The thicker the better

Last night, I spot a pretty big cockroach in the room and my spidy senses just went wild.

Looked around for something heavy enough to weigh it down yet light enough for me to pick it up and throw at it with one hand.

The only thing that was within my reach was my bedtime book.

and nope. It didn’t even get near the big brown bug. I guess getting rid of cockrach isn’t one of the hundred exercises for successful living. pfft.

All that effort … sigh…

Cockroach – Me. 1 – 0.

Irregardless, I slept well that night. Just a cockroach right? Shall not lose a wink of sleep over it. bahahaha. *flips duvet*.



As I finished my prayers, just chilling on the prayer mat, the big brown thug made its appearance.

Not. gonna. lose. twice. No. way. Jose.

Got up faster than you can say ‘Bolt’, grabbed a new-and-yet-to-finish-reading-thick-book-and-the-magazine-on-top-of-it-in-case-the-thick-book-isn’t-thick-enough and *blows nail* the rest is history.

I’m not done reading this book yet it has served so much… sigh, you brave thanggg.

💅 💅 💅

Don’t know how you’re feeling right now, but on this side of my world, I feel like a hero(ine).

Cockroach – Me. 1 – 1.

Yall can sleep in peace tonight. Cause tonight, there’s one less cockrach in this world. *wink*

With this heroic act, allow me to hit into slumber land. Till next post, Toodles!


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