Never listen

Having our usual visiting session when this happened.






Not a single straight shot. 😮
Looks like someone needs to go for photography workshop. Heehee.
📷: Elder brotha
Location: Toa Payoh, Singapore
Selamat Hari Raya yalls!
Apologies for any harsh words or actions in any way ☺

MUZIDI: Muna X Zinah X Dian

Its’s 12:40am so I can’t start with ‘a month ago’…So!

A month and a day ago! I was in London to meet new friends through Dian’s meet & greet session hosted by Muna and Zinah.

I knew Dian back in Indonesia and Zinah from Shea Rasol’s blog (I think, if I remembered correctly) a nong nong nong time ago. I stopped reading Zinah’s blog for a while cause there was lack of update. Haha.

Prior to this event, I didn’t know nor have I met Muna and any other ladies there except for Dian. It was such a great afternoon/evening meeting new peeps.

It was just a simple event where we introduced ourselves and share a thing or two. What amazes me is that though we were small in number, our similarities were quite plenty.

Without further ado, I shall let the pictures do the talking.

Disclaimer: Any nice photos here comes from Muna and less nice photos from me. >.<


Goodybags. Kindly prepared by Zinah.




20150301_162201Simple introduction kickstart by Dian to get the ball rolling.


Image shamelessly stolen from Hafsa.




The pastries… gawddd…. T’was bomb diggity I tell ya.



Throughout the evening we just went around introducing ourselves to other ladies and share a thing or two. It was a small gathering. Nothing intimidating. Everything was warm and cozy.


With Ireena, from Malaysia. She’s doing PhD. *Gaspppp*


With Islam aka Bubblegumhijab. I like how we’re both in green and purple. Heh!

Her background is very unique and interesting. Go check her out on YouTube!


With Hafsa. Excuse my posture. Probably just finished laughing. Heh.





Giver and receiver in smiles. 🙂





Y’know…If you’re curious about Dian’s #ootd BTS. You’re welcome! :b


Zinah and I. She is the first. I repeat, FIRST, person to tell me that I look my age! *cough*Kak Izzah*cough*.

Nowadays, I find blogging, a platform to just throw my thoughts and whereabouts. As you can tell, I blog about anything and everything under the sky. Nothing in particular. Why? Cause my interest is all over the place.

Many people would know Zinah from her blog, she’s a fashion blogger if you guys don’t already know, so I was wondering why there was a lack in updates. In short on our conversation, currently, she doesn’t want to be associated to her blog. She wants people to associate her with her label. Which is kinda interesting approach don’t you think? I would always think that being associated to both is a more advantageous route but to each his/her own. Whatever you do, blog or don’t, as long as you update your instagram, I’m cool with it. Haha.

Oh, if you guys have IG, you can follow her here and/or here.



With Muna, the talented Photographer of the event.

She’s the first person to welcome me. Such bright and warm personality MasyaaAllah. She just went, ‘HELLOOO!!!! ASSALAMUALAIKUM!!!’

Totally made me feel less out of place in the beginning.

You can check out her works here (web), here  (fb) and here (for instagram).



With Dian.

Photo credit: Muna 🙂



Here’s a flatlay of #WIWTD – What I Wear That Day.

Literally top – toe clad in DP stuff.

Songket Tenun Zipper Coat – Dian Pelangi.

Jane Blouse Peplum Tetron – DPbyDian.

Sphere Skirt (PopBatik Collection) – DPbyDian.

Thistle shawl – Coverednation.


Let me end this post with a funny incident.

While waiting for my train back, I hang out in the lounge – cause it’s much warmer in there.

Little did I know, I missed my train.

I leisurely walked to the platform only to see London Midland train.

I was a little puzzle as its supposed to be Virgin train.

The cabin that choose is usually on one end. So, I just board the train first, you know, in case it leaves me stranded, in the cold, and walked right through the end.

All the way to the drivers door which was locked from the inside. *paiseh*

One passenger went, “Miss, that’s the driver’s door.”

