Sweet Lazy

‘Lazy days’ for me is when I wake up, ‘like‘ one, two, or a few pictures on Instagram and/or Facebook, and that’s it, khalas, pull up the blanket cause I’m done for the day.

I mean, c’mon, I couldn’t get any lazier than this can I? It’s a day where probably no calories are burned at all. (Except for that one time where I dropped a raw egg and refuse to clean it for a few days and reasoned it out as an experiment. You can try searching ‘humpty dumpty‘ on the search bar. I’m sure you’ll find some stupid things that I’ve done, haha).

But after today, I realise that that ‘Lazy Day’ was actually my ‘Lazier Day’.

Lazy day has totally been redefined to a day where I actually move, or have a simple task to achieve, despite feeling passive.

Like this: Wake up, bathe, have a chat with your aunts who came over, actually get out of the house, hop on the bus, grab a box of cupcakes, chill at your cousins place while having cupcakes, discuss about dramas and handbags and a-yo! we’re done for the day.







Task Mission accomplished when I left Mba Nana’s house with a box of cupcakes, hehe.







9pm at my cousin’s.

With dim lighting whatnot, she’s set the perfect ambiance for my our date with my cousin our cupcakes.

Being possessive with my food (as usual), that Dettol spray is not leaving my sight. Ain’t letting no pests ruin my cupcakes day.

The only regret I have till today for this cupcake order is that I ordered only half a dozen.


It’s the first time I’m having it after what, 2 years? and I only ordered 6!?

After sharing and our little catch up, I brought back two home, one for each brother. #bestsisteroftheyear

At 2am, as regrets poured in, I opened the fridge and took a little (I swear it’s a little) bite and shut the fridge’s door like nothing happened.

At 4am, my dad asked me if he could have one.

Good stuff is meant to be shared so of course I said, ‘go ahead’.

By afternoon, while one brother is at work and the other is at school, I kept pacing and lingering around the fridge.

How can I ask two boys to share one cupcake. Wait, no, it’s not even one anymore thanks to your bite. See! You should’ve held it in.

That poor imperfect cupcake must be sooo cold and lonely.

So I did what any superhero would do, I saved that last cupcake. Put it out of it’s misery of being cold and lonely in the fridge by putting it in my mouth, teehee. #whatbrothers?

I’d like to end this post with a ps to myself.

P.s: Dear Aqilah.

It was a noble act to order less and savour the cupcake like it’s a limited edition dish on the menu. But try to just be a liiittle realistic. Also, stop looking at that picture and just.stop.salivating!

If there’s any ‘life lesson’ that I can impart to you at this juncture in my life, my dear readers, it’d be never buy less cupcakes. Just go for it. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.

*wipes tears and drools*