Living Dangerously

I’ve had a looong day today, running around, researching for some stuff, applying emergency leave and leaving the office pretty late.

On top of that, I was rushing to get to my train station asap to buy desserts for a short trip (will blog more about this later, promise) and the train driver was just not helping.



Identity protected for safety purposes. a.k.a we’re not crayzay 🙈🙈🙈

When I reached the first mall, their selections were meh and I had to rush through lots of people who had all the time in the world. Seriously guys, care to move it,  move it? What does a girl got to do to reach the next bakery chop chop?

I digress. Anyway, as I reached the bakery, the aunty refused to make me waffles because they were closing and they’ve cleaned their machines (I put my hands above the machine and it was still hot guys. Could make a crepe there). *cries inside*.

Not only that, they didn’t have the desserts that I like so I had no choice but to buy the ones that are on my ‘well I guess you’ll do’ virtual dessert shelves.

After all these series of heartbreak and rejection, *drama*, I came home to no cooked dinner.


So I took deep breaths, organised my thoughts and decided, “Okay! I’ve been diligent and good this week so lets not wait for Friday to start the weekend!”

“Tonight, it’s all about YOLO. I’m gonna live tonight dangerously. This is how we gonna rock the night away and bring the house down!”

*open*close*lights fire*open*close*

Grab a packet of awesomeness something and few other awesome stuff and voila!

Instant noodles with egg, frozen Mexican chicken and Coffee and Peanut cake roll.

So yeahhhh..Tonight, this is as dangerous as it gets. Living with MSGs is the the way to go!

What’s hypertension, clotted arteries, diabetes and other whatnots right?

The best part of this dangerous food biznez? I don’t digest noodles well. BAHAHAHA. JOKES ON ME!

So here I am, 2am, on the bed, snuggling under my comforting duvet with thick socks on (even my grandmother doesn’t sleep with socks *hides face*) having upset stomach.

But it’s okay. The heart got what it wanted (aside from clotted arteries haha) so now the stomach got what it deserves – heartburn baby!

But for you, food, I’ll go through this a million times. #glutton

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