May the peace be with all of you.


I wanted to post this on 5 of October but internet connection doesn’t allow me to. So, let’s pretend that this was posted on October the 5th k?









Just got back from dinner with mom and the siblings at Pizza Hut. I was craving for the Snow Crab pasta since I first ate it during Ramadhan, I think. So, without even looking at the menu, ok fine, I looked at the menu. Must confirm whether they still have it on the menu mah… I ordered the same thing.

Le snow crab.

I was so disappointed. It tasted heavenly when I first ate it. This?? I can make a better sauce!! Halfway, I was forcing myself to finish it. Sighh…..

Anyway, there were 4 of us,

+ 1 warm water = 6 drinks for 4 people. The waitress was astonished at the amount of drinks. Haha. My brother alone had 3 types. tsk.tsk.tsk.

While queuing, I spotted this sign and …

“Bro (younger), you cannot go in!”

“Huh? Why?”

*points to the sign*













Cheap thrill. Ok, sorry.

Anyway, we had dinner together cause tomorrow I’ll be flying off to Jakarta with momma. So, mini family dinner before we leave ๐Ÿ™‚

Almond Florentines

Assalamualaikum and Hullo errrone!

The brother’s injury brings out the chef in him. A week after the Lemon Cheesecake episode, the next victim is Almond Florentine.

Can’t wait!


2 egg white

140 gm icing sugar (I use 100 gm)

260 gm of almond


Take picture first ๐Ÿ˜€

2 egg white in da bowl

Icing sugar joins the eggs

Preheat the oven before that! Haha… noob

Ahhh.. Finally, the brother is using his muscle. To a good use. Haha. Whip em’

Kaypo kia here puts in the almond.. I must be in the frame mahhh

Lining the parchment paper. Because it’s his idea to bake, I made him line it. Haha… hate lining parchment paper mannn

Mix em well…

Put it in the parchment paper. You can put it in bite size shapes or do it the lazy but cool way. Put it together and break em up later! Haha… Saves time right?? *double jerk eyebrow*

Bake em for 6-8 mins or until they’re golden brown. Hah!




My microwave oven was a lil weak so, it took us, 1 hour!! Yes, I know… 6 mins to 60 mins is just… hmph…ย nehmindla…

Because there’s extra almond, my brother asked me to make another 1 … my own.. Sound like fun right? Haha.. so, I made la. Preheat another smaller oven an all, put it in and after 10mins, pale like me. sighhh

Got a little impatient there… Increase the temperature to 250ยฐC and increase the timing.




and voila!.




Charcoal glazed almond florentines… Anyone?


I rest my case.


No bake lemon fruit cocktail cheesecake

Assalamualaikum! Peace to you people!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday the blue moon came. Did you miss it? Haha… The brother fractured his leg recently, so he’s on medical leave. When he gets bored the day after blue moon, he cooks, bakes, whatever it is, he’ll whip something in the kitchen. Up first, as you can guess from the title, it’s no bake cheesecake.

He’s chef. I’m assistant chef. So, while he goes to the doctor, I have to buy the ingredients.

Ingredients, You’ll need:

2 packets of Marie biscuit.

3 blocks of unsalted butter. I use SCS unsalted butter.

3 tubs of Philadelphia cheese

1 tin of condensed milk

1 tin of fruit cocktail

1 tin ofย  longan

1 tin ofย  lychee

*honestly, I’d rather have all lychee. But, up, to you ๐Ÿ™‚


And a lemon *phew*

The steps:

Blend or pulse the Marie biscuit till fine.
(I end up using 3 out of 4 tube, don’t tell my brother)

Put the blocks of unsalted butter in a mixing bowl and pour the fine Marie biscuit over it.

(Note: Put the butter in the fridge until the Marie biscuit has been blended/crushed/pulsed. My preference. I don’t like it runny when mixing the biscuits together.)

Then you pinch the butter and biscuit crumbs together to a crumbly consistency. (Tips: use your finger tips since it’s the coldest part of your body and the butter won’t melt when you’re mixing it like fjkdhgjhgfd)

Then, line the base and side of springform pan and freeze it!

Use the remaining biscuit base in other food container, or, you can use less biscuit and butter ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, when you watch movie on television, there’s advertisement right? Unless you watch HBO la… I think






Advertisement time! Haha… 1st meal at 7pm when the ma got home from work and got this for me along the way… Thanks ma! *rubs belly*




While I was chomping away

The brother whip the cream cheese, 3 blocks of it and a tin of condense milk. I think the recipe says 3 tins but, taste first, 1 is enough for us. Add more if you like it sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

Wah seh! Almost missed this picture! *scrolls up and inc in the ingredient list*
Squeeze le lemon and put it in the cream cheese bowl.

Plop it in the container!

I mean, containers… hee

This is my personal plate. *^^ v*

Then… you open the fruit cans la



Don’t forget to drain the *sluuuurrrppp* water.




LYCHEEEE!!! Hahaha… I loveeee Lychees~~!

Le lychee on the cheese!


The main lemon fruit cocktail cheesecake.

Cover it with cling wrap and freeze it!


It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy… You can serve it when you have small company over (big also can la)




Like them.


Syawal with family


My cousins and I came to a conclusion that this year’s raya is very lemau. Seriously. Usually we would gather at Grandma’s place and snap pictures until the uncles and aunties starts nagging ang ‘scolding’ us for being narcissistic. But not this year. Some were late. Some left early. So we didn’t really manage to take picture.

So, to qada’ balik our photo taking session, we snap photos like no tomorrow, like we didn’t meet for 10 weeks and being all excited at the first family open house!

“First” Syawal.

Where we end up at that night.

And then we wrap up family raya open house in a unique way too ๐Ÿ™‚

“Last” Syawal.

Le kids with playground.

Even the non-kids wanna be in the frame.

The big kids activity for the night.

Kinect dance!!

Not only did we ‘exercise’ from 8pm – 12am, we stayed back to watch ghost movie after that. Got scared shocked here and there while watching the movie, I keep pulling my brother’s hand. He’s so nice and understanding, he didn’t shove my hand aside. He just side-eye me… THANKS BRAHH!!