Oxford Daytrippin’

Last Spring, amidst pre-final submission, while I was hating myself and the life choices I made – Architecture? What was I thinking!? (don’t worry, I’m cool with it now) – Irna came to town with her friends. We set a date for just the two of us and I thought Oxford sounds way better than London. Body surfing in central London doesn’t sound like a good idea to distress. So the countryside it is!

It was flippin cold but with a good company, I was cozy that day and boy we had funnnnn!

After Fish and Chips in a cafe in the market, we walked around and stumbled upon a dainty tea shop.


The inner English person in me (go ahead, I give you permission to roll your eyes) got very excited and bought few of the loose teas. My pantry at home never smelt so invigorating before. 😍😍😍

Then as usual, it started pouring, so we seek shelter through few shops and by the time when the sun was out, again, we were so exhausted walking around that we sat on the bench along the road.

For me, that day was one of those days where you get that day that you’ve always wanted.


A slow day just to appreciate and be aware of what’s around you, be relaxed and have no plans, no rush nada. To breakaway from my piles of work, enjoying the outdoor which was not too cold with just the right amount of sun was nice!

The fun part of all was we went punting! The last time that I went punting was with my cousin and her friend.

So, of course, I was excited to enjoy the water with my friend. Till the guy selling the ticket told us that we’d have to paddle it ourselves if we want a boat to ourselves.

I’m sold for some quiet time for two.


Afterwards we had a long walk to the mosque and a rushing taxi ride back to the train station to catch our respective trains. Only in the taxi ride back did we realise the long walk that we had for the day and omg, we were crazy!

But whatever it is, as usual, I had a good day with you, sore legs or not.



🌍: Oxford, UK


This post is dedicated to one person who made it possible.

You see, like any girls, who love clothes, I do too. Too often, when one part fits, the other doesn’t. E.g, when it fits nicely on the shoulder, it gets stuck at the hip. No shame there, just extra work need to be done. Which is why I like to get my clothes tailored.

You can find me living in my favourite sleeveless tops (from normal street shops, nothing fancy) with cardigans or sweater over it. Because of this, long story short, I live in my sleeveless tops aloooottt. Well, when it comes to my favourite white sleeveless top Momski has bane its existence. There was some threatening phrases when she was flipping out seeing me in it, AGAIN. But don’t worry. I’ll just meet her on super sunny days… Y’know, days where she HAS TO keep her sunnies on. Hehe.

Because sleeveless top is part of my staple diet, so are cardigans and blazers.





(The very white top that burns Momski’s eyes. Or maybe I should just stay in her kitchen when I wear this top. It looks off white thanks to the lighting. Teehee.)

Everytime you see me decked in anything tie dye, 99% of the time it’s from one label, and, 80% of the time, it’s customised. Everytime you see me in Songket blazer, it is custom made.

Below is one of my favourite pieces. Was at the room and saw this beeeaaauuutiful tie dye motifs on silk that made my eyes go 😍😍😍.

For formal occasions and whatnots, I’ll definitely get a few. Thing is, I don’t attend much weddings and if I do, it’s family weddings where we have other ‘uniforms’ to wear. Last I check, I’m not the kind of person to deck in silk abayas when I go out. So!

Me need me some magic!


Amongst these lies a black and turquoise motif which caught my eyes. It was definitely different than all these bright motifs. Picked it out. Passed it to the right person and voila!


Came out just the way I remembered it to be.


I can wear it to school, or even casual day out!

One of the many right people in my life, Mba Misbah. All I did was pick out the ready available tops for the guy to dippy dye in another material(s) and the tailor to make it into another design for me or show her few sets of complimentary colours and she will tell the artisan to dye it into suitable motifs. Can’t take much credit. If I’m not doing any of these then you can find me behind the counter,


Sipping my avocado & chocolate juice with piles of tie-dye materials for me to steal be inspired from or chilling with the songket materials choosing a few for myself or do what I do best – pick out a motif I like and get it custom made to my own colour combination. I think it’s just a matter of time before they throw me out *on guard!*

Can’t help it! They’re sooo comfortable!


When I fall for something, I fall hard for it. That includes Michael Jackson and songkets.

Bahahahaha… Just testing to see if you’re “paying attention”.

The sad part comes right now.

Mba Misbah is getting hitched. Obviously that’s not the sad part. Her (future) husband is based in another city making her resign from her post. *cries a river*

The next time I’ll be there, she won’t.

My. Heart. Is. Breaking. Guys.


