Another one

T’was a Friday, we were in good mood, the ladies was decent, we OOTD-ed.


F: ‘Aqilah! The lighting is strange! …’


Me: What do you want me to do?? Bend like this?? Is this going to help? 😂😂😂

F: …Never mind, I’m just gonna snap’


If you’ve met Shafa (from this blog or personally), then you should know Filzah.

We go wayyyyyyyy back to before either of us reached adolescence. There’s just one too many stories of us – the things we’ve done together – to be shared.

It’s probably easier for us to re-enact everything in a 5 (or more!) season drama than for me to blog any of it. But because we’re still an ongoing drama, haha!, that first five season is not happening anytime soon.

I would love to share at least one or two of our funnier stories that’s in our imaginary ‘History & Mischief Book of Filzah x Aqilah’ but I don’t think I can get through typing it without laughing so hard.

This girl taught me so too much that most of the things I do are because of her influence.

From the way I organise my music file(s) in the computer or iTunes all the way to how now I can speak, read and write in Hangul (korean alphabets). Not as good as a native, but good enough to get me out of jail if I ever get caught doing something stupid whilst holiday-ing there, soon enough, I hope. Korea, of course. Not jail.

She even knows my colour. Y’know how people have a colour (aura) of their own. I’m very colourful *flips hair* but my main colour is yellow.

The only reason that I can think of as to why I’ve never mentioned her here before is that I started blogging before or during our cold war (haha, oh the drama!), which was during our Poly days and when we roughly reconciled, both of us left Singapore for uni. She, in New Zealand and me, England.

I guess, every time we’re together, we just go back in time to our six years old selves and you know kids, after 5 minutes fight, they forget all about it and start playing together again like nothing happened.

Now that we’re both back for good and have many planned and unplanned mischief, our folks eyes are on both of us.

Oh! I can share this. It’s not thaaaat funny, but if it really happened, it definitely goes into our already bursting imaginary book of mischief.

*Last Friday, 11.30pm ish~*



F: Aqilah! QUICK! QUICK! QUICK! If we miss the last train because of this horse, I’m not gonna let this slide! We are sooo capable of making such things happen!

Me: Ok! Ok! I’m not it!

Don’t worry, we totes manage to catch the last train and last bus, hehehe. 😂✌️

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