matchy matchy

Every afternoon morning, I get up and tell myself, ‘One blogpost today.’

5 episodes of a TV drama + 3 episodes of Variety show + cooking for iftar and sahur + eating + terawih = I’ll blog tomorrow.

It’s like saying diet starts tomorrow, everyday.

But since I’ve finished my 50 episode historical drama, this blog deserves my attention.

Y’know…before it collects dust *cough* and fossilise like Shafa’s blog *cough*. Excuse me. I’m allergic to dust.


Went groceries shopping the other day for some me time (as if staying alone is.not.alone.enough) and stumbled upon these babies.



Look at em flavours! Makes me miss Chef Tony’s popcorn back at home. The walnut (i think) white chocolate is absolutely omnomnomable.

But Chef Tony ain’t got time to be here.

Before, I’ve tried Peppermint Dream, Toffee Nut Latte and Mango & Chilli and all of em’ were super sweet (like me, bahahaha *smacks head*). Too sweet for my liking.

So, this round, I opt for the most pancreas friendly flavour – Strawberry & Dark Chocolate.


Lookie look! It matches my keyboard.

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