That was close

Spent my morning ordering shoes for my brothers for me to bring back THIS MONDAY (last minute people, sheesh, now I know why we’re siblings, haha.), packing and slaving away in front of boxes and tapes, I’m officially done packing! Fine, only for freight shipments. Not done with my check-in luggages. But it was still work. *wipes sweat*

After shower and prayers, my bum and I had quality time with the next episode of drama that I’m currently watching.

The lead actress parents are fried chicken shop owner and they were so rude. My stomach I mean. All those fried chicken visuals. Oh. My. God. Thank God smell-a-vision is not on the market yet.

*puts on headscarf, long pants, grab keys, wallet and head to fried chicken shop*

I decided to take a different route back, cause you know, it’s sunnah. Fine, I needed croissants from Tesco, but it’s kinda the same thing.

Pressed the traffic light button and decided not to jaywalk – like a good citizen. Afterall, time is something that I have. Plus, I realised that it was peak hour. Safety on the three lane main road seemed like a good idea.

Soon after, the red light, along with the green man lit up, assuring me it’s safe to cross. So I crossed the road with busy thought like, “Is croissant all I need? Should I get prawns as well? Should I buy milk for pasta sauce too?” As I was passing the second lane, to the third, towards the other end of the road, a car just sped in front of me. Like literally flew in front of me. All I saw was a flash of ‘red thing’.

Had I been 3 to 4 steps ahead, I’d probably be making use of my insurance – lying on the hospital bed or even morgue (gosh, let’s not be too dramatic okay woman!) right now.

This is me typing about 7 hours after the almost accident incident.

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What really went through my mind as I got to the other side of the road safely was, “Alhamdulillah. Masih ada rezeki makan ayam goreng.” (Thank You God for protecting me and allowing me to eat this fried chicken once more.)

Like hello, Fried Chicken is BAE, OK!

But seriously, to all drivers, driving is not simply for you to get to your destination. YOU are responsible for other drivers and non-drivers on the road.

Since I got to Bismillah and Alhamdulillah on my fried chickens without any harm, I forgive you, you ‘red thing’.

Oh and, try not to click on the Google hyperlink. I’m not responsible for any temptation. Jangan cakap akak tak payung. (You’ve been warned.)

Also! Keluar rumah jangan lupa baca doa geng!


Let me Brighton your day

The very first clue that we got was the crowd at the train station.

Then the guys that were strutting their stuff (aside from the girls).

Right there and then, small regrets starts pouring in: Oh boy will we be having so much fun with the throng of crowd.

What just happened you wonder?

We just accidentally join the Brighton Pride Festival. A festival for the LGBTs. Not only that, the three of us gals, were in different shades of purple scarf, which is one of the LGBTs flag colour.

Ha! Talk about coincidence.


The crowd was notttt funny. Especially for me who over enjoy personal space.

We even arrived right on time for the float. ‘Lower your gaze‘ advice was perfect for this situation.

🙈🙈🙈 MY EYES GUYS 🙈🙈🙈

But thank God the crowd wasn’t headed for the beach, which was where we were heading towards. Summer pe, nak try jugak jemur-jemur ni. >.<


*Tenung apa kak?* Hehehehehe.

The last time I was here, was early Spring ’14 where it was waayyy cold.

But the beauty is, no one heads to the beach in Spring. Haha. Except my friends and I. #crazypeople.


But still, there were people crazy enough to ‘chill’ by the beach. Like us, hehe.


First trip here, I dressed too thinly. Second trip, we chose a wrong day.

Let’s not make a third shall we? Bahahahaha.

🌍: Brighton, UK

Diet starts tomorrow

My cousin’s place have some kind of special ‘spell‘ that every time I stay there, I get hungry easily. I always tell myself it’s okay because at least it’s home cooked food – all the more reason for me to just help myself to more serving.

After last weekend’s binge eating session, I made a vow to eat correctly when I get back home.

When I got back in town, through city centre, I head to Selfridge’s to get my brother’s hot sauce what not.

*Sauce and get out Aqilah. Sauce and out. Sauce. Out.*

Found the sauce section opposite the confectionery stall. Dang. That was soooo close.

Glance at all of the colourful pastries and (super) quickly turned my head away.

Few seconds later I ended up right in front of the counter with the serving staff looking right into my eyes saying, ‘Can I help you miss?

Mati-mati. Tentu mati. Die. Cannot run away already.


So I cleared my throat and softly went, ‘Can I have one each please?‘ as my heart threw virtual sparkly confetti in the air.


Sighhh… These little cookies sure can make me skip home like a little girl.

So I comfort my waistline by pepping it that we’ll be starting the week with healthy dose of almond (err…high in minerals?) and egg white (hello protein!).

BAHAHAHA. Lies I tell myself.


When your soul and fridge are in sync.

*bites one rainbow cookie*