2017: Ride with it

Told myself to finish this post over the long Chinese New Year weekend while it’s still January. You know, achieve something little each month aka monthly resolution. But, obviously, I failed. Sokkay though, I’ll take it that January is just a free 30 day trial before the real 2017 kicks in. *in denial* teehee.

This post, particularly, took a little bit more time than others. It’s just one of thooose post that makes you go to the thinking room that you’ve been avoiding. Ya feel me? Also, I feel that for the sake of my personal growth, I need to be out of my comfort zone, be brave about my thoughts and from there, slowly, be comfortable with myself and 2017 looks good to be brave.

Last few days of 2016, there were just one too many tweets saying that their 2016 suck. There. Was. Just. So. Many. Negativity.

Well, I can’t deny that there’s so much instability going around the world right now. But under any circumstances, I choose to believe that there are still good people. There is still goodness to look forward to and if you don’t or can’t see any, make your own happiness. Which is why I prefer to blog about happier days. To remind everyone that there is, a better day.

I’m not too sure how I perceive to others but a question that’s asked of me frequently is, “don’t you have anything wrong with your life? Is it really that peaceful?” “How do you get over crappy days/situation?” “Are you not broken?”

Well dear friends, I’m just like any other human being. I’ve pushed other’s buttons, other’s have pushed my buttons. I’ve also gone through what others have.

Like other’s, I’ve had to dust myself of the ground and pick myself up dozens of time, all alone and this is okay. We learn as we move it move it.~

It sure hurt. Every. Time. But one thing I’ve learned this past few years is everything is up to you.

How you view, analyse and choose to react to the situation really makes a difference. (Keyword here: choose to react.)

This post is first and foremost-ly for me to remind myself a) for times when I need to pick myself again. 2) when anger/negativity gets the best of me and forget that I have better things to focus on. Because as we all know 3) decisions made when we’re angry or cuckoo is really not the best decision.

This might bite me back but sometimes we just gotta eat our own medicine.

Note: This is not everything. I’m not an expert with words, especially. I might just bore you if I were to pen everything down. For more life insight article, I recommend thoughtcatalog.


“Dear self,

New things or situation will happen one day. Don’t get flustered. Don’t be angry. Ride with it.

Remember what NOT to do when same Ol’ sticky situation comes for a visit, yet again. Life ain’t no bed of roses, rough days are part of life. Don’t hold back. Ride with it.

You really have the choice to be happy. You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship. You can walk away. Whoever they are.

Self-respect. Walk away when someone no longer needs you but doesn’t have enough strength to tell you they don’t need you any more.

Walk away from people who’ve hurt you but have no balls pride to apologise.

You don’t have to stay. You’re better than that. It’s called self-respect. You gotta love yourself first. If you can’t even love yourself, how can you even protect your loved ones.

See things in a positive light. Apologise when wrong. Admitting and learning from mistakes is so much cooler than being right all the time. [WHATEVER YOUR AGE IS. NOTE: YOUNGER PEOPLE HAVE LESSONS TO REMIND YOUNG PEOPLE.]

Also, this is pretty much applicable to those juuust starting on their own. Finished studying and just joined the workforce… It’s okay to not succeed at one go. If you rise up fast, you’ll fall off fast.

Always believe that everything happens for a reason. Ground yourself to the One. Believe that you are exactly where God wants you to be. (Can’t help with atheist here). Which brings me to: Any painful passes or experience is a test to see who you turn to first.

There are others out there going through much worst situation than you yet their heart is at ease. Why? Him.

Ground yourself to the One that never turns His back on you.”

I remembered a day, few months back when something I didn’t like, got thrown to me. Then, as I was out and about, strangers just kept getting on my nerves (we all have thaat kinda day don’t we) and for some reason, I just wanted to see, if I were to let it go, genuinely, not the ‘be cool on the outside and smack that person on the inside (virtually)’, how would my day be.

Before I could even remember that I was having a bad day, something good popped out in front of me. To me, that incident was literally a ‘CONGRATS BABYGAL, YOU DID WELL, HERE’S HAPPINESS FOR YOU,’ handed to me on a diamond plate.

That amazeball rewarding feeling just makes me realise that letting go, can really be rewarding.

