Free Wifi anybody?

After I started (*ehem*) paying my own bills #proud (I’m not a brat guys, haha), only then I know, exactly, what I use(d). Cause y’know, we pay what we use.

My phone data plan is the ooooooooooooold plan with monthly data of 12GB. If I were to renew my contract, I’d have to pay the same price and only get 3-4GB per month.

Having two phones and depending on YouTube quite a bit, I know I can’t afford to recontract my plans and really, I don’t see the need to.

One day, as I opened my bill statement, my mind broke down just like the breakdown of the bill’s statement.

They listed evvvvvvvveeerryyything from who I call, who called me, the number of texts sent out, how long I called while I was overseas and more. The best part of the statement was the excess data usage.

Total data usage: 21.xxxGB.


But then I remembered allllll those 1 hour episode variety shows that I watched during work, y’know, to keep myself awake lunch hour and train rides back home, all the emails and Facebook videos, yep, I totally deserve that extra charge. *hides face*

Took me few days to be cool with myself.

Seriously Aqilah, whaaat were you thinking?

Well, allow me to explain myself. (It’s kinda moot now, but just for the ease of my mind yea.)

I get people telling me that even if they don’t switch off their data, ever, they never exceed even 2GB. Quote from someone I know, “…it’s hard for data to even reach 1GB, so yeah, it’s totally cool to use it…”

Hmmmm, banyak dia punya ‘so yeaahhh, it’s totally cool to use it’ pfft, I forgot that I’m not normal people.

Since that episode, I started signing up for this app which allows you to track your data usage shenanigans. I’m so rocking adulting business aren’t I!? #selfpraiseisnopraiseaqilah bahahahaha

Anyways, few days later, this happened on Twitter.

Puhleaseee bruuhhh, 2GB ain’t bigga deal.

But of course, they just had to make fun of me.

Can’t blame them tho. If I had a friend like me, I’d make fun of her too, bahahahaha.

Free public Wifi? 😂🙈

Never 😎

Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I end this post, I’d like to share a brand new information.

For this month…

Totally didn’t burst my data!

Woohooo!!! 🏆🏆🏆

Where ma bill statment be at!? I’m so ready for this month’s bill payout!


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