The Lucky/Chosen One

Exactly last week, as we were having meeting at Filzah’s crib, we got in touch with Yafiq, another friend of ours and long story short, he said he could meet us that very evening, *runs home to get ready*.

As we were getting ready, this conversation happened.

*excerpt from Shafa’s blog*

*Getting ready*

I swear I didn’t expect Filzah to own awesome make-up products.

Like excuse me, she was once the girl who said, “I have no time for make-up”, but look at her now, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, a complete brush set, lipsticks ahhhh you just name it man!

Aqilah: which colour suits me?

Me: *picks a random colour* you should try this, you’re always with that pinkish tone

After she’ve applied it on…

Me: Woman, you look good! I wanna try them too.

After I’ve applied…

Me: Omg girls, I look fierce. So not me.

Aqilah & Filzah: Nah you look just fine, really.

I trust their taste. So yeah, I bravely went out with that colour.

Me: What’s the name of the lip colour?

Aqilah: Pillow talk

Me: Ohh, Maher Zain eh?

Aqilah & Filzah: Zayn Malik laaaa, buat dosa je!

Hahaha, well I swear that was very selenge of me. Sorry Maher Zain, I didn’t mean what I said.


So yeahhh, now I know why we’re friends. Selenge-ness (Bimbo-ness) runs in our blood.

How the meeting went you ask?


T’was amazing, fun, a little messy but whatevs.

I totally don’t blame Yafiq if he went back with a headache for entertaining our nonsense which was REALLY DRAMATIC btw. #terriblethrees


Out of the few drama takes, this was the most decent picture of us.

Which reminds me, waaaay back in Secondary School, some of my friends would bring up this petua (old sayings) that people should never walk in group of threes. Whoever is in the middle, will die first.

I’m pretty sure the logic was just, if you walk in threes, it’s a little crowded, that’s all. *shrugs*

One thing I can attest to that is… if for the longest time, you keep being in the middle, something is definitely bound to happen to you.

For me, I got lucky.

Nope, didn’t strike the lottery or something.

I got a present from a birdie’s bottom, (Read: A bird 💩💩 on me!) while the three of us were walking towards Uniqlo.

Really birdie!? There were other TWO, if not THREE of us, and YOU CHOSE ME!?


Luckily, I was surrounded with lovely friends who the first thing they did, was, well, laugh before going ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!’ #ifoundmyfriendsbytheroadside

Filzah was laughing heartily (she was literally out of breath, that woman) while snapchatting the BS situation away. Shafa saves my day by helping me get rid of the little poo poo with whatever tissue we manage to get hold off from our handbags.

 Thanks bae. What are friends for right? 😉



 *too much drama in one day*

Moral of the story…


 From now on, we’re taking group pictures like this. I refuse to be the middle person, anytime, anywhere.


good again

Uni is finally open after the long Easter weekend!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but, from Friday till yesterday (Monday), I was moping at home and can’t wait to be in uni.

So that’s what I did today, go to school to get some work done.

Instead of working at the workshop area, I decided to go to our (architecture student’s) floor aka the highest floor aka what I call the ‘Penthouse Level’.

The open studio was empty. Assa! Unpack, settled on a playlist and started cracking.

As I was video hopping, I stumbled upon Backstreet Boys album.

C’mon 90s baby. No matter how crappy you’re feeling, if any BSB song pops up, it’ll definitely momentarily throw you in the memory lane of good ol’ meaningful songs.

You pheel me!?

I was lightly singing along as I was doing my work when a tutor came over and went, “YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC SUCKS!”

Ok, fine. That’s what I heard.

He said, ‘I disapprove your choice of music, I was holding it in till you started singing. Do you have an earpiece please? I really need to finish my marking.”

Wah seh. First my choice in music. Then my voice. What next!? The length of my toes?

No one. I REPEAT, NO ONE has any right to diss another person’s choice in music. More so BSB! Even my aunt knows BSB!

