The flatlay fun: Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder

The ringing phone woke me with a jolt. The second I grabbed my phone, the ringing stopped, making all that fumbling effort moot.

One miss call from Lily.

Ok, ok, in a bit. All this waking up with a jolt business gave me headache and heart palpitation. Hahaha. #NOTOLD

Before returning the call, I checked my message inbox and turns out she sent me a sweet message to start my day.




Then, as I was stoning and zoning out to calm myself back to sleep, my dad waltz in and gave me a parcel.

First a birthday wish. Now a birthday present!? What next? A dessert buffet set up in my room?

*throws virtual confetti*

But no.

It was something that I bought online last Friday so, no excitement there. You might even put a Birkin fresh cream vanilla cake with fresh fruit right in front of my fayce and without batting an eyelid I’ll just turn to the other side and lull myself to sleep. That’s just how mehh I was feeling.

After another 2 hour nap, I happily picked the parcel and unbox it.

Wanna see? Wanna see?? Wanna see?!?!

Well, I’ve given it away from the title, but still, WANNA SEE!?

*clasp hands in excitement*



An excerpt from her website for this collaboration.

I remembered some interview of hers on Youtube some time back that make-up(s) and fashion should be something fun and not a chore.

So that’s what this fun did. Have some fun.

Flatlay before breakfast surely doesn’t hurt. If anything, it might improve my digestive system instead, hehe.


This purchase was definitely nothing short of drama (well, at least for me).

First, this lightbox.


The price tag didn’t surprise me one bit. What surprised me was that it was already sold out.


But nah, no hard feelings cause secondly, there’s not much that I can use due to the colour palette of the collection and also the condition of my skin. So I opt for the eye liner, only, at first.

Upon second thought, I felt bad for the staff who’ll pack this purchase and also the courier guy. Just one pencil for all this trouble?

*Adds lip liner to cart*

As I checked out, only the eye liner was reflected.

Excuse me Victoria, the lip liner too please? What’s up with your website?

Then it clicked to me that someone else might have snagged that last lip liner while I was contemplating. Hehe, sorry Victoria! #wereonfirstnamebasisnow #besties

The price for contemplating = NO LIP LINER FOR YOU, YOU FUSSY GIRL.

But for some reason, when the email confirmation came in, both items were listed.


So yeah. That was the mini episode of heart dropping and heart on cloud nine business.

For now please excuse me while I…











enjoy my new toys.

(Sighh, please excuse the image quality. Time to change phone 😵)

Shall I share another bimbo moment?

The minute uncapped the lip liner, it fell off my hand and landed straight to the carpet chipping part of the tip.


Oh and I’ll save you the trouble of going to her official website and clicking the collaboration page all.

Here’s where you can shop the Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder line.

P.s, the light box is back in stock. So if you have spare change of £850 or ($1680), treat yourself and don’t forget about me okay!

Have fun, and you’re very welcome!

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