burn baby burn

Note: This is probably the lamest story you’ll ever read.

I never thought this was even possible.

But I guess experience is the best teacher.

As we all know, it’s (cold) summer here in the English Land.

Sun starts rising at 2.30. By 4am, it’s as bright as 10am. At 6am, you might think it’s already noon.

Because I can’t sleep on a full stomach after sahur, I will stay up until 8am (or even 10am these days*gasp!*) before turning in for the day.

Before sleeping, my blind curtain are drawn. UV rays are everyone’s best enemy.

After a refreshing 9 hour sleep (ugly people needs more time >.<), I wake up, stretch, pull the curtains to welcome the pre-evening sunshine and start making faces to warm my facial muscle for iftar in few hours.

Y’know, eating is exercise.

As I was yawning, my face felt painful. Like it was being stretched.

I was sleeping at home by the way. Not in a plastic surgery clinic.

Went to the mirror and realised that this girl with red face dropped by to stay for a few days. Read: I got sunburned while sleeping!

What was my blind curtain doing!!? Ishh… >.<“

I fall under the category of special people by the way. I don’t get dark(er) after getting sunburned. My skin will turn crab red, be flaky with the peels before turning one shade lighter than I was before.

dvEmbracing the redness.

Gonna look like a mess for the next few days with flaky skin peels. Bahahahaha.

Time check: 8.01 am.

I’ve geared up with my sunblock. My pillows and friends are in position.

I’m ready for my beauty sleep, goodnight!


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