Amr Ibn Al Aas

I made two separate list of things to achieve during this fasting month – this blog and something faith related.

Alhamdullilah, I’ve managed to check that ‘to-do-list’ on the faith section. #achievementunlock. But this blog… sigh.

I wanted to finish blogging on my Egypt travel tales before Ramadhan ends. Looking through each picture reminds me of fasting away from home and living with a friend in a totally different continent.

But finishing a 50 episode drama, 3 movies, 46 episodes of variety show, 24 episode of another drama, 10 episode of another(!) drama, 20 episode of yet(!) another drama, get started on watching 10 episode of currently on air drama and finishing another 18 episode drama (3 episode left, btw) and a wholeeeee lot of other things to watch…. this space ended up collecting dust. My badddd~~

This world has been passing around the quote of “It’s never too late,” for centuries and today, I’d like to use this mantra. Afterall, I still have 3 days before this fasting month bid adieu.

*blows nail*

Where did I left?…Hmmm. Ah yes. I left the previous post here.

Anywho! Amongst the many mosques that we hopped around, our driver brought us here. I wanted to give up and asked to be brought to restaurant to eat. It was hot hawt hottt and the last meal was probably last year.

But because we were too close to the mosque, we decided to stop, step out of the hot car and get fresh outdoor air.

Ladies and gents, I bring you to


Mandatory group shot.20150614_163636

The smile that hides 1001 grumble.


Old wing and New wing.

Gotta love places that don’t just tear everything down and raise something totally new.


Stepped out to the open area to cool ourselves by walking on the marble floor and then I realised we were wearing socks, bah. *smacks head*

For some reason, despite being under the sun, it was cooler than being indoor.

Most mosques in hot country uses this method to effectively cool the building and that is the architecture student in me talking, I digress.


Always heartwarming to see children around and in mosque. Even if they’re playing soccer.  Look at their goalpost!

Reminds me of when I was a child, playing soccer with my cousins every Saturday night near my grandmother’s place. 😎

🌍: Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.