I’d like to congratulate myself for finally finishing this post. (This post took a lot of courage for me, you see.) Now, other back logged post can be easily drafted. 🙈🙉🙊

One hurdle down, many more to go, I can do this! 💪💪💪💪💪

With this, I’d like to end this post with a quote, from Oprah. This is something I strongly believe in but didn’t have the right words to put together for a proper sentence but she did it so effortlessly. Gotta love that woman!


Till next post, remember, YOU’RE AWESOME AND YOU GOT THIS! 2017 or not! Whether some kid is butting in your frame, or not!💪

“The sooner you realise the key to your own happiness is you, the easier it’ll be to depend on others less and ergo, you won’t set yourself to disappoint yourself.” – Oprah.


Wrong article

For the past few days I keep stumbling upon the same article/Facebook post about sleeping patterns/hours.

Its true that we (or at least most of us) need 8 hours of sleep (slightly more for female) but we can achieve that 8 hours of sleep in just 3 hours! Because at certain time of the night, 1 hour of sleep is equivalent to 3 hours. Let’s call this, the magic hour. I mean, extra1 hour!? Count me in!

Simple e-maths: 3 x 3 = 9

At certain times 1 hour of sleep is equivalent to, well, 1 hour and at certain times 3 hours of sleep is equivalent to j.u.s.t 1 hour of sleep which is why we wake up feeling lethargic even after 3 hours of ‘nap’.

The ‘3 x 3 = 9’ magic hour is from 9pm – 12am.

Now, the Prophet (pbuh) practice is to sleep after Isya, and wake up later at night/morning for tahajjud. My unintelligent guess tells me that he doesn’t have an alarm clock. So, after the magical hour, he would wake up fresh.

These days, Isya here is somewhere between 5:55pm – 6pm. Maghrib’s before 4pm, by the way.

I usually get sleepy between 5:30pm – 6:30pm. [That’s what lack of sun(light) do to you.] So either I settle my Maghrib and nap before Isya, which is around 5pm. Or I immediately sleep after Isya, by 6:15pm.

Remind me to edit the children books bedtime hours. 8pm is too late for them!

Since this article has been IN MY FAYCE for few consecutive days, I figured, Hey! This must be a message for me to follow this. Afterall, with only one week of school left and 2 essay to submit on top of other workload, it sounds like a good time to have a structured bedtime where I can make my (long) night more productive. Work + tahajjud + up for Fajr and see the sunrise, BRING IT ON!

That evening, as usual, by 6:30pm I was groggy and pretty much brain drugged by the words on Microsoft Word. Instead of taking my nap, I decided to hang on and not succumb to sleepiness. Live the sunnah I say!

Chat with Shafa, more like whine at her. Hehe, sorry Jah! Watched research videos, sketch here and there, finish part of essay’s draft and time check: 9:38pm.

It’s time! *cracks knuckles* Lifts duvet. Time to get my promotional sleep, 9 hours for the price of 3 hours. Hehehe.

Set alarm at midnight, y’know, just in case.

The plan in head:

Wake up latest by 2am.

Work till Fajr.

Watch TV series.

Tesco delivery guy will come.

Finally can cook!

Roll around.

Nap after Zohor/Dhuhr.





















Next thing I knew, I woke up with daylight through the curtain. Fumbled for any one of my phones only to see that 1 died and another was under the pillow in silent mode!

It’s like having 2 mute friends.

Oh, what time did I wake up you wonder?


Instead of 9 hours for the price of 3, I got 13 full hours of sleep 😱😱😱😱😱. Who drugged me!?

The phone in silent mode had 4 missed call and 1 message. The kind soul that was looking for me is the Tesco delivery guy.

GAH! The frustration.

All this plan…

Wake up latest by 2am.

Work till Fajr.

Watch TV series.

Tesco delivery guy will come.

Finally can cook!

Roll around. 

Nap after Zohor/Dhuhr.

Burned to the ground. *wipes tears*

For the next few hours, I thought to myself, what could have possibly gone wrong?

Then it clicked to my brain.

If Isya timing is like Singapore, 8:15pm onwards, it makes perfect sense to sleep 9pm-12am.

My Isya is 5:55pm, so technically, 7pm is the 9pm!

So I was right! My nap timing is right!