I assumed there was no generation gap issue here. Boy was I wrong.

What a killjoy.

After a while, I packed my bag and left to do some damage control.

(and we all know what that means. mmmmhhmmmmm)

I’ve been wanting to try the desserts at Marks & Spencer. Went there. Looked at all the dessert selection and NOPE.

No dilation in the pupil.

No flutter in the heart.

No excitement.

We all know how I live my life around dessert.

That desire left. Nowhere to be found. Poof. Vanish.

I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t want to go home with this feeling.

Then I remembered that I haven’t buy something which my tutor recommended and quickly made my way to the particular store.

The moment I stepped in. Literally at the entrance, my shoulders had more strength, my pupils dilated, my heart flutters and my blood started flowing again (ok, that was exaggerated, but you feel me yeah).


Oh how I’ve missed you…..



The balm for any woes.

Sigh. I’m such a changed person no? Hehehehehehehe.


Look! Even got me-self a colouring book to colour the stress away.



Life’s good again guys.

short circuit

There’s just something about being on period.

I’m not referring about the cramps, backaches and hunger pangs.

Maybe it’s just me, y’know, 6000 words essay induces great amount of stress on my brain neurons, if there’s any at all left.


But I’m pretty sure some girls out there get this – the brain just cuckoos a little.

Had a date (meeting) with my tutor today and prior, I head to city centre to get my essentials.

–In Uni–


Tutor: How you?

Me: *with watery eyes* Smiles* Nods*

Tutor: That time huh?

*in head* JYEAHHH… That time. That that, that that time. THAT THAT THAT THAT TIME YO*

Me: Yup. The essay nerve’s crawling in.

During that meeting, there were two conversations going on simultaneously – for me.

I was talking with my tutor and having personal conversation with my self at the same time.

My head just went, ‘Noob! You didn’t buy your flippin pad!’

Immediately my body swayed towards my bag, ready to leave for the store, while we were having last few words.

I didn’t mean to be rude but the inner voice has spoken and taken control. Bahahaha.

Tutor: Any last few words? Anything you wanna bring up?

Me: *taken aback tryna find any fault, but there was none.* Err, nope. Sorry.

Tutor: Sokayy… Doesn’t have to have anything.

My face probably went into panicked mode when he asked that question. *smacks head*

After my date, I dashed back to the departmental store with heightened sense of focus.

Period brain is when your brain goes into short circuit mode and doesn’t function properly.

For example, you buy this when you were supposed to get pads.


Tsk. Tsk.

But whatevs, I’m in a happy place.

*tears Kinder Bueno packet*

Found it!

As mentioned in my previous post, earlier, I had an Interim Review.

Reviews, Presentation – Formal or Informal, Essay Submission, Design Crit and/or Portfolio Submission and more = 80% of the students pulling an all nighter.

This means that we leave the uni groggy-er.

One conversation led to another and Ashley and I began talking about flight(s) on the way back home.

Me: Did I tell you that when I got back here (UK), my plane stopped somewhere else before Dubai? I had to stay in the plane longer than the usual 7 hours?

Ashley: Serious? Where did you stop?

Me: Can’t remember. I think it starts with ‘N’. Might be some part India. I reeeallly cannot remember.

Ashley: Omg. I’ll die if I have to stay any longer in the plane for a long flight. Nepal? Napolean? Is it a country or city?

Me: Nohhh….. A bit Nigeria-ish. Can’t remember a thing!

*continues walking in silence thinking of the mystery land*

I remembered that the place is one of the places that Mufti Menk has frequently given his lectures at.

Then the light bulb suddenly lit up!


Ashley: How in the world does that starts with ‘N’?!

Heh. ‘C’ all the way to ‘N’ …. 10 alphabets apart no less!

Ma baaaaaad!

Anyway this brought me back to this post which I mentioned how I lost two drafts that I blogged whilst in the plane.

Turns out it was buried in the many posts and I only found it recently.



