Paint & Popcorn

I don’t know about you but I’m a natural born multi-tasker. *flips brush*

For the past 10 or 20 dramas that I’ve been watching back-to-back, this laptop’s screen is split into two, 1 for the drama and the other for internet surfing, y’know, new recipes, personality quiz, any nice handbags or shoes around and whatnot. I’ve even watched two videos at the same time. #skilled

I’ve probably finish reading all e-article on BuzzFeed’s lifestyle and food section that I need something new.

So! On this lovely chilly morning (FINALLY! IT’S BEEN HOT!), I brought down my art canvas which I bought years ago thinking I’d use it for one of my projects but turns out I didn’t need it.

The last time I paint something was a plasterboard wall for my graduation show. *yawwwnnn*. I can’t remember the last time I painted something in the name of art.

Looked through any saved pictures in the ‘Inspiration’ folder on my desktop to get me started on my first art project. *excited* clap clap hand*

Ehemmm… with my rusty skills and frail spirit, I’d like to share with you my first artwork.


Image Reference: Our best friend Google.


THIS is NOT mine.  Used this as a reference because knowing me, without any reference, I’d probably jump from painting a donkey to a galaxy abstract whatnot in a split of a second. Bah~


I started with drawing on butter paper because let’s face it, drawing architectural plan is my only strength in the drawing department.

Then, I transferred the drawing on the canvas and started painting.

With an attention span of a 3 year old, naturally I got distracted and chomp on my popcorn while waiting for the paint to dry a little.


That’s the bad guy, btw. He’s (character is) so mean!

After series of emotion – happy, angry, frustrated – and action – laugh while falling to the bed then off to the floor – I continued multi-tasking – watching drama and painting the rest of it.


 For some reason, I find myself calmer and at peace with myself when painting with colours compared to when I’m folding myself in some lizard pose during yoga class.

Found my true zen calling maybe? Hehe.







Ladies and gents, I present you my first acrylic artwork





But first, a sincere apology to any art enthusiast. This might insult your eyes.






I’m no Picasso but I’m daaaaaang proud of myself.

Now what should I name this?


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