Ramlal and Pogo

Time check: 3:38am.

Just finished my itinerary for later’s trip. Instead of sleeping, I need to finish my essay draft submission. Bummer.


Watched Dilwale with the cousin just now. It was AH.MAY.ZING.

The song, the plot, the cheesy-ness, the errthang. Nothing short of amazing. I’ve said amazing thrice (including this, go watch people!)

Certain scenes were just too (funny kinda) corny that if you’ve watched Hindi movies since you were young, you kinda know what to expect and when it really happens, as the actors were really saying what went through your mind, trust me, you mouth will just say, “Oh my gawddd,” out loud (and facepalm while you’re at it).

But, oh, I have to say this. The action scenes is WON.DAH.FUL. The sound effect, fuuuuh, don’t bother comparing against American or English action pack movies genre. The Indians know they’re sound effects.

This is also the few movies with good moral values in a long while. Y’know, not just good girl likes bad guy and bad guy likes bad girl and oops! popcorn & movie finito. Think Frozen, but better.

The downside of Hindi movie is…. it’s veryyyy long.

After 154 minutes of Diwale, my cousin and I went for quick Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park for an evening walk and quick Boxing Day looksee, more like to wash off the realness of the movie in us. Y’feel me? But when we got back, we sat for another Hindi movie. Bahahaha.

Within the first two minutes of the 3 hour movie (YES, 3 HOURS!), the first song started and my cousin went, “Aik!? Just started and there’s already a song?”

2 Hindi movies in 1 day. That’s half a Suit season okay!?


(source: Video)

So much love for Ramlal and Pogo combo. (Gotta watch to know what I mean.)

I’ve tried reading children stories to my nieces and nephews and also had a public-read-a-loud session when I was in Primary School. Clearly my voice is one of my strength. (Euphemism for chatterbox).

But after reading the story to the kiddos, my cousin told me I suck. DURING the public-read-a-loud session, the teacher in charge kept coming to the stage to slow me down and correct me.

SO! This clearly shows how baaaaad I am at telling people stories from books. I’m adding movies to this list. Self-awareness guys. I’m growing up aren’t I? Teehee.

I hope this post won’t deter you from watching this movie (cause I’m so watching this again! Gonna wait for Blu-Ray, hehe.)

Till the next post, I’ll leave you two good songs from the movie.

Darn it!

After last week, I realised that I have a knack at asking damnedest questions. Yup, plural.

*Few years ago*

Me: Bro, what happened to you? (I saw partial of hind of his palm scalded.)

Bro: Oh, it’s army training. POW style.

Me: What did they do?

Bro: Scald me? *giving me judgemental look*

Me: Okay, since it’s training, why didn’t they just scald the entire palm?

I.SWEAR. It came out before I could even think.

*Fasting Month*

-Iftar with my Munich ladies-

Friend: This is nice, catching up over food.

Another friend: Yeah, we should do this again. Let’s have a Raya gathering!

Me: *all hyped up*  Yeah! Shall we set a dressing code – all wear baju raya?

Awkward silence + all eyes on me.

Friend: Aqilah’s at it again.

All laugh.


*Last week*

I had dinner at my cousin’s friend place and we were on the topic of married couples trying for children after a decade of marriage and conceiving medically as well as traditionally. In giving example to not give up and lose faith, he referenced Prophet Zakariya (a.s). He (and his wife) were old and had no children after being married for a looooong time. He made a dua (supplication), and Allah rewarded his effort with a child.

Friend: … Y’know Prophet Zakariya (a.s), is an example of a married couple who had children after being in a marriage for a long time. He tried everything, IVF didn’t work so they finally tried for the traditional massage and the couple finally conceived.

Me: Wait, WHAT!? Prophet Zakariya (a.s), and his wife had IVF!?

Everyone just burst out laughing. Thanks guys. *Thumbs up*

It was a genuine ‘WHUUUAATTT!?’

