human again

Stress is when…

You put onion in cold oil on the fry pan so they’d heat up together only to realise that you did not switch on the stove.

Stress is when…

You fill the kettle with water, hit the boil lever only to realise FEW MINUTES LATER, that the switch was not on.

Stress is when…

You wanted to brush your teeth with body soap.

Stress is when…

After wanting to brush your teeth with body soap, you want to brush your teeth with facial wash.

Stress is when…

You sleep for less than 4hours a day for a month.

And when you set 15-30 minutes timer/alarm for your nap, you get full sleep because you a) you can’t hear the alarm and b) this is how the 15-30 minutes timer screen looks like after full 8 hour sleep on one of the luxurious and rare day:


















But nevertheless.. please give me a round of applause.

Cause I made it through and now, 4 days after final submission, at least 12 hours of sleep a day…


Life’s good and filled with rainbow again!

Thank you to those who still came here despite me being MIA for a month (or more! *gasp*).

I’ll be back regularly now with more humour (nonsense) and sense.

Talk soon! *kiss kiss*

While Waiting


Final submission due in three weeks and I’ve got major problem with my project: Colours.

Juuuust when I thought it’s gonna be neat and easy using something subjective as a concept, it bites you back at your back.

But then again, nothing comes easy. So I might as well struggle with something I love doing.


If I’m not making any sense to you, please pardon me.

I’ve only had a wink of sleep and now, waiting for consultation outside the laser cut room with the fumes and these models …


turns the pressure game on. Much more intense than a rice pressure cooker.

Again, bad joke.

Sorry guys.

You just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this post.

I’ll be back! with some sense and sanity.

Till then, I’ll leave you with some wise words:

stay out of drugs!

Found it!

As mentioned in my previous post, earlier, I had an Interim Review.

Reviews, Presentation – Formal or Informal, Essay Submission, Design Crit and/or Portfolio Submission and more = 80% of the students pulling an all nighter.

This means that we leave the uni groggy-er.

One conversation led to another and Ashley and I began talking about flight(s) on the way back home.

Me: Did I tell you that when I got back here (UK), my plane stopped somewhere else before Dubai? I had to stay in the plane longer than the usual 7 hours?

Ashley: Serious? Where did you stop?

Me: Can’t remember. I think it starts with ‘N’. Might be some part India. I reeeallly cannot remember.

Ashley: Omg. I’ll die if I have to stay any longer in the plane for a long flight. Nepal? Napolean? Is it a country or city?

Me: Nohhh….. A bit Nigeria-ish. Can’t remember a thing!

*continues walking in silence thinking of the mystery land*

I remembered that the place is one of the places that Mufti Menk has frequently given his lectures at.

Then the light bulb suddenly lit up!


Ashley: How in the world does that starts with ‘N’?!

Heh. ‘C’ all the way to ‘N’ …. 10 alphabets apart no less!

Ma baaaaaad!

Anyway this brought me back to this post which I mentioned how I lost two drafts that I blogged whilst in the plane.

Turns out it was buried in the many posts and I only found it recently.



The thought of 14 hour flight exclusive of layover makes me wanna… ok, let’s not go there.

So imagine this.

*At the check-in counter*

Ground Staff (GS): You do know that prior to Dubai, your plane will stopover Colombo right?

Me: Errr… nope.

GS: Yeah. It will.

She said it sooo nonchalantly. Bleargh.

Me: *in head* Ah.. No wonder on my flight itinerary, the first flight sector is 9 hours. AS IF SEVEN HOURS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH.

I mean, it’s not as if I’m riding on my dad’s plane – I could make a scene for the pilot to NOT stop over Sri Lanka and charge towards Dubai.

So trust me. I died a little MORE inside at the GS’s ‘Yeah. It will.’

So here I am. Drafting this post in the plane cause I can’t get out. Feeling like a cooped chicken and it doesn’t help that I’ve yet to get a wink of sleep!

0235 Colombo = 0505 Singapore.

Trust me. Halfway through the 3ish hour ride, I wanted to rolllllll on the floor, fold myself into various yoga poses and  just rot.

Upward dog. Downward dog. Cobra. Swan. Alligator. Chimpanzee. Stegosaurus. Can somebody just turn me into a dinosaur now?

At first I be like Oh! It’s only 3 hours plus to Colombo. Should be bearable.

Shut up Aqilah! Longest 3 hours of my life (up to date).


This dude got it spot on. Couldn’t express myself any better.

Couldn’t sleep a wink as my neighbours (2 different people) had alcohol — beer-cognac-champagne — and being sensitive to smell (plus not used to being around alcohol), I was busy covering my nose and breathing rapidly to “get use” to the air.

Did I mention that three months ago on my way to Dubai, my neighbour accidentally spilt her champagne on me? My poor black pants. Never been to the loo that much in a flight.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem being around people who drink. It’s not a norm for me hence I was a little uncomfortable. Plus my concern on the soiled pants was doing my prayers.

Aside from the partial air pollution issue, I kept busy with the movie that Momski recommended and it happened to be available in-flight. Amazeball stuffs guys.

Another 5 hours before I end the FIRST LEG of this arduous journey.

Now that I’m done being a brat, back to my adult (ehem) self.

The stopover here is only approximately an hour.

It’s been an eye opening experience seeing the movement of the cabin crew and different ground staffs working on their different roles.

I’ve only heard the stories of the peril of cabin crews and other staffs from my friends and family members who were once (a) flight attendant(s).

Y’know what they say… Seeing is believing.

As I was departing (from Singapore airport), a cousin of mine said that it must be nice having the opportunity to travel/fly – non-holiday related.

