Holiday Drama

Assalamualaikum everybaddeh!

Holiday is the season of catching up with Tv Series, Dramas, Movies and more….right? Well, That’s for me… Heh…*flips hair*

I was on a marathon on catching up with so many Tv programme’s that I told my friend it’s like chasing for a submission. Finish all those series before school reopens.

I’m a big fan of Korean Drama for years… Yes, you can categorize me as one of those people. ;b

Withing this short time frame, I manage to finish 1, 2, 3 dramas. *pats head*

1: Moon that Embraces the Sun.

2: Faith

3: A Gentleman’s Dignity(AGD)

At first I was like, ‘My godd….Which drama to start first?’ ‘Should I go and buy the DVD’ ‘Should I just watch from whatever that I already have?’ ‘But I wanna watch something new’

I’m not a big fan on watching dramas online… anything online as a matter of fact. Cause, let’s just say my room is at one end and the modem and wireless router is at the other end of the house. With weak connection, it annoys and pisses me to the max when video stops to buffer half way. Hence, I always buy the DVDs… *peace* 🙂

But, I’ve found a new strategy and manage to start my first drama… Moon That Embraces The Sun. Why that? Ahhhh…. Cause, While I was watching Running Man, it so happened that the guest was Kim Soo Hyun… and before that was Han Ga In. So, I was wondering, what’s the big hype of this drama. Save to say… It’s one of the best historical drama that I’ve watched. Surprisingly also, in this drama, the King, is young. I guess, that’s also one of the many factors why the drama was a big hit! Hehehe… All the nunas and ahjummas would drool at him… Me? Oh, I just stare at Han Ga In’s face all the time.. She’s soooo pretty….. I fell in love with her ever since Witch Yoo Hee. 🙂

This drama had everything! Sense of humor that matches that era and now. Casts that are pleasant looking. OSTs that are ear pleasing. Long story short, balance of Yin and Yang….

While watching Moon that Embraces the Sun, this advertisement keep popping out, and I kept seeing Lee Min Ho and red head Kim Hee Sun. I had no intention of watching Faith but after Moon that Embraces the Sun, I just wanted to watch something action pack  since the ending of the first drama was filled with awesome actions… though Jung Il Woo died… Mehhh…

So, I just decided to give Faith a shot and it was awesome… Not so much of the story pace…. But the actions and story line. It can get a bit draggy at some point. But, I just couldn’t tank the Gi Chul character… the way it was being portrayed. I felt I was watching those old old old old old Chinese historical drama where the voice are dubbed and the characters could fly….

After Faith and googling and Wikipedia-ing, I stumbled upon ‘We Got Married’ Variety show KangYoon couple. As I’ve watched Yoon Se Ah act along Cha Seung Won in City Hall and ‘what’s so cool about Im Tae San’ in  AGD, I clicked and watched in. Nuff said, it was one of the best drama with sense of humour. It is something different. It’s like watching Boys over Flowers, just that the boys are Forty years old. This drama sense of humor is second to none. I was laughing, cringing about to die… all the way….

Lemme share with you snippets of the funny moment.1la

This was them showing their lovey dovey side of themselves at each other, which startle the supermarket lady at the background.


Preventing one of their friend’s divorce.


Naming car at Forty one and introducing it to his girlfriend. Heh.


This is one of the super funny scene…*phails*laugh*

5la 5lab

One of their stressful moment…Turning to cooking…which, didn’t turn out well. Haha.


Another super duper funny scene. Again, one of the friend is in trouble with his wife and this is one of his measure.


“Helping” your friend’s sister.


This one… Haha… I had a good laugh. Can you imagine… an architect… with no visual dexterity… Ok, I’m sorry. #Architectjoke101

I love this drama…. My gosh… It’s totally something new and different. It’s kinda real in the sense that these are the probable situation happening to single and successful men. The sense of friendship really moves me…Not to tears… Haha… I, don’t cry for drama. Really. Well, a little in Stairway to Heaven. I mean, come on, I’m not a human if I don’t spill a tear or two right… Hehehe

Anyways, if you’re bored and looking for things to watch, I recommend AGD, firstly. Moon that Embraces the Sun followed by Faith… And yeah,

You’re Welcome…

*peace finger*


(P.s: Sorry for the pics sizes. Click on them to see better…Have a gooooood laugh!)