Feel better yall!

Last week was spent in Vietnam (crazy time!) and when we came back – on a Wednesday, we had shoot next morning (or noon), which we couldn’t finish in time. Luckily Friday and Saturday was a rest day.

As usual, my body decided to have a party on it’s own and invited all the sore throat and fatigue bacteria/germs or whatever that you wanna call them and had a blast without my permission! Tskkk.

Couldn’t even sing a song on Saturday. 😪😓😂😂 #priorities

Having nothing to do and feeling extra down that I’d no longer hold the title of ‘unemployed bum’ in the house, on top of feeling unwell, I poke around my travelling folders and found these pictures during my short spring trip in Amsterdam.

I’ve blogged some bits, months ago, and figured ini cerita dah basi (this is no new information) but all these pretty pictures which cheered me up while I was down, mannnn, they’ve got to be shared!

We decided to go Amsterdam because I was working on colours for my final project then, and I wanted needed to visit a place which could and would inspire me.


Doesn’t this place just scream ‘SPPPRIIINNNGGGGG!!!???’

Not the point but, I love my jacket! >.<




The ‘actually I’m not here to see you but since you are here, no probs, I’ll enjoy you too 😝’ look.


If you’re feeling down, hope this made your day a liilllllll better.



Don’t mean to burst your bubble but, I gotta stop here for today.

This post is meant to be a heavy image post but due to technical issues, I gotta break it down into few parts.

Also, I’ll be moving to herblackpants.com cause I’ve run out of space for my media! 😱😱😱

I’ll see you on the other side.

*wipes dramatic non-existent tears*

🌎: Keukenhof Garden, Lisse.

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