Laksa or McSpicy?

Do you have those days where you want to eat that, thaaat, thaaat, and everything else that comes across your mind? But one thing for sho, you know your stomach can only handle one or at the most two of those 1001 choices.

And while deciding that 2 out of 1001 choices, you accidentally activated your thinking face and look real mean, and people think you’re angry when all you’re doing is thinking about what to eat, yes?

If yes, then, ME TOO! *hi5!*

If no, then, you must be a guy with no ‘period is coming’ hunger pangs, thus, please go away.

The face my face makes, when my narrowed down ‘2 out of 1001’ choices is going for the final elimination round.




Who do you think will win this round?




Laksa with prawn and a nice bowl of comforting soup? or…dscf2220

McSpicy meal with no mayo, extra lettuce, add cheese?


When your desires overwhelms you, and, to avoid unnecessary spending….






and the winner is…





Teehee. 🙈dscf2226

😇: ‘You sure the heartburn is worth it?’

😈: ‘Yaaas, go heads. Trust yourself. You’ve lived till this day even after more than what, 100 McSpicy patties right?’


😇: ‘🙊🙊🙊, you’re right!’

*sunnies on*


Let’s go…20161205_131415.jpg


Have a good meal guys!


📷: Nura Jay

Thank you and Sorry

Few weeks back (I know… I know…sucha slow blogger, my bad. My writing jives took a sabbatical) we had a photoshoot and though it was tiring, we had soooooooo much fun.


But of course… there are people like this…

dsc_0698dsc_0700dsc_0709dsc_0720dsc_0721dsc_0987dsc_0992 and of course… yours truly got “scolded”



But never mind.

Deep deeeep deeeeeeep, very very very deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down in their heart, I know they have a tiiiiny space for me.

Afterall, being crazy is so much fun than being normal and boring *flipsshawl*


Speshial (special) thanks to Yafiq for being onboard with us, also sorry for the headaches from the meetings to the shoots. On top of the air ticket that we promised in the near future, lifetime supply of Panadol is available upon request.


But seriously, yall HAVE TO check Yafiq’s work out okay! Promise it’s amazeballs. (I didn’t bold and underline two words for no reason hor).