[Prequel] 2017: My handbook

Warning: Heavy image post ahead.

2016 has been another blessed year. So much good in goodness and blessings in trying times.


Started new year’s trip with Prague.


Welcomed 2016 in Vienna with -13°C.

When we thought it couldn’t get any colder, we were slapped with non other than



Went back to uni to continue my final project.


(This picture is uh, y’know, in case people think all I do is travel and not do any work.)

Then comes Spring, a very much needed break,


Met up with Irna in Oxford before heading to

13Amsterdam, our choice of destination. No regrets.


Back in uni, finished our final project, dissertation and graduation show. Graduated.


Went back to Brighton.

Got travel scholarship to Munich – my first personal holiday destination since I got here. Felt good to be back.


Went to few other places before imag4711.jpg





Vietnam and few other places.

So many blessings… my heart is full.

Will continue in a bit, my McSpicy is here.

As always, with me…

Food > errthang else.

Sweet Lazy

‘Lazy days’ for me is when I wake up, ‘like‘ one, two, or a few pictures on Instagram and/or Facebook, and that’s it, khalas, pull up the blanket cause I’m done for the day.

I mean, c’mon, I couldn’t get any lazier than this can I? It’s a day where probably no calories are burned at all. (Except for that one time where I dropped a raw egg and refuse to clean it for a few days and reasoned it out as an experiment. You can try searching ‘humpty dumpty‘ on the search bar. I’m sure you’ll find some stupid things that I’ve done, haha).

But after today, I realise that that ‘Lazy Day’ was actually my ‘Lazier Day’.

Lazy day has totally been redefined to a day where I actually move, or have a simple task to achieve, despite feeling passive.

Like this: Wake up, bathe, have a chat with your aunts who came over, actually get out of the house, hop on the bus, grab a box of cupcakes, chill at your cousins place while having cupcakes, discuss about dramas and handbags and a-yo! we’re done for the day.







Task Mission accomplished when I left Mba Nana’s house with a box of cupcakes, hehe.







9pm at my cousin’s.

With dim lighting whatnot, she’s set the perfect ambiance for my our date with my cousin our cupcakes.

Being possessive with my food (as usual), that Dettol spray is not leaving my sight. Ain’t letting no pests ruin my cupcakes day.

The only regret I have till today for this cupcake order is that I ordered only half a dozen.


It’s the first time I’m having it after what, 2 years? and I only ordered 6!?

After sharing and our little catch up, I brought back two home, one for each brother. #bestsisteroftheyear

At 2am, as regrets poured in, I opened the fridge and took a little (I swear it’s a little) bite and shut the fridge’s door like nothing happened.

At 4am, my dad asked me if he could have one.

Good stuff is meant to be shared so of course I said, ‘go ahead’.

By afternoon, while one brother is at work and the other is at school, I kept pacing and lingering around the fridge.

How can I ask two boys to share one cupcake. Wait, no, it’s not even one anymore thanks to your bite. See! You should’ve held it in.

That poor imperfect cupcake must be sooo cold and lonely.

So I did what any superhero would do, I saved that last cupcake. Put it out of it’s misery of being cold and lonely in the fridge by putting it in my mouth, teehee. #whatbrothers?

I’d like to end this post with a ps to myself.

P.s: Dear Aqilah.

It was a noble act to order less and savour the cupcake like it’s a limited edition dish on the menu. But try to just be a liiittle realistic. Also, stop looking at that picture and just.stop.salivating!

If there’s any ‘life lesson’ that I can impart to you at this juncture in my life, my dear readers, it’d be never buy less cupcakes. Just go for it. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.

*wipes tears and drools*

profile picture

Sometime back, I blogged about my dad adding me on Instagram.

I also mentioned that when I get back home last summer break, the first thing that I’d do is take a nice picture of him to replace his then and now (Oh god) profile picture that he use evvvveeerryyyywwwwhhhheeerrrreeeee.

Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, you name it.

I lost.

No pictures were taken. Nada. Zilch.

In my dad’s defence, he said that “unlike you kids, my profile picture is for business purposes. If people want to look for me on Whatsapp or any other social media, they won’t take long to find me.”

Thing is… his profile picture is straight up a passport picture.

Sure, everytime I want to Whatsapp him, it doesn’t take me more than two breathe to look for our conversation.

