Sultan Hassan Mosque

As promised in one of my earlier Egypt posts, I’ll save my favourite for the last. Aaaaand, unfortunately, we’ve come to the last Egypt post (unless I go back there again then a new saga shall begin). Hehe.

In Islam, there are 4 school of thoughts, not in order of anything, 1) Hanbali, 2) Maliki, 3) Hanafi and 4) Shafi’i.

I would’t say much about which is more strict-er then the other or how we reference ourselves to them cause 1) I’m not a scholar, which leads to 2) I might give wrong information.

The Sultan Hassan Mosque is also known as the 4 Mazhab/Madhab Mosque.


At first I wasn’t expecting anything aside for the charming worn brick(?) wall here. But the moment I stepped into the inner compound of it, it was breathtaking.

The very first thing that caught my eyes was the marble flooring that was very. very.very different than other mosque’s.


If you think this is beautiful (or not), wait till you see more.



I love seeing kids playing in mosques. Maybe because I grew frequenting a particular mosque, seeing kids playing and running around makes me relive those days.😍

If at this age I’m running around as freely as those kids, it wouldn’t take long before the security guard joins the fun and chase me out. Bahahaha.

Gahh…. being kids have it’s own perks. *jealous*

Anywho! The tiles! I digress….


It’s like everywhere you turn the tiles are calling you.

I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss close to lying on the floor and roll around the entire area. It does not help that the place was empty. I just wanted to hug the floor.

I even wanted to get a penknife/scalpel and cut out the marble floor, roll it and bring it back home.

I know I sound cuckoo and crazy but I’m very sure that that’s nothing new to you.


I’m about to burst with passion about this floor guys, so, before I do, let me move on. *wipes virtual tears*

It was almost asr when we saw a door, that we could go into to look see more, got locked by one of the imam.

So the three of us just looked through the hole-y door to see what’s inside when the imam approached us and kindly brought us in.



If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the lecture area, maybe.

The grandeur is ah-may with a zinnggg.


The mosque is called the 4 Mazhab (school of thought) mosque because student/scholar in either mazhab can meet in (technically) one place, split themselves into the different area (school) for exchange of knowledge.

From where I’m standing is considered one mazhab area, the opposite, another mazhab area, to the right and left another two different mazhab area respectively.

I’m not too sure which is which though.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


God! We’re coming in!





Contemplating if I should start rolling from there. 😝





God, is that you? Hehe. I’m here!

If you ever get the chance to visit Cairo, I recommend you to visit this mosque.

It has an entry fee. There’s student discount as well if you bring your student card. The entrance fee allows you to go into two mosques which is this mosque and Rifa’i mosque which is in my earlier blogpost.


Remember this mosque guys.


When the call to prayer and success calls you.

Sighhh… I miss this place already.

And this lovely people, is the end of my second Egypt trip. May there be a third.

But most importantly, may you reach here too!


🌍: Sultan Hassan Mosque a.k.a.4 Mazhab Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.



No trip to Egypt will be complete without visiting the pharaohs resting place yes?

I remember the last time I went here, it was very crowded. Full of tourists. But thanks to the media portraying the condition of Egypt wrongly, saying it is dangerous and whatnot, this leads to decline in tourism which makes this tourist attraction empty which also kinda means that we get this place to ourselves.

Before pyramid fun, we also went to see Sphinx where I manage to do some public service of…


scratching it’s itchy nose.

I guess all these thousands years being there, it still could not get use to the dust. Teehee.



Not too sure what Aisyah is badly wishing for. Maybe rain or a lower temperature. Hehe.


Some touristy shots that our guide/driver made me do which I tried to push it to Aisyah/Shafa but they just ignore me. *glares at them*.


*breathe in*breathe out*

One day I’ll make them do touristy shots on our homeland.

 But for now, I’ll just release my inner energy of


air bending. Hehe. Not bad la eh.


Niways, my maiden trip was probably a decade ago and the (very) young me was very scared at even the sight of the camels.

But now, I grew some balls and decided to give it a go. With a condition that either Shafa or Aisyah joins me.

Banyak punya berani! The minute we paid to get on the baby camel, regrets came pouring in my head.

Baby camel or not, it is HUGE!

Reminded myself that 1) I’m covered by insurance and 2) if someone boast that they’ve fallen off a horse whilst horse riding, I could act cool and say ‘Horse? Nahhh…I’ve fallen off a camel,’ beat that.

I mean, I would like to say that I’ve caught a bullet for someone (on the hands or something. No life threatening spot) but for now camel sounds good. Heh.






Wait. till .they .stand.

2 metres above ground with only a stick to keep yourself balance with no seatbelt nothing, it’s amazing I could even smile for the photo below.b

Obviously the camels only cared for each other. Shafa, Aqilah, who, what?

Picture above don’t do justice to how high we were. Either that or I’m exaggerating.

But don’t worry guys, we totally connected after the ride.


Eye contact and all. *winks*.


See you next time Jamal!

🌍: Pyramid, Giza, Egypt.