Raya Eve: My neighbourhood is better than yours

Last Eid, I had no fun story to tell.

I was just in England from the start of Ramadhan till the end of Syawal. With 19 hours of fast daily, trust me, the most exciting part of the day for me is that I get to pray Asr even at 9pm.

Here? No chance guys. 9pm in Singapore = Witr prayers already. BAHAHAHAHA.

Anywho, alhamdulillah, this year, I got to fast in 4 cities –

Home (Singapore).


The city which took care of me for 2 years.

London, and last but not least…

Pareeeeeee! (Paris) before heading back to SG.

5 cities, Oops!

But! That’s not the point of this post… The last time I was home for Eid was 2015. While I was wondering what happened that year, my blogpost reminded me. This was what I did for Eid 2015.

When I read again, I just went, OMGGGG….. How much bimbotic can I get? Haha. Was fun though.

But this year’s Eid eve has been different.

I started the day with going for a site walk which I forced myself to sign up. Cause last week, someone wasted one of her two weekend day by waking up at half past 5. 😱😂 #gonecase that day. >.<

The site is non other than Singapore’s pioneer “community centre” – The ‘Our Tampines Hub’ aka Tampines Town Hub.

My cousins have been telling me how big this new hub is and how impressed they are by this place. I also have some colleagues who don’t even live in this estate that have swung by this place. Of course, then there’s me. Who can’t even find my way there. Tsk.

So! Since such a wonderful opportunity came up, I better grab this chance.

Not to mention, I love site walks. You get to discuss the practical architecture. What was initially designed, why it happened and why some parts aren’t successful. Basically, what goes behind something.

Phase 3 out of 4, will be officially open next week, I think, but, since most of my lovely readers are not in Singapore, I guess, I’ll just share it here! 😃

As we were walking around the building, let’s just say, I’ve never felt proud to call Tampines, my estate.

I mean, how often do you have

Bracing game strong.

FIFA comply soccer field with 5000 seating capacity, like, 5-8 minutes drive away from your place? I mean, I know I don’t kick no balls, but I can start? (maybe, HAHA.)

Nice VIP Lounge btw. Digging the new and shiny sofa and lamp.

See, this is what I mean by behind the scenes pictures. They’re so much more meaningful than the polished and finished end product!

Does your estate also provide you with a place where you can run

What a view guys.

Around the building, internally, at rooftop level?

705m too?

Look at these houses… I bet they smell money. Hahahaha. The boom in property price here is gonna be no joke yall.

20 Badminton courts!

Tennis courts.

Gonna pause here for a bit.

See those girls in blue uniform? Those were my Primary School uniform. I was so excited to see them but when I saw the logo of their uniform – which was not my Primary School – it left me a little upset. Hahahaha.

It so happened that they had a Table Tennis competition that day with athletes from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The last logo you see right at the extreme left on that glass balustrade….. is the flag that supports wheelchair bound athletes.

I was MIND.BLOWN. We even saw them at the back competing. Twas very heartwarming.

We also have rooftop garden which allows community to grow crops.

When I heard this, I just went  ‘ uhuh. Let’s see how long this can last ‘at the back of my mind. I mean, growing crop in this country? Any idea what climate we’re living in? Effort sounds moot tbh.

As if she could read my mind, the architect went, ‘ You would’ve think that, how long and successful this community project can be like, right? Planting food. But …. actually it is pretty successful. Last week, one of the stakeholder actually gave me a bag of KangKong that was planted here.’

Keep impressing me guys. I’m loving this place more.



Pool! I love pools. I love water. 😍😘

This is the Jacuzzi. The glistening water on a sunny fasting morning.

Had to hold myself back from jumping in one of the many pools. #mustbedecent

8 lane adult pool with Barrier Free Access (BFA). Basically wheelchair bound people, can easily access this pool.


Kids pool and wading pool.

and last but not least,

Indoor competition pool. There’s two of it actually. One further at the back.

Lower seats for people involved and upper seat for spectators.

Rain or shine, feel free to compete here!

Breakout space. Cause we Singaporeans love breakout space.

And of course, if you talk about Tampines Town Hub… You can’t miss out mentioning

Festive Plaza. This hugee porous space for events. Since its Ramadhan, the monthly bazaar that’s usually held outside the train station is moved to here. To be honest, it’s so much more nicer, and cleaner. 👍

Of course I missed it. Only made it there last day of Ramadhan 😝. But I’ll be back fo sho. So many Halal food place here.