But what is also true, is that, every.single.time that I have to open our chat, I get all queasy inside.







Tell me







Won’t you hold your breathe having a conversation with this kinda facial expression person













Imagine this profile picture wishing you “Happy Birthday” or saying “Thank You”.


I always die a little inside when I receive message from my dad even before opening the message.


Because there is a chance it might be a ‘scolding message’ cause *ehemmm*, I’m pretty much the trouble-two-child. Hehe. When all he is asking is ‘When are you coming back?”

I die a little MORE inside when I want something from him or telling him something that I already bought (along with the justification which usually goes along the line ‘There’s VAT refund. It’s like on sale!) 😁✌️.

The reason for this post is also due to the fact that I want to buy something which I must ask before purchasing 😂😂😂 and I have to judge from that very facial expression if my dad is in a good mood or not. Not only that, I have to gauge the timing as well.



(Both image credits to Google)


Well, wish me luck for the thing that I want.


even better


“It’s Coach but, there’s no Coach bag or purse innit okay?” said my uncle as we met earlier today.

Gah! My eyes just went from 😶 to 😍 when I caught a glimpse of a familiar silhouette – my uncle and aunt.

The warm fuzzy feeling on an extra cold day. ☺️☺️☺️

Seriously! Who do I complaint to about the weather!

We got autumn warmth in mid winter and sharp crisp coldness in spring. Apakahh???

*I digress*

Anywho, who needs handbags when I can have these?








Ok, but no, really, the dudes in the house better not giveaway my arm candies (handbags & clutches) while I’m here.








MY MAGGI & CAKE BARS! These are waaaaaaay better than Coach bags. Might change my mind if they’re other brands though. Hehe

What a good start to the weekend.

ehemmm…*clears throat*

What a good start to (one month) Easter Break!


During our tour break, we walked around and stumbled upon a dainty chocolate shop. Excuse me. Let me rephrase that. A dainty handmade chocolate shop/cafe.

I was sold at ‘handmade’.

Because we had a ‘part two’ to our tour, we just grabbed 2-3 pieces of chocolates.

The minute we took our first bite, our eyes widened and unanimously agreed to go back to the shop, the next day.

The next day, we transferred to another accommodation (because we miscalculated our stay. Silly, I know.) to somewhere nearer to the train station which is also walking distance to many places.

From there, we walked to city centre, Charles bridge, other bridges, snap pics ere’ and there and decided ‘it’s show time!’

Chocolates come hither!

If you must know, I do NOT like chocolates. I despise them. Except for Kinder Bueno. They’re different. They’re life!

(Since) Staying in UK, it brought out sides of me that’s hibernating. A whole new level of food demon. For example, I begin eating, cooking and appreciating Indian cuisine. (Few years ago, I rolled my eyes, had appetite breakdown, at the words ‘Indian food today?’ and went all  ‘Godddd, what kind of punishment is this!?’ deep inside.)

Now, I even ask Dave for curry recipe, Shakirah for aloo masala’s, Sorted Food for prawn pakora’s and even came up with my verrry own butter curry rice.

How did I get from chocolates to Indian cuisine!?

Back to chocolates people!

Kinder Bueno aside, I’d gladly give up other brands. Until UK. Cadbury and Milka are my two favourites… because they have biscuit in their chocolates.

It was a very cold day. After sorting our agendas, we retraced our way back to the café. Got lost multiple times – we went in circles – in the cold, it’s not funny. To comfort the heart, we bought some macarons along the way. Y’know, in case we’re actually in bermuda triangle, we have some food rations.


But Alhamdulillah (Thank God), we finally found the café. The moment we stepped into the café, we felt home. Well, at least me. It was warm and probably had everything I need. Except for Wifi password.

The lady who served us the day before was there and got us seated.

We asked for wifi password. ‘2 minutes,’ she said.


10 minutes later… Got to us with the menu without Wifi password. Again, we asked for wifi password. ‘2 minutes *again*, I’m coming (with the wifi password),’ she said, this time with conviction.


10 minutes later she came to take our order without the Wifi password.  Err, we were ready to order like… 7 minutes ago? But since the café was packed, we let it go.

Before I put the idea into you that I’m a brat who can’t survive without Internet connection, lemme tell you another side of this story.

While we were waiting to place our main order, you know, the staff took forever, we looked at our map for the most convenient route back to our new accommodation. Looking at map’s all day, we decided to buy the chocolates first. The chocolates section was on the other end of the café and has to be ordered separately.

