Into the woods

Warning: Post is image heavy.

This post is one of my few ‘I don’t wanna post this cause I love it too much to share with others’, ‘I’m gonna delay this post for as long as I can cause it’s mine all mine and I wanna be a little selfish about it,’ or even just ‘Nope, I’m gonna print this in big size and hang it in the house/room so I can appreciate it right cause no one can appreciate this as much as I can 🤘’ category. Which is why there’s quite a bit of missing travel posts here. Hehe.

But I know I gotta share this first(!…travel posts can wait heh) cause it means a lot to me… and good things are meant to be shared.

On the 1st January, the 1st Sunday in 2017, I had a photoshoot with Ain. Which is why I thought, I should publish this post on a Sunday also. 😎 Albeit 10 Sundays later.

Cause I was bored and she wanted to take pictures of me with/in my heels.

I could just send her the pictures of my heels, really, but where’s the decency in there right? Bahahaha. 🙈 Tak senonoh!

Since it was the new year, I figured, ‘Hey! Why not try somewhere new?’

And that ‘new’ place, is non other than a forest. They called it garden but really, it’s a forest.

I’m about to let the pictures do the talking. But before I do, just wanna let you guys know that Ain put in a lot of (great) effort to make me look decent.



If this is not a forest, I don’t know what is. *shrugs*


My favourite part of this place is this guy…


Running barefeet all. 🙊 So much respect.😱


Waitttt! Don’t leave me! Train me!


Close enough I guess? 🙊🙊🙊


Phew! That was a workout guys. Bahaha

Let’s not forget… Ain’s favourite…


My heels 😂

Till next post, I guess this is how girls like me would look like if we enlist in the army. 🙈🐒

Oh and, can you imagine if I were to print my face(s) and put it in my room? OMG. NIGHTMARE YALL. HAHAHA.

🌍: Tampines Eco Garden, Singpore

📸: Ain via Nurajayphotography

Shawl: CoveredNation

Dress: Arared

Shoes: Versace

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