Listen to me, GoΒ 

Two weeks ish ago, my colleague and I wanted to have Vietnamese food for lunch, so we decided to go ‘so pho so good,’…. (get the pun? Hehe)

Along the way, we saw a Dim Sum restaurant and I remembered Filzah telling me it’s halal and she’s eaten there before. The only halal dim sum I’ve had is at Tang Tea House and of course, new place means you gotta check it out.

No words needed guys.

I mean, Β I’m posting this on my office chair. Good news can’t wait till after office hour… Y’know what I’m saying 🀘🏻


Be careful of what you wish for

The studio that I’m placed at now, doesn’t have windows. Only few glass emergency exit doors.

Which means, only few chosen ones get to have that Vitamin D supply on a daily basis.

Of course, I’m not one of them. πŸ˜‚.

Yesterday however, due to some rush in a big project, some of us were pulled over to help.

This one, of course, yours truly got selected. πŸ’

It was at the newer studio with nice open concept, lots of natural sunlight, so of course, this opportunist was more than happy to drag her desktop from one end of the mall to the other end.

I chose the vacant seat riiiight at the back and riiiighhhhhtt at the end. #maximisingoportunity.

It’s really not helping to see the iconic durian building when you’re craving for durian. πŸ™ˆ But luckily, it was facing my back.

It was nice tho, to experience something new. I could get use to this…

But of course, it’ll be so much nicer if only I didn’t have to stay back till 3am…on a Friday.

Like I said… It was a new studio which I’m not familiar with… Cant even find my way out. Bahahahaha.

Another long day out with friends today. Let’s hope I can last till night!

Have a good weekend errbadeh 😘

But First…

I miss this place sooo much!

I’ve got so much to yap about but work has been taking over me that all I did was blog in my head.

Yesterday, I had a fun day out with Filzah and something about that yesterday’s good mood spills over to today giving me some extra energy to blog this (or it might be that Macadamia Nut Piccadilly Cookie that I just had, or that afternoon nap, hehe)

One thing about us is that, we don’t meet up as often as schooldays. I mean, we’re neighbours, I could just open my door, and she, her brother’s window and we ‘already meet’. 

Last weekend, we actually met up, spent the entire night talking away and to meet again on the next weekend is like, Fuhhh! Achievement unlocked!

But between last week and this week, somethings just keep popping up that face to face meet up was due.

I cannot refuse good company on a weekend after long week of work.

As usual, we debated where to have lunch. We wanted to avoid Bugis and the array of good cafes there because of the crowd.

In the train halfway through our journey, I suggested Kucina, an Italian restaurant which was somewhat nearer and not in Bugis and lo and behold, we had a good time in that little corner that the waiter seated us.

As we finished our meal, we discussed where to have our dessert, right there or elsewhere.

Because we were vain that weekend and wanted to take pictures in Bugis (good OOTD spots yall), we decided to relocate ourselves.

But the fun part!

As we were slowly getting ready to leave, we were approached by a guy who was a friend of the restaurant owner who wanted to make sculptures out of balloons for us. We wanted to turn it down initially because, walking around with a ‘toy’ would pretty much be an inconvenient.

But scrap that crazy thought! How dare we… 

He offered to make annnnyyythhhinnngggg… I mean, he asked me what my favourite animal was and me being cheeky, I wanted to say Cheetah. Bahahaha. But, let’s not be rude.

So I ended up with this cute Bunny.

Before I show you my cute Bunny, let me show you his bag of deflated balloons. I was spoilt for choices of colours 😍😭.

Only if you don’t take my food, we can be friends.

Now I gotta live with the burden of Rabbit being my favourite animal in this world. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

Halfway making it, he stopped for a while and said, ‘I’m going to make this less kiddy for you,’ woohoo! One Tiramisu for a guy with sense and skills please!

As we exchanged conversations, turns out he’s day job is an Industrial Psychologist and this is his part time job to channel his creative energy and spread joy to less fortunate children. Bless this brothaa yaww!

As we were packing, he already moved on other customers, like…  real kids, and I saw that that little girl got a dragonfly! 😡😡😡

I want that pretty dragonflyyyy! 

But a little glare from Filzah, settles everything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


At Bugis, we wandered around at the hipster OOTD hotspot – Haji Lane – and turns out it was pretty packed that we decided nope on it.

So we snapped somewhere nearby before heading to the historical yellow building – Malay Heritage Centre.

Something’s missing.

My new friend… I could get used to you πŸ˜‚

Let’s go to the next spot.

And the next one…

Check for anything that will hurt and poke you….and if not,

The last time we were here (this area), Filzah said, ‘OMG. You’re such a tourist in this place,’ when I told her I’ve never been to that stretch of road….and few other streets, haha!


Can easily find Muffin Man in London but nope, not the Malay Heritage Centre.

Don’t worry…after yesterday, I already know that place πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Come on yo, we’ve lost daylight already.

After which, when the sun sets, we made our way to the dessert shop. (This one cannot give up.)

Her Injeolmi and my Cheesecake Bingsu.

Continued our conversations there, sang few songs, made fun of few photos, hit the mall and afterwards head back home.

As we reached home, I told her that I was already a liiiiittttlllllleeeee hungry.

I got this reaction.


I mean, technically, our desserts were water…only a little solid πŸ’

Then this happened.

At midnight, in our less flashy clothes, we head out for another Prata session to end our day and continued where we left off.


We concluded that that day, our outing were mainly food cause even when we hit the mall, we didn’t spend a single thing.

The power of food, never belittle it guys. It bonds people.

Can’t wait to wrap up the project that I’m working on! More blogposts will be up then.

Till then… Hope your weekend has been good!