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Sometime back, I blogged about my dad adding me on Instagram.

I also mentioned that when I get back home last summer break, the first thing that I’d do is take a nice picture of him to replace his then and now (Oh god) profile picture that he use evvvveeerryyyywwwwhhhheeerrrreeeee.

Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, you name it.

I lost.

No pictures were taken. Nada. Zilch.

In my dad’s defence, he said that “unlike you kids, my profile picture is for business purposes. If people want to look for me on Whatsapp or any other social media, they won’t take long to find me.”

Thing is… his profile picture is straight up a passport picture.

Sure, everytime I want to Whatsapp him, it doesn’t take me more than two breathe to look for our conversation.

But what is also true, is that, every.single.time that I have to open our chat, I get all queasy inside.







Tell me







Won’t you hold your breathe having a conversation with this kinda facial expression person













Imagine this profile picture wishing you “Happy Birthday” or saying “Thank You”.


I always die a little inside when I receive message from my dad even before opening the message.


Because there is a chance it might be a ‘scolding message’ cause *ehemmm*, I’m pretty much the trouble-two-child. Hehe. When all he is asking is ‘When are you coming back?”

I die a little MORE inside when I want something from him or telling him something that I already bought (along with the justification which usually goes along the line ‘There’s VAT refund. It’s like on sale!) 😁✌️.

The reason for this post is also due to the fact that I want to buy something which I must ask before purchasing 😂😂😂 and I have to judge from that very facial expression if my dad is in a good mood or not. Not only that, I have to gauge the timing as well.



(Both image credits to Google)


Well, wish me luck for the thing that I want.


Paint & Popcorn

I don’t know about you but I’m a natural born multi-tasker. *flips brush*

For the past 10 or 20 dramas that I’ve been watching back-to-back, this laptop’s screen is split into two, 1 for the drama and the other for internet surfing, y’know, new recipes, personality quiz, any nice handbags or shoes around and whatnot. I’ve even watched two videos at the same time. #skilled

I’ve probably finish reading all e-article on BuzzFeed’s lifestyle and food section that I need something new.

So! On this lovely chilly morning (FINALLY! IT’S BEEN HOT!), I brought down my art canvas which I bought years ago thinking I’d use it for one of my projects but turns out I didn’t need it.

The last time I paint something was a plasterboard wall for my graduation show. *yawwwnnn*. I can’t remember the last time I painted something in the name of art.

Looked through any saved pictures in the ‘Inspiration’ folder on my desktop to get me started on my first art project. *excited* clap clap hand*

Ehemmm… with my rusty skills and frail spirit, I’d like to share with you my first artwork.


Image Reference: Our best friend Google.


THIS is NOT mine.  Used this as a reference because knowing me, without any reference, I’d probably jump from painting a donkey to a galaxy abstract whatnot in a split of a second. Bah~


I started with drawing on butter paper because let’s face it, drawing architectural plan is my only strength in the drawing department.

Then, I transferred the drawing on the canvas and started painting.

With an attention span of a 3 year old, naturally I got distracted and chomp on my popcorn while waiting for the paint to dry a little.


That’s the bad guy, btw. He’s (character is) so mean!

After series of emotion – happy, angry, frustrated – and action – laugh while falling to the bed then off to the floor – I continued multi-tasking – watching drama and painting the rest of it.


 For some reason, I find myself calmer and at peace with myself when painting with colours compared to when I’m folding myself in some lizard pose during yoga class.

Found my true zen calling maybe? Hehe.







Ladies and gents, I present you my first acrylic artwork





But first, a sincere apology to any art enthusiast. This might insult your eyes.






I’m no Picasso but I’m daaaaaang proud of myself.

Now what should I name this?


Where there’s food. There’s me.

Now that fasting month is over, I can finally bring myself to upload a place that is dear to me.

During the last spring break, my cousin and I went to Amsterdam because, well, we needed a break and I wanted to soak myself in a place with colours – saving this post for later.

When I told my brother that I’ll be heading to Amsterdam, he immediately told me to visit Albert Cuyp Market. Ok, no. He insists on it. It’s as if if you don’t visit the market, you haven’t been to Amsterdam. Pfft.

I was about to go all ‘chill dude’ on the Albert Cuyp market hype when he brought out my favourite ‘F’ word – FOOD.

😶 ➡️ 😍

Did someone say FOOD!?

Not only that, he added a bonus on top of the word ‘Food’. It was SEAFOOD.

This sister is sold.

We even looked through Google Maps to find the shop. Our coordination was definitely not in sync. But that’s not the point.

The rain that followed us from England made the market close earlier and not willing to stay in the cold any longer, we left with snacks and no seafood.

But, where there’s food, there’s determination people!

We went back on our last day and while still searching for the seafood shop (what’s up with it being all secluded man!) in the cold, we stopped here and there for some street food like this handmade bread


I was sold at handmade. It was delicious beyond word.

We had fried chicken and what not too along the way but that’s not the point right now.

We almost gave up and as we were walking back towards the tram station, I found the flippin seafood shop!

My gawwwddd…. This was so difficult to find!


Hallo seafood! *waves frantically*fgha

We ended buying quite a lot for two. Hey, with all the effort that we went through, in the rain, cold and whatnot, we totes deserve it.

