Be careful of what you wish for

The studio that I’m placed at now, doesn’t have windows. Only few glass emergency exit doors.

Which means, only few chosen ones get to have that Vitamin D supply on a daily basis.

Of course, I’m not one of them. 😂.

Yesterday however, due to some rush in a big project, some of us were pulled over to help.

This one, of course, yours truly got selected. 💁

It was at the newer studio with nice open concept, lots of natural sunlight, so of course, this opportunist was more than happy to drag her desktop from one end of the mall to the other end.

I chose the vacant seat riiiight at the back and riiiighhhhhtt at the end. #maximisingoportunity.

It’s really not helping to see the iconic durian building when you’re craving for durian. 🙈 But luckily, it was facing my back.

It was nice tho, to experience something new. I could get use to this…

But of course, it’ll be so much nicer if only I didn’t have to stay back till 3am…on a Friday.

Like I said… It was a new studio which I’m not familiar with… Cant even find my way out. Bahahahaha.

Another long day out with friends today. Let’s hope I can last till night!

Have a good weekend errbadeh 😘

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