The atrium is pretty big that our basic question was, ‘How do you keep this atrium fire compartmented?’ Cause we don’t see any sprinklers running across.

Ehem *clears throat* allow me to share with you the answer. It’s interesting.

Instead of the conventional sprinkled system, this building uses, ah, crap can’t remember what it’s called. Either ‘Smoke Monitor System’ or ‘Water Monitor System’. Should be the former, I think. What happens with this system is that it uses laser and scan for smoke from this metal panel on its opposite end.

If you refer to the picture above, you’ll see a small square box on the black strip near the highest floor’s escalator.

When it detects any smoke, from fire, it’ll send a signal to the water cannon, and the water cannon will move to the designated affected area and immediate shoot out water directly to the fire.


Oh, if you look at the picture above, on the right, you’ll see two small box, again, on the black strip. That’s the water cannon, chilling prettily until something happens.

Nothing beats old school song and some modern english song for Raya event.

The bazaars that I missed. Sighhh…

But it’s okay, I’ll just be back

For you know, KFC or Pizza Hut.

Thanks for photobombing, Uncle!


So there you go! How d’you like Tampines now? I love it even more though I don’t know when I’m popping by again. Bahahaha.

I must say that today has been very fruitful.

Woke up for site visit, went to my tailor to alter my dress for tomorrow’s visiting (yes, living up to my middle name of ‘last minute’), spring cleaning my room – like I said, last minute queen 😂, napping and getting a hair cut! Yes, hair cut!

The only I couldn’t squeeze in is painting. 😪

By the time I wanted to paint, it’s already midnight and this post is priority. Not to mention, gotta be up bright and early tomorrow. So no paint-paint sesh tonight.

Anywho, I hope you’ve enjoyed this lengthy post and leave this post with a little more information.

To all my muslim readers, I wish you

Selamat Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak or both, whichever you prefer, haha.

To my non-muslim readers, I hope you get a good break out of this long weekend to recharge.


complimentary loss

Warning: Post is image heavy.

Prior and post winter break, I had intensive workshop session in the uni.


I had to redo my entire project scheme which means new physical model and all. I’m telling you, it’s no joke.

But it was fun.

The last time I spent a good amount of time in a workshop was during my secondary school days in DnT class. Even in my 3 years of Diploma, the total amount of time I spent in the workshop is less than 30 mins.

The physical model for project was to be made in life size so there’s no way I can make and/or assemble it at home. Camped in the workshop area too long that now, I know all the workshop staff, student monitors, cleaners and security guard in charge of that floor. *fistbump*

Safe to say, this project catapulted me out of my comfort zone and now I’m pretty much comfortable in all the workshops. The bandsaw is my bestfriend. #fyi.

(Birthday coming up. Hint. Hint.)

Anywho, thought I’d share the model that I was working on. It is an art installation.

Here goes nothing.


Trust me… This thing has been in the workshop throughout the entire time I was working on its other parts and everytime I come in, I immediately know which bench is mine. The colours just scream, ‘THIS IS AQILAH’S WORKING AREA!’

So ostentatious this Aqilah. *flipsshawl*

From the above, it progressed to this,




and last but not least,



I literally screamed (a little) as I finished gluing the last orange leaf. Don’t worry. It was night and there was no one there.

Problem wasn’t that model. It was this….


The model in a bigger scale (bigger scale = smaller model).

They are very very small and fiddly. Each leaf is so small that it’s smaller than the size of your pinky’s nail.


My eyes kept crossing as I was threading them. Gahhh… I was cursing at my self as I was making this. Tried to come out with so many excuses to not do this but if the laser cut machine made the effort to cut it out nicely, how can I be ungrateful right?

Architecture students have a lot of big models which we leave in uni because no taxi will accept us and our plus one (model). When we leave it in uni, it means displaying them anywhere we see there is space.

Probably a week and a half later, as I was passing the corridor which I left my model at, I could only find the white base. The colourful piece was missing.

Husnozhon in me went, ‘Someone must’ve borrowed it by mistake. Surely the person will return it soon.’

Yeah right…. Few months later and no sign of it. Sighhh……

I took it as a compliment that someone actually likes my work to not return it back to me.

My tutor was slightly taken aback when I told him about it. He reassures me that it means a good thing. Reminding me that, ‘good artists copy great artists steal‘.