The next time I see that e-article, I’ll make sure to hide the notification. BAH!


The Mystery of the Green Plate

So uhm… I am missing a plate.

Did I mention that I’m staying alone?

I brought two plates with me. From home. Like I said, I travel light.

While I was storing away my utensils, I realised one plate was missing and checked the fridge thrice and it was nowhere to be seen. Freaking out ere’.

Please please please let there be no momok, God… Or if there is, let them look like Edward Cullen.

*turns around, frowns at the kitchen*


Wouldn’t be able to solve this mystery if I hadn’t blog. Well well well. What time is it?

Probably time for me to dye my hair blond. Huuaargghhhh.. *punch self*

Heads Up!

Assalamualaikum alls!

I know I’ve not been updating this space for god knows how long. Well… I wanted to but was busy with family, going overseas and many more activities so I’ll just do it one shot tonight….I mean, morning… Haha…it 4.47am…

See you next posts!


Obstacles. Don’t bring phone.

Assalamualaikum and Guten Morgen Yeoreubun!

Haha… 3 languages in one line.

Yesterday, I went for morning jog given the fact that I ate cream pasta *yes, I know, I deserve a slap* at 1 am. I left home around 6am to find that it was drizzling. But it was cold, windy and wet, just my kind of weather, so didn’t think twice and ran. 5 minuted later, my specs are covered with rain. Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah la kan. Continue to run. This time, it’s the first time in my entire life, I ran around the neighborhood, as in, by the road. I usually don’t like it cause you inhale car fumes and awesome oxygen that trees specially fart out for you. Not nice right? It’s like putting salt and sugar in your tea. So, I…ran and got home. Bathed. Wanted to eat fruit, but I forgot. So I slept.

Night came. My cousin watsapp-ed me if I wanted to go jogging with her. You know, the kind of weather that it gets hot and humid? No or little wind movement that makes you wanna stay in air-con room all day 24/7? After that, the skies clears up a little, get together to form fatty shape, getting ready to bless us with their liquid molecule called rain. That transition, the sky gets red at night, a lot of wind, shiok bo. Right? Haha… So, despite running in the morning, I said, yes. So, I went. Covered approx 4 km in 30mins. I want to slap myself. Need to buck up!

That’s the story of me running twice a day. History mannn… Record breaking I’m telling you.

Tonight, another cousin asked me out for night run. Fuhhh!!! My thighs are burning the whole day. I was contemplating. Like mad. Sitting down and standing transition was a challenge. But, I like pain. No, I’m not sadistic. I like pain for the better. If you get what I mean. It’s like yin yoga. 1st min your struggle. 2nd min your body gets a lil loose but the pain is still there and the 3rd min, you’re all set handsomely in the pose. Stretch your body here and there, pain right? but when you release from that pose, your posture improves almost immediately, you feel good right. Don’t lie. Anyway, that’s how I like my pain. Hahaha.

So, I said yes. I give my muscles no chance to rest. Sorry. Hardcore siao abit today. Heh. *shrugs* But, today, I plan to just brisk walk. They say that brisk walk is one of the healthiest best and low injury risk impact form of exercise. Does my sentence makes sense? Deal with it. Haha… En route back, like… 3/4 of the journey, drizzling starts to get heavy. Heavy drizzle. I walked faster. Why? Cause I brought my phone with me. URGGHHH!!! R^Y%$GRY%^&% …. If I didn’t I would probably continue under the rain. Gladly.

And it came! WOOOSH! Terrible description of sound effect I know. Just picture/imagine it in your mind. I started running! I NEED TO PROTECT MY PHONE! MY BABY! RUN AQILAH RUN! With my burning thighs and the need to get my phone to safety, I ran to shelter. It got freaking heavy and the wind… 창난 아냐야 … No joke!

To cool down, we tawaf around the block. My cousin got wet. Haha. Me? Probably a little. Was too busy putting my hands in the pocket with my phone making sure no rain drop lands on it even the slightest.

We got impatient and wanted to go home cause the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon. Wrapped my phone tightly and thickly in my jacket. Ran as fast as possible to the next shelter and to the next and to the next till we reach our block. It was crazy but an experience.

Moral of the story? Don’t bring phone la deyy…