Oxford Daytrippin’

Last Spring, amidst pre-final submission, while I was hating myself and the life choices I made – Architecture? What was I thinking!? (don’t worry, I’m cool with it now) – Irna came to town with her friends. We set a date for just the two of us and I thought Oxford sounds way better than London. Body surfing in central London doesn’t sound like a good idea to distress. So the countryside it is!

It was flippin cold but with a good company, I was cozy that day and boy we had funnnnn!

After Fish and Chips in a cafe in the market, we walked around and stumbled upon a dainty tea shop.


The inner English person in me (go ahead, I give you permission to roll your eyes) got very excited and bought few of the loose teas. My pantry at home never smelt so invigorating before. 😍😍😍

Then as usual, it started pouring, so we seek shelter through few shops and by the time when the sun was out, again, we were so exhausted walking around that we sat on the bench along the road.

For me, that day was one of those days where you get that day that you’ve always wanted.


A slow day just to appreciate and be aware of what’s around you, be relaxed and have no plans, no rush nada. To breakaway from my piles of work, enjoying the outdoor which was not too cold with just the right amount of sun was nice!

The fun part of all was we went punting! The last time that I went punting was with my cousin and her friend.

So, of course, I was excited to enjoy the water with my friend. Till the guy selling the ticket told us that we’d have to paddle it ourselves if we want a boat to ourselves.

I’m sold for some quiet time for two.


Afterwards we had a long walk to the mosque and a rushing taxi ride back to the train station to catch our respective trains. Only in the taxi ride back did we realise the long walk that we had for the day and omg, we were crazy!

But whatever it is, as usual, I had a good day with you, sore legs or not.



🌍: Oxford, UK

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