I’ve always believe that I’ve been (lucky and) blessed with itchy legs which has brought me to many places I never knew I could be at at such a young age.

I genuinely supplicate that your needs (which you’ve yet to be granted with) will be granted soon and your wants be fulfilled as well.

Till the next post, someone please save me. The smell of alcohol – beer, cognac & champagne – from my neighbours from Singapore AND Colombo (YAAS…two different people!) is adding on to my headache.


Feels good to be back!

Woopsie! Watch your step!

Note: Happened two Mondays ago.


I don’t know about you but I sleep very well in vehicles. You name it. I got it covered.

If right now I’m 12 years old, I’d gladly sign up for the sleep is for the weak petition and volunteer to forego sleep for 3 consecutive days juuuust for fun!

Turns out I’m 18 (for the past many years. Ok, let’s not push it. I’ll be 20 next year, ok!) and not in the mood nor condition to forego sleep. Not even for a new MV clip. Nada. 8pm? Oooh, let’s sleep. Sleep is for the weak? Suuuurrreee.

So imagine my heartache when I have to sacrifice my sleep in the train from London back to my place for some primitive labour. What was I doing? Manually outline and cut cone shapes plastic for my project.


Yaaaas. Each of these is handcut, hand glued, hand errthang.

Eat dinner, cut. Before sleep, cut. Wake up from bed, cut. Sigh, life challenges. #firstworldproblem.

By Monday I was in desperate need for help. The relief, when the technician said that the material I used can be laser cut. *pops fireworks*

While waiting for my laser cut session I assembled the ready cut ones – folding & taping em – y’know, to not waste time.

Turns out there’s more than 100 cones to tape and cutting tapes manually is not in my to do list.

Went up to architecture office, barter trade the tape WITH THE DISPENSER for my student card. Gahh. That kind soul is sucha life saver.


Never felt so content seeing and using the tape dispenser.

As time passes and my laser cut slot drew near, I taped the cones as quickly as I could to be able to return it (the tape dispenser) in time, for some technology goodness. Aaahhh… everything seems to be going smoothly, Alhamdulillah.

✅ Finished taping. ✅ Returned the dispenser in time. ✅ Got 15 minutes to spare. ✅ Material can be laser cut.  My my, what a bright day.


Okay, fine. Y’know what I mean.

Happily reunited with my student card, I went down via the fire emergency exit staircase. While putting the student card in my lanyard, I missed a step, fell, cracked an ankle and landed on my knees.

Yup. Never fall in 5.5″ heels even while dancing on it, but took a dive wearing a flat boot. Good job, Aqilah.

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Ouch!”

Ok. Fine. You caught me there. It was, “Thank God noooobody’s around! Made the right choice to choose the private staircase.”

Followed by the Ouch.

Okay. Okay. Ishh!

It’s followed by, “My heels! God, please let the feet/ankle heal better than before. I need to wear my heels again. They only have me. Please God Pleaseeeeee.”

Then! It’s followed by an earnest Ouch.

Limp a bit here and there and after few hours, it started to ache even more.

I had no choice other than ask for an ice pack.


An ice pack ain’t stopping me from my party favours manual labour.

The burden lifted when I was given the ice pack. Gahhh…. Felt like a much needed birthday present.

As I was about to leave the dude that gave me the ice pack, I was told to hang in there and fill in the accident form.

Okay fineeee!

Probably just some details like my name, student number and phone number I guess.

Turns out it was a loooooong form and the guy typed soooo slow while I was standing, I never needed a chair and patience more in my life.

I assure you, I stood a good 20-30 minutes just for that form when it only took me 2 minutes to fall and crack my ankle. (Actually the crack felt good. Like cracking your knuckles. But obviously, I can’t just crack my ankles joint happily can I? Or can I? Hehe. So, turns out, it was kinda relieving fall/crack wrapped in a heavy price – swollen and aching ankle. Bahahaha. My marbles must’ve fallen off too.)

It made me question myself why I bothered to ask for an ice pack since I’ve held on for a few hours. Or I might as well fall another 3, 4 times to make the standing for 20 minutes filling in the accident report more worth it.

Gonna practice the ‘Lower your gaze’ sunnah more seriously.

Exciting Happenings

Oh, how I’ve missed this space!

So many things happened this past one and a half weeks. Where do I begin?

Shall begin with: DESIGN REVIEW IS OVVAH! Finally over. Less agony fo sho. The days leading to this D-Day has definitely (as usual) been a roller coaster ride.

Sleeping past 3am for a week (or more AND waking up early morning), being chased out by security guard for staying past school hours for two consecutive days, interesting conversation with taxi drivers and least important of all, me falling. Exciting enough for you? Drama enough for you?

I typed all this but truth is I’m still in disbelief that cutting, gluing, sticking things together here and there is over.


Trust me, it felt like it was never going to end.

The only mantra that kept me going, ‘ At some point in your life, you gotta graduate. Others might just graduate while waiting for you to finish this. Chop! Chop!’


I felt like I was working in party favours factory.


Sighhh… things that kept me up all night.


Time check: 2.40am.

Reality check: No commitments till Monday. (Gahhhh! Isn’t this exciting!!?)

If I managed to use my energy squeezing glue for the past few days, what’s a bit more energy squeezing the glue all over me right?


The Glue & I are gonna bond together on the bed. (Get the pun? >.<)

Till next post, think twice about doing architecture.

P.s: Thank you Fiqah & Shafa for the morning wake up calls all the way from the continents of Asia and Africa. I’ll credit you gals in my graduation speech.

Oh and, I know we are humorous and all but please, no wake up call for later.