Didn’t rain but I made it back!


​Hello Muffin Man! Oh how I’ve missed you.

This time round, I went back alone. No sister cousin shenanigans whatsoever. Just me, my empty stomach, my huge appetite and I.

When I arrived there, possibly 10 in the morning, it was pretty much full. Since I was alone, I was ushered to the table for 2 which coincidentally is the very. same. table. I. Sat. At. With. My. Cousin. *I miss her already.*

So I sat at the same seat pretending that my cousin is in front of me. Nothing some imagination can’t fix *blows nail* Ordered my same favourite sandwich and the same ol’ same ol’ scone set.



​The tea blooms in the pot guys. I be jakun like that.

As I sat calmly, enjoying the start of my day, a chinese lady walked in, alone. Sitting in front of my table, facing me.

After few bites of my sandwich, our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

Since I’ve warmed up my mouth with that mini chewing session, I figured that now’s the right time to make full use of this chatty lips.

So with a smile, when our eyes met, I said ‘Hi,’ followed by ‘Where are you from?’

Holy Moly… Turns out we’re from the same motherland.

This is a big news for me. Throughout my uni days, I’ve not met a single Singaporean. Forreal. Malaysian, Indonesian and Bruneians were so easily found that I started wondering where all my homies be at.

Anywho, as the cafe got a little more packed, I sat with her and we had  lovely conversations.

Shan’t dive more into it but we had conversations from travelling to drug store make up.


Food just bonds people, I swear. Nice meeting you Daphne!


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