Too fast

Assalamualaikum. May the force be with you.

I just realise, recently, that sometimes my other body parts besides the brain works faster. Let me tell you why. This mouth blurts rubbish sentences and then regrets later. Common huh?

How about this? I have 2 months holiday. The journey to and fro school takes 3 hrs. So, naturally, if it isn’t matter of life or death, or sponsored school trip briefing, wishful thinking there, I would never think about going there. Not even returning overdue library books. Kidding.

A lecturer of mine posted on the class’s facebook page for a lesson on new software. Limited space available. Good stuff. Y’know….. A while ago, I had internship with a large scale architecture firm and while I was attached, they joined the Revit (that’s the name of the software) competition. It’s a competition project that requires you to use that software to produce your work. Of course, photoshopping and a few other software is allowed. It was, a big deal. With that memory etched in mind, I had this desire in me to learn it.




Suddenly, “Cher, I’m in”


What did I do? What did my fingers dooooo!!!???? *looks at fingers*

Hello Mr. B(rain), did you not see that coming? I mean, didn’t my fingers sent you a signal or something? Yeah, my fingers, go ahead, thought for itself, and signed me up for this 3 day course. Aiseymannnn….

Get over it, Aqilah. So, I did. I was like, okla, starts at 1pm, ends at 4pm. Useful software. Not bad… can sleep. Cause, long holiday means, sleep after fajr prayer or breakfast after morning jog and waking up after 3pm. The lesson starts tomorrow, and being a typical Singaporean, kiasu, I checked the lesson information again. Where the class will be held, is it 3 days or hopefully 2 days, timing and all.

I got, a shock, of my life. Class starts at 9AM. I repeat. 9AM.


Can’t believe my fingers works fast. Faster than my brain. Check.

Faster than my eyes. CHECK. sighhh

Seriously, May the force be with me.

Taken from our best friend, Google


Peace be upon y’all.

I’m such an emotional person when watching tv shows on tv or laptop. Gahh… I’m sucha sucker when it comes to criminal genre shows. Seriously. Show me some guns, good actors *ehem* and actresses, I’m good to go baby!!!!

CSI. The Mentalist. Bones. White Collar. Lie To Me. More…

and current obsession, favourite,

Person of Interest.

Everytime Reese gets into action, my adrenaline just pumps itself and I pheel like I can be his BEST partner in crime… Solving cases together. Gatal eh. Haha.

Errtime, he touches the Plan B bag, I feel like I can just take one of the toys and join in crime fighting. When it comes to physical fight, it’s like I can join da club too, y’know??? I think, I probably have picked up some “skills” from watching these kind of shows…

Blearghhh… Emo much.

But, aside from good actor/actress, there’s eyecandy too!






Baby Leila everyone! She’s cute .. Oh.Ma.God!


A different experience

Peace be upon you…

Like I wasn’t tired after going around visiting with the Secondary School friends, *read sarcasm*, I had another round of visiting the next morning. This time, it’s with the Fatayat Sisters.

Fatayat is a group that was formed years ago. It’s a group of ladies that meets once a month for usrah and Qiyam at Masjid Kampong Siglap (MKS). Nahh…. I wasn’t with them yearsss ago. I only. recently. joined them like, 1 or 2 months ago, thanks to a dear friend. I must say that it’s therapeutic.

What was I doing yearrsss ago? Oh yes, in P.E attire, in the rifle range, having dance rehearsal, preparing for SYF. Owww yes, we had a dance studio in the rifle range. Anyways…

Normally, going visiting with your group of  friends means you go to your friend’s (part of the group)  house, right? Okla, sometimes, we ring another random friend’s number and ask them if we could drop by. Heh. This time its, going to different “aunties” house to ber-ta’aruf . *i don’t know how to spell, here* It’s basically getting to know each other, sharing what you’re doing, where you’re from, what’s your plan for the dunya and akhirah. Tips that they can share and more.

It’s a different exposure. It’s amazing. How the aunties shared with us their experience. From circular secondary school to NUS, getting married, the sacrifices they made and their struggles. How Islam was in the 80s. At a later age they begin taking their Islamic education diploma and more. I must say that I’m very impressed and learn a lot from them through the short sharing session.

Me? I’m no where near them. I know they’ll say that I’m still young and have a long way to go, so just, take it slow. But sometimes it got me thinking, being young is a privilege. But, it doesn’t last forever. What if you die tomorrow? What if you don’t wake up tomorrow? What if you’re bathing and slip on a bar of soap, bump your head against WC or something and slip into coma? I know it sounds like, mehhhh….. but when you have a good friend who suddenly collapse while playing soccer and passed away at the field, I don’t know about you, but, it got me thinking real hard *metaphorically*. Life is short.

You’ll be in the grave longer than you’ll be in this world. So let’s make a small difference in our life, doesn’t matter how miniscule it is.

Long story short, it was a different experience.


Under 20 and gone


Went visiting with the Secondary School peeps today. It’s been a looooong while since I went raya visiting with them, I don’t know why. Well, last year I was overseas but the previous years, hmmm, entahlah.

Anyways, there’s few changes this year. Some shifted house and now, SOME ARE DRIVERS/RIDERS!! Mannn…. I pheels, like Abang-abang and Kakak-kakak this year. *I’m not the Abang-abang tho* Members dah boleh drive beb! Haha… Had a great time with them. Meeting, catching up and… I’m losing focus on what I ACTUALLY wanted to post, Hmph!

Oh! Years back, when we were in Secondary School, when everyone is underage to operate vehicle, public transportation was the only way to go. And yes, there are girls…and probably guys too who would be late. Janji, jumpa pukul 10 pagi, macam-macam hal (Suppose to meet at 10 am, but, people got many story, y’know). All kinds of personality:

1. The… wake up at 10am.

2. The…  leave home at 10 am.

The champions one?

1. The… wake up 10.30 am or later

2. The… leave house after 10.30 am, or later.

Nehmind la, if not for the malay generation like us, the term ‘janji melayu’ won’t sustain, kan korang? :b

Aniways, back in those days, we could cover more than 10 houses via public transport, don’t look like mess at the end of the day, and get to be home before the cuckoo clock strikes 12am. Can still smile, laugh, take picture and more. TOGETHER. Now, even with cars and less than 10 houses, we end after midnight…

Not to mention all muka cramp. Badan cramp. Otak tak betul. Berbual tersasul. Sometimes I can’t even end my sentence properly. It’ll be like, ” Ah ok, who stay near where, ah ok, you follow $@^%^%”

What happened to us? The youthful peeps?? We’re not even 20 and $#@#@%$%$#’\\]

Can’t my sentence ready.



Mehh, wanted to put Virgin Post as the very first post but, nampak sah penipu (definitely a liar). Had 2 previous account back in zaman dolu-dolu (stone age)when blogspot was sizzling like goreng pisang! But back then, while all the kengkawans (friends) share their life stories and errrthangg, I was busy reading book (chehh, action seh). Haha. No la… More like I didn’t know what to write.
I mean. I don’t suppose you wanna know my daily timetable and what happens in Science class right? So, now, dah, *ehem*matured*ehem* and Twitter always limit my chatty self to 140 words character and Facebook is just not a place to share life stories… Don’t know what’s the difference here though. Heh.
But, let’s give it a shot anyway!
Bismillah 😉
I’m very quiet. This might be a bore *watch me lie*