Where there’s a will, there’s a way

I’ll start this post with a prequel.


Posted this snippet on my instastory few days/weeks(?) ago… And this is what the person that I was having conversation with asked…

Helloooooo…. I have a life y’know. HAHAHAHAHAHA. #kidding #oknodontleaveme

So, since the one time that I posted a snippet about us was being questioned, I figured, I might as well upload a lengthy post. Makes the next answering the ‘why’ episode more worth it. Hahaha.

Yesterday this happened:

Few minutes later…

*pops confetti*


Then, of course, nothing will always go your way. So this happened,

My heart dropped a little, but, nothing a phone call couldn’t fix.

So now, let me tell you what happened.

*clears throat*

After deciding what we wanted, I stood in front of the cashier, ready to pay.

Naturally I dig my trash bag for my wallet/card and lo and behold…





Ok no. Emojis can’t really express it.

This is more like it.

(image credit:Β my best friend)

I pleaded the woman if I could Paylah her cause ultimately, the bakery gets their money and I get my babies!

But noooooooooooooo……. She wouldn’t accept my request. 😒

Dig my bag and found some $15 cash.

Okay Aqilah, calm down. Whatchu gonna do now?

With $15 … I can only get 1 flavour each of the Semla Bun. While I don’t mind getting only 1, Filzah wanted 1 flavour each and forget about food! This is dessert!

One does not simply disappoint a person when it comes to dessert.

I tried pleading again, but her answer is still no. #whyyyyyyy

With a heavy heart, 1 ordered each and as I was taking out the $15, thinking how to break this sad news AND how to split the flavours – maybe we can cut them into 2 and exchange so that she gets one each – my hand touched this what seems like a ray of sunlight on winter solstice.


The week before christmas, my team and I had team lunch and we exchanged gifts for our secret santa mission.

My wishlist is a book and because it’s cheaper in UK (missing England now *sobs*) I gave the link to where my secret santa can get the book at a good deal.

Because our lunch was wayy before christmas and the book couldn’t reach in time, he gave me cash in ang pao instead.

That ang pao has been in my bag since then. Every time I want to cave in and buy something else, I remind myself what that money is for.

But, sorry Lloyd! (my secret santa) I was at a crossroad of something that looks like a life and death situation, I had to use that money.

My face lit brighter than the christmas tree and the cashier lady laughed when I hugged the red packet.

Β #noshamethere

So yahhhhhh! That, ladies and gents, is how I got home with a light heart and 2 Semla Bun’s, one flavour each for Filzah and I.


The minute I told her, ‘I didn’t bring my wallet,’ she too, went


Lesson learn, bring your wallet and more shops need to start accepting Paylah.

You beautiful you.


Short Notice

It started with a ‘Hi’.

Which leads to late supper, followed by heart pouring session at a rooftop, then painting session which lasts till 5am. In between that, “Let’s watch movie later,” was brought up and with less than 6 hours of sleep, we braved through an emotionally challenging movie. Our first meal was almost at 6pm.

Famish really don’t look good on us.

We were monsters.

The ‘You’re on your own. Β My food is here. Bye’ face πŸ˜‚.

More food kept piling but of course.

They serve the slowest eater’s main dish laaast.

Chose the wrong main dish guys. I was soooooooooo hungry yet I had to peel off 8 prawns(!), head + tail, which means, 16 times in total and before I even got through a quarter of that dish, my arms started to sore.

What a workout. #cardioforthedaydone


The star dish in this place. Like eva. It tastes good with just rice. Crap. Now I feel like having more, bahahahaha.

So good that I don’t mind looking like this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Of course not. Touched up guys, don’t worry. πŸ˜‚

After all that feasting, we left the restaurant happy and satisfied.

When I reached home, I parked myself at my brother’s room cause there were guests in mine.

Something about the satisfaction lulled me to nap. Next thing I know, when I woke up, Β it’s 10pm… And I slept with my make up on! 😱😱😱.

It’s okay I guess.

I mean, how often do you get to wake up looking like this…

Full eyebrows and lipstick all.

Crap. Looking through all the food picture is making me hungry.

Self control Aqilah! You ate at least 2/3 of everything!

I can give up Dim Sun’s now.

But right now, I’m craving for Kuih Tako.

Source: Google Image.

Wrapped in Pandan leaves and alllll… Mmmmmm. Oh God. Someone please stop me πŸ’†πŸ’†πŸ’†

But First…

I miss this place sooo much!

I’ve got so much to yap about but work has been taking over me that all I did was blog in my head.

Yesterday, I had a fun day out with Filzah and something about that yesterday’s good mood spills over to today giving me some extra energy to blog this (or it might be that Macadamia Nut Piccadilly Cookie that I just had, or that afternoon nap, hehe)

One thing about us is that, we don’t meet up as often as schooldays. I mean, we’re neighbours, I could just open my door, and she, her brother’s window and we ‘already meet’. 

Last weekend, we actually met up, spent the entire night talking away and to meet again on the next weekend is like, Fuhhh! Achievement unlocked!

