Al-Azhar Mosque

If Oxford has University of Oxford , Cambridge has University of Cambridge, Singapore has me (flips shawl), Egypt has Al-Azhar University and Al-Azhar Mosque.

Fyi, Al-Azhar University is considered a prestigious university in Islamic education. Obviously the lack of Arabic vocab and Islamic education foundation in me makes me a muggle that dare not even whiff the air around the university. (Don’t worry. I’ve passed by it. It looks brown). ✌️

But this mosque accepts anyone irregardless. Phew~

Situated in Hussein, it’s a little similar to Amr ibn Aas Mosque but definitely different vibes and history.


The carpet and ceiling is similar is Amr ibn Aas’s yes?



This has got to be my favourite picture. The three of us were crossing through the open courtyard when this elderly man was just sitting and resting pretty much away from any corner. Just somewhere nowhere. Hahaha.


With not 1 but 2 inattentive body guards. What if someone kidnaps me!?




Dear God…. My two bodyguards needs to be sacked! Bahahaha

🌍: Al Azhar Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.

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