I can’t find my seat. *Shows ticket*

I think you missed your train cause this is not Virgin. 

*In my head: Ya, I know, cause the difference of the two train is stark!* What should I do?

You can try asking the staff/conductor.

I looked for the conductor in that short span of time before the train departs and buat muka kesian. The muka – takkan nak kene beli ticket lagi? Train pon kosong niiii…~~

Lucky for me, the lady train conductor went, “Just sit anywhere you like. I don’t care.”

I really wanted to hug her!

I like this kind of flexibility!


Managed to stay on the train!

But gawddd….. It stops everytime! I almost lose my cool to just hop out and walk back home cause it seems like I could walk faster!

Now I know why Virgin > London Midland.

Though everything didn’t turn out as planned, He knows best!

I reached home unscathed, Alhamdulillah. Hahaha… *drama*

Till next post, Assalamualaikum!

EST 08

Remember this post?

I did say one week, but it morphed into few months. Heh.

Before the year ends! I’m going to actually post happenings that matters (cheh bah).

This year’s eid outing, we went out on Singapore’s National Day cause we are patriotic *cough*cough*

Won’t be saying much. I’ll let the photos do the talking. #chatterboxtakingabreak

*Warning: This post is image heavy*


We met up early that day and after the first house, we-fie la, apa lagi!

PicsArt_1408304249304 PicsArt_1408302265343 PicsArt_1408868885452

Kolong block or not, there’s always time & space. 😀


First House

IMG-20140810-WA0067 IMG-20140810-WA0069

Gah… If only I could recall what was so funny!


Somewhere in the ‘middle’ house. Where the sun was setting and we were getting out of it.


The, ‘let’s keep snapping and let them join us whenever they’re ready’ shots.



Girls be steady and always camera ready!

At this point in time, we were wondering why are the photos turning ‘yellow’ and went, ‘lighting perhaps.’

So… Just like a lazy susan, one core person turns 180 degre and the rest follow suit.

My gosh. You should’ve been there. It was hilarious.












and taddaaaaa!!!












Keep the shots coming in guys!


IMG-20140809-WA0105IMG-20140809-WA0106 IMG-20140809-WA0107IMG-20140809-WA0103

Told ya!


Now that we all are grown up… Gotta keep the halal distance. Heh

The people that I grew up with. Literally.

See the multi-storey carpark at the background? Back in those days, these people, except me, *flips shawl* use to parkour (recreationally of course). I… happen to be the camera woman. Mannnn….I should be wearing pants instead of culottes.

We stay(ed) so near to each other that metaphorically, when one farts, we can smell it from our own houses.

It’s kinda nice to see them growing from shorts into long pants. From fats to muscle.

Me? They probably see me evolve from 5cm above the knees culottes to being fully scarf-ed and from muscle to fats. Bahahaha… This is what happens when you stop dancing!

A reminder to self to get my groove back. Hehehe.


Barely staying awake.IMG-20140810-WA0019 IMG-20140810-WA0018

Last Kopek gang!

Our last house. We finished past midnight. At this point in time, we were really really reaalllyyy out of it. Mental state: totally not normal.


Can be clearly seen in the subsequent images. IMG-20140810-WA0014 IMG-20140810-WA0013 IMG-20140810-WA0012 IMG-20140810-WA0009 IMG-20140810-WA0006 IMG-20140810-WA0003

Atikah is subconsciously praying for the photo taking session to end. Pronto!

It’s contradicting how last year, there’s more of us and more houses to visit but we ended earlier and this year, there’s less of us and less houses as well but we ended wayyyy past midnight.

Wonder what’s it gonna be like next year. Hmmmm….












Oooo…..oooooo! The highlight! The highlight!














Ta da da da daaaaaa~ ~ ~

We present you the EST 08 ers

For months, everytime we meet up, we ask each other, “What should our ‘group’ be called?”

I mean hello… we need a name for our Whatsapp group chat. Duh.

I finally came up with one. I’m not going to bother explaining them here.