But between last week and this week, somethings just keep popping up that face to face meet up was due.

I cannot refuse good company on a weekend after long week of work.

As usual, we debated where to have lunch. We wanted to avoid Bugis and the array of good cafes there because of the crowd.

In the train halfway through our journey, I suggested Kucina, an Italian restaurant which was somewhat nearer and not in Bugis and lo and behold, we had a good time in that little corner that the waiter seated us.

As we finished our meal, we discussed where to have our dessert, right there or elsewhere.

Because we were vain that weekend and wanted to take pictures in Bugis (good OOTD spots yall), we decided to relocate ourselves.

But the fun part!

As we were slowly getting ready to leave, we were approached by a guy who was a friend of the restaurant owner who wanted to make sculptures out of balloons for us. We wanted to turn it down initially because, walking around with a ‘toy’ would pretty much be an inconvenient.

But scrap that crazy thought! How dare we… 

He offered to make annnnyyythhhinnngggg… I mean, he asked me what my favourite animal was and me being cheeky, I wanted to say Cheetah. Bahahaha. But, let’s not be rude.

So I ended up with this cute Bunny.

Before I show you my cute Bunny, let me show you his bag of deflated balloons. I was spoilt for choices of colours 😍😭.

Only if you don’t take my food, we can be friends.

Now I gotta live with the burden of Rabbit being my favourite animal in this world. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

Halfway making it, he stopped for a while and said, ‘I’m going to make this less kiddy for you,’ woohoo! One Tiramisu for a guy with sense and skills please!

As we exchanged conversations, turns out he’s day job is an Industrial Psychologist and this is his part time job to channel his creative energy and spread joy to less fortunate children. Bless this brothaa yaww!

As we were packing, he already moved on other customers, like…  real kids, and I saw that that little girl got a dragonfly! 😡😡😡

I want that pretty dragonflyyyy! 

But a little glare from Filzah, settles everything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


At Bugis, we wandered around at the hipster OOTD hotspot – Haji Lane – and turns out it was pretty packed that we decided nope on it.

So we snapped somewhere nearby before heading to the historical yellow building – Malay Heritage Centre.

Something’s missing.

My new friend… I could get used to you πŸ˜‚

Let’s go to the next spot.

And the next one…

Check for anything that will hurt and poke you….and if not,

The last time we were here (this area), Filzah said, ‘OMG. You’re such a tourist in this place,’ when I told her I’ve never been to that stretch of road….and few other streets, haha!


Can easily find Muffin Man in London but nope, not the Malay Heritage Centre.

Don’t worry…after yesterday, I already know that place πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Come on yo, we’ve lost daylight already.

After which, when the sun sets, we made our way to the dessert shop. (This one cannot give up.)

Her Injeolmi and my Cheesecake Bingsu.

Continued our conversations there, sang few songs, made fun of few photos, hit the mall and afterwards head back home.

As we reached home, I told her that I was already a liiiiittttlllllleeeee hungry.

I got this reaction.


I mean, technically, our desserts were water…only a little solid πŸ’

Then this happened.

At midnight, in our less flashy clothes, we head out for another Prata session to end our day and continued where we left off.


We concluded that that day, our outing were mainly food cause even when we hit the mall, we didn’t spend a single thing.

The power of food, never belittle it guys. It bonds people.

Can’t wait to wrap up the project that I’m working on! More blogposts will be up then.

Till then… Hope your weekend has been good!

Oxford Daytrippin’

Last Spring, amidst pre-final submission, while I was hating myself and the life choices I made – Architecture? What was I thinking!? (don’t worry, I’m cool with it now) – Irna came to town with her friends. We set a date for just the two of us and I thought Oxford sounds way better than London. Body surfing in central London doesn’t sound like a good idea to distress. So the countryside it is!

It was flippin cold but with a good company, I was cozy that day and boy we had funnnnn!

After Fish and Chips in a cafe in the market, we walked around and stumbled upon a dainty tea shop.


The inner English person in me (go ahead, I give you permission to roll your eyes) got very excited and bought few of the loose teas. My pantry at home never smelt so invigorating before. 😍😍😍

Then as usual, it started pouring, so we seek shelter through few shops and by the time when the sun was out, again, we were so exhausted walking around that we sat on the bench along the road.

For me, that day was one of those days where you get that day that you’ve always wanted.


AΒ slow day just to appreciate and be aware of what’s around you, be relaxed and have no plans, no rush nada. To breakaway from my piles of work, enjoying the outdoor which was not too cold with just the right amount of sun was nice!

The fun part of all was we went punting! The last time that I went punting was with my cousin and her friend.

So, of course, I was excited to enjoy the water with my friend. Till the guy selling the ticket told us that we’d have to paddle it ourselves if we want a boat to ourselves.

I’m sold for some quiet time for two.


Afterwards we had a long walk to the mosque and a rushing taxi ride back to the train station to catch our respective trains. Only in the taxi ride back did we realise the long walk that we had for the day and omg, we were crazy!

But whatever it is, as usual, I had a good day with you, sore legs or not.



🌍: Oxford, UK