✈️ To Dubai

Supp yalls! How you guys be doing?

Anyways, current update, I’m based back in Singapore and have been battling an uninvited guest for the past one and a half weeks called jetlag. I usually don’t get em but for some odd reason, this time it bites me in the back. #annoyed.

My trip back home this time, like all other times, are nothing short of drama, as usual.

I was contemplating about sharing this trip but if one day I can’t remember the fun times I’ve had, this is going to be a very useful post.

Grab a popcorn. It’s gonna be a ride. 😜

(episode 1)

Let’s skip the part about excess weight for my checked in luggages shall we?

(episode 2)


Why don’t we start with the carry on bags. We (and I mean me) are allowed two pieces of cabin bag. So that’s what I did, have two.

But then, I have stuffs to claim VAT for and wanting to save myself the trouble of repacking my check in luggages after getting the stuffs verified, bla bla bla, I figured, it’d be easier to just drag em along with me.

If any security staff stops me, I was ready to go, “Isn’t it the same as, if I have two pieces of cabin bag and I shopped two bags worth of goodies from the departure Duty Free shops?” Thank God, no one stopped me. #trustme #imagirl (Architecture school teaches post-rationalisation. Very handy for times like this. Bahahahaha).

After which, I boarded the plane, on time and all. #getmeamedal

The cabin crew led me to right to the front of the plane to where the stairs were to the lower deck of the aircraft.

Err…. sir? My dad bought me a seat. On a chair. Not on the stairs. 😂😂😂

Luckily a kind and helpful stewardess sent me to my designated seat. Why was she helpful on top of being kind I hear you ask?

Well, not only did she brought me to my seat, she also helped me with two out of four hand carry bags. #getheramedal

(episode 3)

By the time I was at my seat, I WAS EXHAUSTED & BURNT OUT.

Not being dramatic here but three days prior to flying back, I had less than 8 hours of sleep (in total). So trust me, this flight sector was nothing short of ‘Flying the Aqilah Style’ which is buckle your seatbelt and immediately fall in a deep sleep (or nap) waaayyyy before the crew’s safety demonstration. Plane taxi / take off? What’s that?. #YOLO

After a good 10 or 20 minutes of deep sleep (fine, nap), I woke up and find myself still on the ground.

Checked the in-flight TV to see what they got for me and continued my nap when I find out when they don’t have my Harvey on board with me.

AGAIN, when I woke up, I was still on the ground.

Fiddled with my phone when the captain announced that there’s a plane’s tyre burst on the runaway and there’s only one runaway in that airport. So errbody has gotta wait. For that, we get a lovely 45 minutes delay. Sweet.

*30 minutes later*

Clearing debris. Delay for another 20 to 30 minutes. Great. Just what I needed for my 2 hour and 30 minute transit in Dubai’s tiny tiny airport.

*20 minutes later*

Long queue to taxi. Delay for another 20 to 30 minutes. Naise.


So after almost 2 hour delay, for the first time in a while, I actually got to catch the taxi and take-off, which is something that I actually enjoy. 😍

You know what they say, there comes a rainbow after a rainstorm 🌈 (or something like that, haha).

(episode 4)

After seating and sleeping for quite sometime, I went to the lavatory to stretch and refresh myself.

One thing you should know about me is on delicate things, I tend to be heavy handed and likewise for the other way.

So, as I was pulling the small cup from the dispenser to gargle or brush my teeth, the entire metal casing for the cups came off!

Panic, was just the start of this temporary emotional and intelligence breakdown. Then, breaking the lavatory window and jumping out of the plane seemed like a good idea. (Told you my brain went cuckoo) Hey! I needed a way to make sure nooooooooo one would find out what the lalala just happened in that toilet.

With a Bismillah and a little faith in myself, I forced the casing back in a voila!


Like nothing ever happened.

*wriggles eyebrows*



Imagine if I were to really be crazy and break the window. Poor lavatory will no longer be a lavatory with a view.


Despite all these, I really had a good time enroute to Dubai.

The moment I woke up from my sleep, without even giving me a chance to rub my eyes or even get rid of any eye booger, the stewardess stood in front of me with a basket filled with ice-cream. How can this be no good!?


Mannnn, it was like a childhood dream come true!

Ice cream straight after waking up, COUNT ME IN!


I can count this as breakfast in bed right? Hahaha

Not only that, as I lingered around the lounge at the back of the plane, ok let’s not cover my track.

As I was at the lounge, quietly OGLING at the snacks they have and coveting that pink macaron, a steward came up to me and offered a small plate of snacks. I was a bout to choose that one mini quiche when he hand me the entire plate to finish.

There was that oneee thingy that I wasn’t sure what it was. So I asked him and we had this conversation.

Me: What is that? *points to weird slimy thing*

Crew: Don’t worry ma’am, it halal.

Me: Oh, ok, Thank you.

Well, I know FOSHO MA BRO, that errthang on board is halal. I just wanted to know what it was. #pickyeaterproblems


But don’t worry. My tastebuds and I figured it out. It was something like a Brinjal Pakora? The batter has tumeric in it. So I’m assuming that’s what it is. Bahaha. You can call it a ‘partially wild educated guess’.

But who cares about the Brinjal or Benjol what not. Doesn’t that pink macaron looks dainty!

*lifts pinky*

After the ice cream, dinner and this snacking business, I arrived Dubai safely where another drama begins.

Time check, 0440am.

Gotta and gonna turn in for the day.

Come back soon! I’ll continue Dubai to Singapore leg verrryyy soon.