Trust me, when I tried to explain to the boys, they just went, “Ah, Ok, cool ….,” turns away and eat kuih when I just reached the third line. Pfft! I’m so gonna nag at them when I see them next time!

IMG-20140809-WA0060 IMG-20140809-WA0059 IMG-20140809-WA0058  IMG-20140809-WA0056 IMG-20140809-WA0055

What’s going on thereeee???IMG-20140809-WA0054 IMG-20140809-WA0053 IMG-20140809-WA0052 IMG-20140809-WA0051 IMG-20140809-WA0049 IMG-20140809-WA0047


I say take picture with me! Not solo shot! Kan kene photobomb!


She said put one leg up. Clearly I wasn’t ready.


Now that I’m ready, she’s not. Bahhhh…..

Please ignore the Pakcik saman at the back.


Now now… it may look like Ipin was “helping” me with my foot or whatever. But trust me. That isn’t the case. He was probably pep talking to his helmet for being on the ground and praying that I wouldn’t kick it.


Till next outing/Eid In Syaa Allah.


Unload & Reload


Last Tuesday, I had my Summer Project review – like finally. It’s suppose to be reviewed one the first week of school but I didn’t receive the brief until few days after the review, hence the delay.

I thought it was all cool since I’d have time to work on it. OHHHH… How deluded was I. After that week, we had weekly project for 3 consecutive week. Which equates to NO time for Summer Project and focus on Friday’s deadline. So, instead of 1 month to work on the project, I had 3 days to do it….

To cook, sleep or eat, I had to think twice. You have no idea how much I miss my bed and bears.


On normal days, these should last me for at least 2 weeks to 3. But, I like to break some record…. Finished em’ pizza in 1 and a half weeks!

When it gets worst, I use the taste of home to pep myself…











Satu Maggie Oriental… Siiiiiaaaapppp!!!! Straight from the pan cause, ain’t nobody got time to do dishes yaww!


Maggie ‘Oriental’ + Cad + Reese/Finch/Baby Leila…. Who’s your boss?!









Then! Because I was so excited to get this project over and done with, here’s to a whole new colourful world!


Brought my cardigan and bag out to see the world. Treated myself with Chicken Briyani and Cakes! Ahhhhh….. I was in bed by 10 and fell asleep with no obligation. It’s been a while that it felt so weird!

Punch of colours on myself and punch of flavours in my mouth beats nothannngggg…

One project down, another one up!

But first, here’s to weekend!

Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum every-badeh. How was your eid?

Mine was like a black canvas with a hint of shiny glitter.

I woke up shagged and was contemplating between doing housework or doing school work. It was a tough decision. But since my place was getting a little sandy, and I only fancy sand on playground or beach, chores was it! Bo-o-ring. Bahh. This is the black part of the canvas.

Did the boring usuals, mopping, cleaning, laundry-ing the bed linen and all, while watching Bones (multitasking at my best)… I heard a weird noise. Like a blooping ring tone.

I thought it was the laptop, but it’s new! Can’t go nuts that fast. Can’t be Bones cause I’ve re-watched this a gazillion time and I’ve not heard this ‘noise’ before. So I stopped mopping and check on the laptop and my dad was calling me!

It was nice to see my dad and my uncle even for just a short while. The shiny glitter bits of the mundane day.

Last year, had no parents around for hari raya haji and this year I have no family at all. My, my, how are we moving up in the independent world.

My dad had to ask about the card I used at Bicester village yesterday. He was pleasant that I went out with my cousin. I was more than delighted of course! Hehe.

“You used the card yesterday right? I got the bank’s sms”

“Yeap, I bought a bag”

*Widens eyes* “You bought a bag??? Don’t you have enough bags?” *Eyes still widen*

“It is pretty!”

At that point in time I wanted to smack my head. Should’ve said I bought a coat instead. He’d be more forgiving, I assume. 

I hope you’ve had a good time with your family and food. 😀

I think I need to go and grab that coat. Gotta test my dad’s expression again. Bahahaha. K bye!