I swear. Nice meeting you Daphne!


[Prequel] 2017: My handbook

Warning: Heavy image post ahead.

2016 has been another blessed year. So much good in goodness and blessings in trying times.


Started new year’s trip with Prague.


Welcomed 2016 in Vienna with -13°C.

When we thought it couldn’t get any colder, we were slapped with non other than



Went back to uni to continue my final project.


(This picture is uh, y’know, in case people think all I do is travel and not do any work.)

Then comes Spring, a very much needed break,


Met up with Irna in Oxford before heading to

13Amsterdam, our choice of destination. No regrets.


Back in uni, finished our final project, dissertation and graduation show. Graduated.


Went back to Brighton.

Got travel scholarship to Munich – my first personal holiday destination since I got here. Felt good to be back.


Went to few other places before imag4711.jpg





Vietnam and few other places.

So many blessings… my heart is full.

Will continue in a bit, my McSpicy is here.

As always, with me…

Food > errthang else.

Keukenhof Garden

Warning: Post is image heavy.

Introduction here.

The main highlight of the trip was definitely the Tulip garden which only opens for like, what, 3 months, a year?

We wanted to go towards the end of the opening period but was worried that the Tulips might have withered at that point in time.

We wanted to go when it juuuuuust opened, but was worried that they’ve yet to bloom.

So, somewhere right in the middle looks good, yes? We imagined the Tulip field full of bloomed coloured Tulips with many colourful baby buds.


Breathtaking isn’t is?

Just like what we’re expecting…



Where’s the yellow, pink, purple, white and other coloured flowers!?!?!?

Turns out, it was still too cold that most of the flowers have not bloomed.

What went through my mind when I saw what I was not expecting, was, ‘Dayuummm, should have come later. 😭😭😭’

Attention: To fully enjoy the remaining of this post, please take a moment to make yourself extra comfortable, grab some fruits or, popcorn and nice cuppa tea cause it’s about to get sweeet!


Luckily, the indoor garden compensated the bald outdoor field.

Got your tea ready?

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😉








Who knew Google has flowers? Teehee.






Don’t know bout you but they looked like fresh cabbage to me. Makes me wanna eat em right on the spot! *sluuurrppp*











First time seeing such silky purple lilies look-a-likes and they take my breath away. *deep breath*










My favourite of allll would be the Tulipa ‘Fly Away’, not for its colour but it just looks like Hotwheels! That little toy car that we used to play with when we were kids.




(I hope I don’t sound screaming when you’re reading this 😂)

Anyone planning to head here next Spring, I wish you all the best in seeing fully bloomed flower on the outdoor field. Don’t roll your eyes, take the good luck wish. You’ll need it. Haha.

So much memories, this trip! Hope you found a favourite flower in this post! 😘

🌎: Keukenhof Garden, Lisse.


Feel better yall!

Last week was spent in Vietnam (crazy time!) and when we came back – on a Wednesday, we had shoot next morning (or noon), which we couldn’t finish in time. Luckily Friday and Saturday was a rest day.

As usual, my body decided to have a party on it’s own and invited all the sore throat and fatigue bacteria/germs or whatever that you wanna call them and had a blast without my permission! Tskkk.

Couldn’t even sing a song on Saturday. 😪😓😂😂 #priorities

Having nothing to do and feeling extra down that I’d no longer hold the title of ‘unemployed bum’ in the house, on top of feeling unwell, I poke around my travelling folders and found these pictures during my short spring trip in Amsterdam.

I’ve blogged some bits, months ago, and figured ini cerita dah basi (this is no new information) but all these pretty pictures which cheered me up while I was down, mannnn, they’ve got to be shared!

We decided to go Amsterdam because I was working on colours for my final project then, and I wanted needed to visit a place which could and would inspire me.


Doesn’t this place just scream ‘SPPPRIIINNNGGGGG!!!???’

Not the point but, I love my jacket! >.<




The ‘actually I’m not here to see you but since you are here, no probs, I’ll enjoy you too 😝’ look.


If you’re feeling down, hope this made your day a liilllllll better.



Don’t mean to burst your bubble but, I gotta stop here for today.

This post is meant to be a heavy image post but due to technical issues, I gotta break it down into few parts.

Also, I’ll be moving to cause I’ve run out of space for my media! 😱😱😱

I’ll see you on the other side.

*wipes dramatic non-existent tears*

🌎: Keukenhof Garden, Lisse.

✈️ To Singapore

Warning: This is a long post. Proceed with care and patience.

Part one here.

Because our flight were delayed for quite a bit, when we landed, there were couple of ground staff to assist transit passengers whose next leg of flight is about to depart soon, quickly to their respective boarding gates.

Since I’ve got about an hour, I wasn’t considered late. Pfft. Rushed to and through the long security line to get my carry-onssssss re-x-rayed and when I’ve finally cleared, I only had 40 minutes left. At that point, I still didn’t know which gate and which building I’ll be boarding at and, most importantly, I’ve yet to do my prayers. *panic*panic*panic*

After few elevators and train to my get to my gate (oh the hassle), I finally reach the lounge.

For the past few trips, my gate seems to be riiiiiight at the end of the world wing. So if this time I’m boarding from the same gate, they either need to put me on a buggy or put me on the next flight.