The thought of 14 hour flight exclusive of layover makes me wanna… ok, let’s not go there.

So imagine this.

*At the check-in counter*

Ground Staff (GS): You do know that prior to Dubai, your plane will stopover Colombo right?

Me: Errr… nope.

GS: Yeah. It will.

She said it sooo nonchalantly. Bleargh.

Me: *in head* Ah.. No wonder on my flight itinerary, the first flight sector is 9 hours. AS IF SEVEN HOURS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.

I mean, it’s not as if I’m riding on my dad’s plane – I could make a scene for the pilot to NOT stop over Sri Lanka and charge towards Dubai.

So trust me. I died a little MORE inside at the GS’s ‘Yeah. It will.’

So here I am. Drafting this post in the plane cause I can’t get out. Feeling like a cooped chicken and it doesn’t help that I’ve yet to get a wink of sleep!

0235 Colombo = 0505 Singapore.

Trust me. Halfway through the 3ish hour ride, I wanted to rolllllll on the floor, fold myself into various yoga poses and  just rot.

Upward dog. Downward dog. Cobra. Swan. Alligator. Chimpanzee. Stegosaurus. Can somebody just turn me into a dinosaur now?

At first I be like Oh! It’s only 3 hours plus to Colombo. Should be bearable.

Shut up Aqilah! Longest 3 hours of my life (up to date).


This dude got it spot on. Couldn’t express myself any better.

Couldn’t sleep a wink as my neighbours (2 different people) had alcohol — beer-cognac-champagne — and being sensitive to smell (plus not used to being around alcohol), I was busy covering my nose and breathing rapidly to “get use” to the air.

Did I mention that three months ago on my way to Dubai, my neighbour accidentally spilt her champagne on me? My poor black pants. Never been to the loo that much in a flight.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem being around people who drink. It’s not a norm for me hence I was a little uncomfortable. Plus my concern on the soiled pants was doing my prayers.

Aside from the partial air pollution issue, I kept busy with the movie that Momski recommended and it happened to be available in-flight. Amazeball stuffs guys.

Another 5 hours before I end the FIRST LEG of this arduous journey.

Now that I’m done being a brat, back to my adult (ehem) self.

The stopover here is only approximately an hour.

It’s been an eye opening experience seeing the movement of the cabin crew and different ground staffs working on their different roles.

I’ve only heard the stories of the peril of cabin crews and other staffs from my friends and family members who were once (a) flight attendant(s).

Y’know what they say… Seeing is believing.

As I was departing (from Singapore airport), a cousin of mine said that it must be nice having the opportunity to travel/fly – non-holiday related.

I’ve always believe that I’ve been (lucky and) blessed with itchy legs which has brought me to many places I never knew I could be at at such a young age.

I genuinely supplicate that your needs (which you’ve yet to be granted with) will be granted soon and your wants be fulfilled as well.

Till the next post, someone please save me. The smell of alcohol – beer, cognac & champagne – from my neighbours from Singapore AND Colombo (YAAS…two different people!) is adding on to my headache.


Feels good to be back!

Check that bucketlist! (aka Social life)

I was working in the glass workshop today, y’know channeling my energy towards a positive direction – breaking glass and cutting myself here and there all in the name of architecture.

To beat the quietness of the workshop (I was the only student there for the entire day), I chatted with a new staff to pass the time.

Jumping from one topic to another (girls, heh), she asked me, “So what do you do on weekends? Do you have social life?”

Adussss akak…

Architecture students are keyboard warriors.

Species type: Nocturnal and Diurnal.

We think twice to sleep.

Social Life?

Sure. Haveeeee~~~~

Me: I get together with my friend staying in another studio and we let ourselves loose in Tesco. The Big Tesco. We spend a good three hours or more in that place.

Staff: Oh! Bless you.


Talking about Tesco, this reminds me….


The other day I managed to check one item off my Bucketlist.











Going to supermarket at night or in the morning in PJs.

Bless me. I know. *flipsshawl*