Where there’s food. There’s me.

Now that fasting month is over, I can finally bring myself to upload a place that is dear to me.

During the last spring break, my cousin and I went to Amsterdam because, well, we needed a break and I wanted to soak myself in a place with colours – saving this post for later.

When I told my brother that I’ll be heading to Amsterdam, he immediately told me to visit Albert Cuyp Market. Ok, no. He insists on it. It’s as if if you don’t visit the market, you haven’t been to Amsterdam. Pfft.

I was about to go all ‘chill dude’ on the Albert Cuyp market hype when he brought out my favourite ‘F’ word – FOOD.

😶 ➡️ 😍

Did someone say FOOD!?

Not only that, he added a bonus on top of the word ‘Food’. It was SEAFOOD.

This sister is sold.

We even looked through Google Maps to find the shop. Our coordination was definitely not in sync. But that’s not the point.

The rain that followed us from England made the market close earlier and not willing to stay in the cold any longer, we left with snacks and no seafood.

But, where there’s food, there’s determination people!

We went back on our last day and while still searching for the seafood shop (what’s up with it being all secluded man!) in the cold, we stopped here and there for some street food like this handmade bread


I was sold at handmade. It was delicious beyond word.

We had fried chicken and what not too along the way but that’s not the point right now.

We almost gave up and as we were walking back towards the tram station, I found the flippin seafood shop!

My gawwwddd…. This was so difficult to find!


Hallo seafood! *waves frantically*fgha

We ended buying quite a lot for two. Hey, with all the effort that we went through, in the rain, cold and whatnot, we totes deserve it.

I totally recommend this place to all seafood lover like me. We bought quite a lot and it was still cheaper than buying two kebab meals. Kebabs here are soooo expensive compared to London. *mengapakah?*strokes imaginary beard*.


D’you know what’s the next best part to having seafood dinner in our warm and cozy room?

This shop is not the place where my brother had his seafood gastronomy activity.


Just where in the world did my brother eat?


🌍: Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam, Netherlands/Holland

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