This time, I was really, really, lucky. Like seriously. It was the first gate, to the right of the receptionists and to their left was the prayer room.

My heart literally went, ‘Alhamdulillah, Thank you Godddd’ as my leg whooshed to the ladies prayer room.

I literally chopped chopped did my ablution, peacefully did my prayers, played with a little boy accompanying his mother to prayers, chopped chopped put on my skincare again (aircraft’s air is seriously dry. Gave me nosebleed and flaky skin all) and ran past the cafe area, bidding adieu to the pastries that were shouting for me (cried a little inside guys) and ran behind the receptionist area to my gate.

As mentioned above, my gate is right at the front, first on the right. After running past the receptionists, I decided to brisk walk, cause entering the aircraft sweating is just. not. cool.

By then, the flight status was already ‘gate closing’ and the staff at the counter shouted to me from afar, going, ‘SINGAPORE!?’ and gave me hand signal to walk faster.

I was instastory-ing that moment (masih, eh aqilah. sempat sangat. #priorities) and with 4 carry-ons and a phone, and looking for my passport all. at. the. same. time, I couldn’t even raise my hand to signal her a ‘yes’.

So with all that I had, I gave her a soft ‘yes‘ and whatever pace I was walking was the best that I can give her. Hahaha. My carry-ons were really slowing me down. >.<

Since most people have already boarded (nothing new), I had to go down myself and luckily, a staff by the lift kindly helped me call for it (the lift), seeing that my hands were full. Bless that woman.

When I FINALLY stepped in the aircraft, a stewardess helped me with 2 of my carry-ons and despite all that help, my paper bag still banged on other passengers (yes, plural. *hides face*) .

OH.MY.GOD. Such ruckus in the morning.

I really Thank God no passenger made a complaint against me or kick me out of the plane.

Met an old couple on board and one of them gave me a smile and chuckled when he saw me unpacking LeeRoid.

I gave him a ‘You got your wife. I got my LeeRoid,’ smile. Bahahaha.

So yeah. That was probably the busiest transit I’ve ever had in my life. *dramaaa*

The first thing that I did after fastening my seatbelt was switch on the massage chair. GAWD. I SO. NEEDED IT.

Packing. Lack of sleep. Running here and there really took a toll on me.

Was looking for it in the previous aircraft. I guess that aircraft is a newer A380 but one feature that was not available was that. So, I’m just so grateful to be in this older new aircraft.

Ya feel me!?



Never switching this off for the next 7 hours. Bahahahaha.

*7 hours later…


…. and a moment of can you please let me be and allow me to control my TV at my comfort, 😂😂😂 #rebel #controlfreak #controlissues*


I touched down safely.


Poor LeeRoid has had a long day. *criesss*

Shafa once asked me, prior to flying back home, if there’s anyone fetching me.


Then I went on to tell her that when you disappear quite frequently, there’ll come a point in time where no one sends and pick you up anymore. The person who sends and pick you up is the taxi uncle or aunty.

So this happened.












They’re sooo sweet and I’m getting diabetes (choy ah!).

They were off to watch movie after fetching me, without me, worrying that I’d be jetlag and shagged whatnots. Puhlease, me? Jetlag? Jetlag can’t touch me. I’m invincible to jetlag and before they could even whip their ez-link card out or join the taxi queue, I packed both of them in the car that was sending me home.

Three of us finally meeting and ditching me for a movie was part of their plan? Na-ah. Ain’t letting that happen.

So when I finally reached home, salaam and kiss my nenek, meet the new helper all, I went to my room to look for my parcels of clothes which I have been buying for the past one year. Only found 2 boxes of scarves. No clothes. Hmmmm, I’m gonna be doomed but I’m also gonna be okay.

*calms down* open suitcases* panic again*



Luckily these two quickly turned their stylist mode on and helped me put together a decent outfit.


As you can see, I only have shawls and my furry friends with me.

The best part?

My clothes are only coming to me in 3 months time cause I chose freight by sea. #goodluckaqilah

(This post is being published three weeks after. So another two and a half months of goodluck to me.)

After few rounds of ‘yes this is not bad’ and ‘no, I won’t walk beside you if you wear that’, we finally set our foot out of my house with me looking pretty decent.


As you can see, I’m wearing nothing fancy. Haha. All those trouble.

But seriously, without these two, I’d probably end up going out in a long gown and Tat Seng slippers rationalising formal clothes meets super casual footwear, don’t judge me, you ain’t no Tyra Banks, *flipsshawl* and all that shenanigans cause we all know how I’m sooo more than capable of doing stupid things like that, hahaha.

With that, my day ends through 3 cities, with an eighteeeeeen hour flight, a short ‘Hello home, I’ll see you tonight,’ a partially empty train ride (miss this! Say goodbye to London tube.), a trip to the movie theatre and a simple dinner before heading back home to retire for the looooooooong day.


Two of my few other rocks.

I heart you gals many many.


Oh, and, I take back about being invincible to jetlag. 15 hours of uninterrupted deep deep sleep for the next few days proves otherwise. Haha. Oh wells. *shrugs*

Share with me your most longest or most dramatic flight! I’d love to know!