I totally recommend this place to all seafood lover like me. We bought quite a lot and it was still cheaper than buying two kebab meals. Kebabs here are soooo expensive compared to London. *mengapakah?*strokes imaginary beard*.


D’you know what’s the next best part to having seafood dinner in our warm and cozy room?

This shop is not the place where my brother had his seafood gastronomy activity.


Just where in the world did my brother eat?


🌍: Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam, Netherlands/Holland

Sultan Hassan Mosque

As promised in one of my earlier Egypt posts, I’ll save my favourite for the last. Aaaaand, unfortunately, we’ve come to the last Egypt post (unless I go back there again then a new saga shall begin). Hehe.

In Islam, there are 4 school of thoughts, not in order of anything, 1) Hanbali, 2) Maliki, 3) Hanafi and 4) Shafi’i.

I would’t say much about which is more strict-er then the other or how we reference ourselves to them cause 1) I’m not a scholar, which leads to 2) I might give wrong information.

The Sultan Hassan Mosque is also known as the 4 Mazhab/Madhab Mosque.


At first I wasn’t expecting anything aside for the charming worn brick(?) wall here. But the moment I stepped into the inner compound of it, it was breathtaking.

The very first thing that caught my eyes was the marble flooring that was very. very.very different than other mosque’s.


If you think this is beautiful (or not), wait till you see more.



I love seeing kids playing in mosques. Maybe because I grew frequenting a particular mosque, seeing kids playing and running around makes me relive those days.😍

If at this age I’m running around as freely as those kids, it wouldn’t take long before the security guard joins the fun and chase me out. Bahahaha.

Gahh…. being kids have it’s own perks. *jealous*

Anywho! The tiles! I digress….


It’s like everywhere you turn the tiles are calling you.

I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss close to lying on the floor and roll around the entire area. It does not help that the place was empty. I just wanted to hug the floor.

I even wanted to get a penknife/scalpel and cut out the marble floor, roll it and bring it back home.

I know I sound cuckoo and crazy but I’m very sure that that’s nothing new to you.


I’m about to burst with passion about this floor guys, so, before I do, let me move on. *wipes virtual tears*

It was almost asr when we saw a door, that we could go into to look see more, got locked by one of the imam.

So the three of us just looked through the hole-y door to see what’s inside when the imam approached us and kindly brought us in.



If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the lecture area, maybe.

The grandeur is ah-may with a zinnggg.


The mosque is called the 4 Mazhab (school of thought) mosque because student/scholar in either mazhab can meet in (technically) one place, split themselves into the different area (school) for exchange of knowledge.

From where I’m standing is considered one mazhab area, the opposite, another mazhab area, to the right and left another two different mazhab area respectively.

I’m not too sure which is which though.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


God! We’re coming in!





Contemplating if I should start rolling from there. 😝





God, is that you? Hehe. I’m here!

If you ever get the chance to visit Cairo, I recommend you to visit this mosque.

It has an entry fee. There’s student discount as well if you bring your student card. The entrance fee allows you to go into two mosques which is this mosque and Rifa’i mosque which is in my earlier blogpost.


Remember this mosque guys.


When the call to prayer and success calls you.

Sighhh… I miss this place already.

And this lovely people, is the end of my second Egypt trip. May there be a third.

But most importantly, may you reach here too!


🌍: Sultan Hassan Mosque a.k.a.4 Mazhab Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.



No trip to Egypt will be complete without visiting the pharaohs resting place yes?

I remember the last time I went here, it was very crowded. Full of tourists. But thanks to the media portraying the condition of Egypt wrongly, saying it is dangerous and whatnot, this leads to decline in tourism which makes this tourist attraction empty which also kinda means that we get this place to ourselves.

Before pyramid fun, we also went to see Sphinx where I manage to do some public service of…


scratching it’s itchy nose.

I guess all these thousands years being there, it still could not get use to the dust. Teehee.



Not too sure what Aisyah is badly wishing for. Maybe rain or a lower temperature. Hehe.


Some touristy shots that our guide/driver made me do which I tried to push it to Aisyah/Shafa but they just ignore me. *glares at them*.


*breathe in*breathe out*

One day I’ll make them do touristy shots on our homeland.

 But for now, I’ll just release my inner energy of


air bending. Hehe. Not bad la eh.


Niways, my maiden trip was probably a decade ago and the (very) young me was very scared at even the sight of the camels.

But now, I grew some balls and decided to give it a go. With a condition that either Shafa or Aisyah joins me.

Banyak punya berani! The minute we paid to get on the baby camel, regrets came pouring in my head.

Baby camel or not, it is HUGE!

Reminded myself that 1) I’m covered by insurance and 2) if someone boast that they’ve fallen off a horse whilst horse riding, I could act cool and say ‘Horse? Nahhh…I’ve fallen off a camel,’ beat that.

I mean, I would like to say that I’ve caught a bullet for someone (on the hands or something. No life threatening spot) but for now camel sounds good. Heh.






Wait. till .they .stand.

2 metres above ground with only a stick to keep yourself balance with no seatbelt nothing, it’s amazing I could even smile for the photo below.b

Obviously the camels only cared for each other. Shafa, Aqilah, who, what?

Picture above don’t do justice to how high we were. Either that or I’m exaggerating.

But don’t worry guys, we totally connected after the ride.


Eye contact and all. *winks*.


See you next time Jamal!

🌍: Pyramid, Giza, Egypt.