Somewhere. Someone in this world is turning into a great artist thanks to stealing my model. My life as a designer is complete guys. Bahahahaha.


Halal kan je laaaaaa (Gonna let this slide).



Happy that the real life size model is still in the classroom. That’s good enough for me.

I hope I won’t see the other model in any dustbin anytime soon.

Back in uni

The plan was to drop by uni, order materials, swing by the city centre to exchange a cardigan, do minor groceries shopping and hit home. Save laser cut for next Monday, I say!

Turns out the laser cut machine’s not fully booked so I managed to squeeze myself in the timeslot.

The first batch didn’t cut through so I had to go for a second round.

One board takes at least forever 40mins. I have 3 boards and they each need to go for seconds.

The technician has left for the day and appointed (bahahahaha) me, to stay in the room.

Good thing is, had this happen next week, I’d be in great danger.

Alhamdulillah, truly He is the best of all planner.


You can count on me!

I’m the laser cutting machine guardian.



The final days leading to portfolio submission, there were many things that kept me busy. Busy enough to make me go,”ARCHITECTURE??!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!????” again. But don’t worry, I got my screw back.

Living alone has made me discover, ok, no, enhance the way I entertain myself.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know a while ago, thanks to someone, I started Tweeting again.

When I’m too lazy for a long blogpost, done with watching babies videos on Facebook, finished scrolling my Instagram timeline and kept myself up to date with other bloggers blog, I tweet.

It’s like an official way to think out loud.

So just like any other day, I thought out loud within the 140 characters







and this happened














We always have that one friend that will kill our buzz, making us want to throw em’ in the Nile River, don’t we?

Anywho, one of the days that I was busy with rendering and Whatsapp-ing Shafa, I went awol after she said yes when I asked her if she wants to see my rendering.

Shafa, when you’re reading this, sorry ah!

I was doing this for you…

*edit here*

*edit there*

*delete this*

*delete that*

*save file*

ok, nah…


A pack of bears visiting their elderly.

I guess, in the world of bears, Hari Raya (New Year) came early.

*blows nail*

Some Advice

I rarely give advice/tips/know-how cause…. let’s face it… I’m an excellent bad example. Heh.

Last Friday we had a poster pin up for an upcoming exhibition. So, on Thursday, I went to school to print my poster.

Photoshop setting, file type and errthang was set to as high as possible. All I need then, was the printer to co-operate.

Initially the printer guy was not willing to print my file from photoshop as there was quite a queue. I guess cause I mentioned it’s for exhibition and other truthful stuff, he gave in.

Usually, I’d print them matte on a lightweight paper. The quality have always turned out good. But for some reason, it turned out worse than the normal A4 printer.

I was at my wits end. My profound love for matte things is unquestionable. Matte flooring. Matte phone screen protector. Matte laptop. Matte face make up. Those oily/glossy look is so 70s and blasphemous.

Without a doubt I knew I had to reprint my poster but which paper quality and finish should I go for!?

I was so close to go for matte finish on a heavyweight paper but the guy told me that it’d be moot as compared to a glossy finish cause the colours will still won’t be as good. He’s exact words were, “…the colour saturation on glossy paper would work better.” The second he said colour saturation, I was sold.

So, the first time in 100 years, I broke my ‘matte rules’ rule and go with the glossy finish.


Left: matte lightweight. Right: Glossy.

The Glossy paper cost thrice as much as the matte lightweight. As it was so busy and he was just so so kind, he didn’t charge me for the reprint.

Thanks atok! Abang!

But of course, I felt like I did not deserve his kindness that that Friday morning, I got up early and baked him a few of the White Chocolate Cherry cookies.

Went in to the printer room to give it to him. My gawddd.. I was so nervous! I was scared if he’d reject the cookies.

I actually tied the cookie bag with a ribbon but something happened and it was undone leaving an ugly crease.

I went, ‘Hi. Here’s some cookies for you. Wanted to thank you for yesterday. The plastic is a little wet cause I was by the water dispenser and accidents happen.’

At the back of my mind, I was, ‘Please take it. Pleaseeeeee…. Don’t reject these cookiesss. Don’t reject me.’

When he smiled, accept and thanked me, have you guys heard of the phrase ‘Like a huge boulder lifted off your shoulder(?),’ yeah, That’s exactly how I felt.


So here’s my tip, unless its a finish not for a face, use the 3g: Go Glossy Guys!

And of course. Always. ALWAYS be nice to the printer peeps.