Feel better yall!

Last week was spentΒ in Vietnam (crazy time!) and when we came back – on a Wednesday, we had shoot next morning (or noon), which we couldn’t finish in time. Luckily Friday and Saturday was a rest day.

As usual, my body decided to have a party on it’s own and invited all the sore throat and fatigue bacteria/germs or whatever that you wanna call them and had a blast without my permission! Tskkk.

Couldn’t even sing a song on Saturday.Β πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Β #priorities

Having nothing to do and feeling extra down that I’d no longer hold the title of ‘unemployed bum’ in the house, on top of feeling unwell, I poke around my travelling folders and found these pictures during my short spring trip in Amsterdam.

I’ve blogged some bits, months ago, and figured ini cerita dah basi (this is no new information) but all these pretty pictures which cheered me up while I was down, mannnn, they’ve got to be shared!

We decided to go Amsterdam because I was working on colours for my final project then, and I wanted needed to visit a place which could and would inspire me.


Doesn’t this place just scream ‘SPPPRIIINNNGGGGG!!!???’

Not the point but, I love my jacket! >.<




The ‘actually I’m not here to see you but since you are here, no probs, I’ll enjoy you too 😝’ look.


If you’re feeling down, hope this made your day a liilllllll better.

Β πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†


Don’t mean to burst your bubble but, IΒ gotta stop here for today.

This post is meant to be a heavy image post but due to technical issues, I gotta break it down into few parts.

Also, I’ll be moving to herblackpants.com cause I’ve run out of space for my media! 😱😱😱

I’ll see you on the other side.

*wipes dramatic non-existent tears*

🌎: Keukenhof Garden, Lisse.

The Lucky/Chosen One

Exactly last week, as we were having meeting at Filzah’s crib, we got in touch with Yafiq, another friend of ours and long story short, he said he could meet us that very evening, *runs home to get ready*.

As we were getting ready, this conversation happened.

*excerpt from Shafa’s blog*

*Getting ready*

I swear I didn’t expect Filzah to own awesome make-up products.

Like excuse me, she was once the girl who said, “I have no time for make-up”, but look at her now, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, a complete brush set, lipsticks ahhhh you just name it man!

Aqilah: which colour suits me?

Me: *picks a random colour* you should try this, you’re always with that pinkish tone

After she’ve applied it on…

Me: Woman, you look good! I wanna try them too.

After I’ve applied…

Me: Omg girls, I look fierce. So not me.

Aqilah & Filzah: Nah you look just fine, really.

I trust their taste. So yeah, I bravely went out with that colour.

Me: What’s the name of the lip colour?

Aqilah: Pillow talk

Me: Ohh, Maher Zain eh?

Aqilah & Filzah: Zayn Malik laaaa, buat dosa je!

Hahaha, well I swear that was very selenge of me. Sorry Maher Zain, I didn’t mean what I said.


So yeahhh, now I know why we’re friends. Selenge-ness (Bimbo-ness) runs in our blood.

How the meeting went you ask?


T’was amazing, fun, a little messy but whatevs.

I totally don’t blame Yafiq if he went back with a headache for entertaining our nonsense which was REALLY DRAMATIC btw. #terriblethrees


Out of the few drama takes, this was the most decent picture of us.

Which reminds me, waaaay back in Secondary School, some of my friends would bring up this petua (old sayings) that people should never walk in group of threes. Whoever is in the middle, will die first.

I’m pretty sure the logic was just, if you walk in threes, it’s a little crowded, that’s all. *shrugs*

One thing I can attest to that is… if for the longest time, you keep being in the middle, something is definitely bound to happen to you.

For me, I got lucky.

Nope, didn’t strike the lottery or something.

I got a present from a birdie’s bottom, (Read: A bird 💩💩 on me!) while the three of us were walking towards Uniqlo.

Really birdie!? There were other TWO, if not THREE of us, and YOU CHOSE ME!?


Luckily, I was surrounded with lovely friends who the first thing they did, was, well, laugh before going ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!’ #ifoundmyfriendsbytheroadside

Filzah was laughing heartily (she was literally out of breath, that woman) while snapchatting the BS situation away. Shafa saves my day by helping me get rid of the little poo poo with whatever tissue we manage to get hold off from our handbags.

 Thanks bae. What are friends for right? πŸ˜‰



 *too much drama in one day*

Moral of the story…


 From now on, we’re taking group pictures like this. I refuse to be the middle person, anytime, anywhere.