She’s someone more than just a staff to me. Always there for me from the beginning till the end (of my trip). Go ahead, get married. Her happiness matters a lot to me. But can’t the guy move to the girl’s side?

WHY ARE GUYS SO MEAN!!! I’m staring at every guy from now onwards. Bahahahaha.


May your days be filled with bliss, love, laughter and nothing but goodness.

From Galeri (the boutique is called Galeri, by the way) to kebun teh (Tea Plantation) to motorcycle rides and morning picnic, this heart is very grateful for every.single.action of yours. Till we meet again soon! (She promised me she’ll meet me when I drop by galeri. Phew! *wipes sweat*)

Can’t wait for the right season. My new long cardi(s) are sitting tight in the wardrobe!


🌍: Asia & Europe.

Most of these are bespoke. Can’t travel or live without them! Thought I’d share them with you…

  1. Tenun Zipper Songket Coat, Dian Pelangi – Munich, Germany.
  2. Bespoke design, Dian Pelangi – London, England.
  3. Tenun Zipper Songket Coat, Dian Pelangi – Paris, France.
  4. Long Cardigan, DPbyDian – Singapore, Singapore.
  5. Songket room in Indonesia.
  6. Long Cardigan, DPbyDian – Cambridge, England.
  7. Same as 6.
  8.  to last pic: (Off the rack) Silk Kaftan, DPbyDian – Indonesia.

Darn it!

After last week, I realised that I have a knack at asking damnedest questions. Yup, plural.

*Few years ago*

Me: Bro, what happened to you? (I saw partial of hind of his palm scalded.)

Bro: Oh, it’s army training. POW style.

Me: What did they do?

Bro: Scald me? *giving me judgemental look*

Me: Okay, since it’s training, why didn’t they just scald the entire palm?

I.SWEAR. It came out before I could even think.

*Fasting Month*

-Iftar with my Munich ladies-

Friend: This is nice, catching up over food.

Another friend: Yeah, we should do this again. Let’s have a Raya gathering!

Me: *all hyped up*  Yeah! Shall we set a dressing code – all wear baju raya?

Awkward silence + all eyes on me.

Friend: Aqilah’s at it again.

All laugh.


*Last week*

I had dinner at my cousin’s friend place and we were on the topic of married couples trying for children after a decade of marriage and conceiving medically as well as traditionally. In giving example to not give up and lose faith, he referenced Prophet Zakariya (a.s). He (and his wife) were old and had no children after being married for a looooong time. He made a dua (supplication), and Allah rewarded his effort with a child.

Friend: … Y’know Prophet Zakariya (a.s), is an example of a married couple who had children after being in a marriage for a long time. He tried everything, IVF didn’t work so they finally tried for the traditional massage and the couple finally conceived.

Me: Wait, WHAT!? Prophet Zakariya (a.s), and his wife had IVF!?

Everyone just burst out laughing. Thanks guys. *Thumbs up*

It was a genuine ‘WHUUUAATTT!?’

Friend: Nooo…. My friend had IVF. Why would Prophet Zakariya (a.s) have IVF?

Gah. Punctuation people. Punctuation.


In the meantime, please excuse me, I need to upgrade my hearing system. This glitch has got to stop.

Have a good weekend!


Like I mentioned in my previous post, the crappiness of this Monday took itself to a whole new level.

My friend swung by to unload her concern.


Me: Lai, come in. How can I help you?

Friend: *drooping shoulders* oooooommmaaaaiiiiigawd, I feel like dyinggggg.

–Disclaimer: We’re not suicidal, FYI. It’s a figure of speech. Though the act would be tempting.–

Me: I feel ya. I haven’t even bathe after I got back from uni. (Only changed to my home clothes.)

Friend: Duhhh…. I know.

Me: Whuat! How did you know?? (What sorcery is this?)

Friend: You still have your eyebrow.



















#growingupmalay (II)

Because #growingupmalay post is incomplete without these photos.

PicsArt_1438189819787 - Copy

The essence of #growingupmalay:

– moving furniture aside to take picture or making space for loads of guests.

– taking pictures while waiting for your friends.

– getting photobombed.

– helping one another get fully dressed.

– being vain and more.

The list doesn’t end. Sighh…

Let’s not forget the vainpots shall we?

Processed with VSCOcam

Do you see it? No?

Lemme zoom it for you….


Now? Can you see it?



Now you can, can’t you. Hehe.

You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Since I’m not a person with many words (bahahahaha. Don’t roll your eyes.), I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😉