In Singapore, to let the world know that the table is taken, is to put a packet of tissue or an umbrella as a sign that you’ve marked your territory. Saw this practice many times back at home but never tried it till half way around the world.

Left the map and other stuff on the table, grabbed our valuables and went to the chocolate section. Chat with another staff, grabbed few chocolates later and when we went back to our table, voila! I only see the table.


“How will I reach back to my accommodation!? Will I ever leave this city? Will I be stuck here forever? Will I see my father again? Will I see my brothers again? Will I see my bears again? Will I be in an English country againnnn???” were the thoughts that came across my mind, JUST, when I saw my empty table.

Which, people, is why I needed WiFi for my backup plan… Google Maps.

By this time, a group of people just arrived and sat behind our table.

As the lady served our orders, she took the orders of the table beside us. Like us, they asked for the Wifi password.

Already in our 30 minutes mark in the café and no sign of Wifi password. Almost went to that neighbouring table and told them to forget about the Internet.

With food in front, one makes no disrespect by abandoning the food. Not for other people. Not even for Internet.

While waiting for the many 2 minutes, another staff approached our neighbouring table with a slip of paper. No prizes for guessing the content on that small piece of paper.

That paper should’ve been mine! Shove that cake and keep calm Aqilah.

*puts cake in mouth*

Then, my cousin was busy browsing through her phone for our pictures that day and looking if she’s saved any map in her phone.

As this mouth was closed chewing and savouring the dessert and warm tea, the ears (which fortunately [in this case] can’t be closed) starts picking up noises and conversations.

At the neighbouring table.

..finally, let’s get connected.’

One guy who already got connected read out the password to his friends.

Conversation continues.

*30 seconds later*

Friend 1: Can you read it out to me?

Friend 2: 1123

Assuming they were talking about WiFi password, I told my cousin, “I think the password is 1123. I heard the guy said to his friend. Let’s try it!”

Keyed in 1123. *Wrong password*

Me: Maybe it’s 11123. Let’s try again.

*Wrong password*

Gah. Let’s just forget about it. For real.

The female staff passed our table, once again, and asked if everything is okay. We smiled, said ‘yes’ and nothing about the Wifi. I was so tired of the word ‘WiFi’ that day.

Then, the golden words came out from her mouth, ‘Have you got the Wifi password?’

‘Nope,’ I said, smiling.

‘*gasp* I’m coming right now with the password. 2 minutes!’ she said, walking toward our neighbouring table and asking them for the Wifi password slip.

2 SECONDS LATER, it was in our hands.

Like A-YO! Finally!

This is the password:


So much for 1123 or 11123!

As you can tell, or not, the handwriting is a little illegible. But it’s okay. If we can take almost an hour to receive this password, we can take less time to decipher it.

Why don’t you figure out the password. Answer’s below.

Did you get any of this?

HUEGBTBR469? HUEG13T13R469? HclEG13T13R469?

If you did then, congratulations! All of it is wrong!

That’s it! I got up from my seat. Shamelessly walked to our neighbour with the WiFi password paper and politely asked them to help me decipher the password.

They just laughed off when I told them what I thought the password was.

Should’ve apologise for eavesdropping on their conversation too while I was there but obviously, my manners flew off elsewhere. Oh! and the password isss……

Answer: H4EG13T13R469.


The ‘4’ and ’13’ just throws me off. Is it a ‘B’ or ’13’. Is it ‘U’ or ‘cl’. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out that it’s 4.

To my neighbour in that cafe that may nevvvah, see this post, I apologise for listening to (part of) your conversation. You guys spoke in English. After few days of Czech language flying around my head, I miss people who could speak English, thus eavesdropping.

I assure you, after getting connected to the internet, I no longer listen to your conversations. Teehee. ✌️






I said ‘No!’ but they said ‘I Love you’….. How liddat?


Cinderella glass slipper what?





Could’ve given this to me for my tea but nooooo.


They gave me a shoe instead.

Try ‘1123’ or ‘11123’!1916085_10153266039608244_4127458509933919800_n

I guess not.

Gahhh!!! The Belvedere white chocolate (the very one I’m holding on to, dearly) is sooooooooo Ghood!



🌍: Prague, Czech Republic.

📷: K. Fathiah