Friend: Nooo…. My friend had IVF. Why would Prophet Zakariya (a.s) have IVF?

Gah. Punctuation people. Punctuation.


In the meantime, please excuse me, I need to upgrade my hearing system. This glitch has got to stop.

Have a good weekend!

25 244

One of my cousin is studying in London this year – Hellooooo family!

Few days ago, another cousin flew in for work and we had a good looong day together! (The day is short but we had a long day. Y’feel me?)

We had a long walk to breakfast.


Basement + Halloween Week (Light’s off) = Bad Lighting.

If you’ve been following this blog, I’m not going to insult you our whereabouts for breakfast. *flips shawl*


Come on’ people! A bowl of cereal can’t keep me full!

When we popped into the restaurant, the waitress told us that we had to be in the waiting list which made us wander in Green Park and end up by the Buckingham Palace only to see that the guards coat have changed from red to grey.

I have a red coat. I mean, can’t the government make them a red coat? #firstworldproblem



Remember Sandy from Hyde Park? She missed me. Teehee.

I met my cousins. I met Sandy. What more could I ask for on a Friday?


Good food with great company, CHECKED!

Afterwards, we got lost for about an hour getting to Hyde Park and when we finally reached there, we walked through the entire pathway – in the dark – all the way to Knightsbridge where we got on our way for dinner. The dinner was with the Singapore Muslim Society in London.

Well, technically I’m not studying in London.

But since I’m a Muslim and a Singaporean, the rest don’t matter and I’m not complaining cause I got Malay food. More like, when your cousin puts your name down, the owner of the name has to turn up.

Ahhhhhh, partially satiated my malay tastebud! 005


Bandung. Rendang. Bagedil. Sayur Lodeh. Hari Raya totally came early for us.

French Toast Cereal for Breakfast – CHECKED!

Lobster for Lunch – CHECKED!

Malay food for Dinner – CHECKED!

Just when I was about to go all guilty for all these good food, my cousin’s pedometer showed that we took 25 244 steps.


Can someone get me a slice of fruit tart here please!

I hope you’ve had an amazeballs weekend!



While it last

*Stepping out of toilet. Heard pacing footsteps.*

Me: Yo brotha! Chu’ doing?!

Bro: Waiting for you.

Me: WOW! REALLY! That’s so sweet of you! *heart eyes* Thank you!

Ahhhhhh…. THE day has finally come…. a miracle. Some dude…waiting for me. Sigh…

Bro: I mean I’m waiting for you to be done with the toilet. Can you please hurry up?


Great. Killjoy.

5 days left for his September holidays. Gonna teach this young guy some manners.

*Rolls sleeve*

20 Cents

Nong nong time ago, whenever we wanted to use public restroom, there’ll always be a table, a few packets of tissue (for purchase), a small container, a chair (on the floor. Not on the table, of course) and one makcik or pakcik (aunty or uncle) guarding the toilet like security officers at the departure gate.

To use the toilet, you gotta pay up, pal!

If it’s not 20 cents, it’s 30 cents. If not 30 cents, the most expensive will be 60 cents.

Singapore stopped this practice. Malaysia continued.

My memory on this pay to pee business is often linked to asking my mommy for coins to pay to the restroom guardians in malls in Malaysia. *walks down memory lane.*

2015. It’s been a looooong while since I pay to go to the restroom.

Maybe that’s why this happened.


Younger Brother: Kakak, are you done? Can I use the toilet?

Me drying myself outside the toilet, in the walk in wardrobe (of course): Yeah sure. A moment. You know, from today, everytime you want to enter the toilet, you gotta pay 20 cents.

*Hears the brother footstep walking towards a cabinet. Moments later, hears coins being digged out.*

Younger Brother: *holds on to 20 cent coin* Okay, I’m ready!



g21 sgd20c-big

Designs of Singapore 20 cent coins.

Left: Old. Right: New.

Source: Google Image