burn baby burn

Note: This is probably the lamest story you’ll ever read.

I never thought this was even possible.

But I guess experience is the best teacher.

As we all know, it’s (cold) summer here in the English Land.

Sun starts rising at 2.30. By 4am, it’s as bright as 10am. At 6am, you might think it’s already noon.

Because I can’t sleep on a full stomach after sahur, I will stay up until 8am (or even 10am these days*gasp!*) before turning in for the day.

Before sleeping, my blind curtain are drawn. UV rays are everyone’s best enemy.

After a refreshing 9 hour sleep (ugly people needs more time >.<), I wake up, stretch, pull the curtains to welcome the pre-evening sunshine and start making faces to warm my facial muscle for iftar in few hours.

Y’know, eating is exercise.

As I was yawning, my face felt painful. Like it was being stretched.

I was sleeping at home by the way. Not in a plastic surgery clinic.

Went to the mirror and realised that this girl with red face dropped by to stay for a few days. Read: I got sunburned while sleeping!

What was my blind curtain doing!!? Ishh… >.<“

I fall under the category of special people by the way. I don’t get dark(er) after getting sunburned. My skin will turn crab red, be flaky with the peels before turning one shade lighter than I was before.

dvEmbracing the redness.

Gonna look like a mess for the next few days with flaky skin peels. Bahahahaha.

Time check: 8.01 am.

I’ve geared up with my sunblock. My pillows and friends are in position.

I’m ready for my beauty sleep, goodnight!


matchy matchy

Every afternoon morning, I get up and tell myself, ‘One blogpost today.’

5 episodes of a TV drama + 3 episodes of Variety show + cooking for iftar and sahur + eating + terawih = I’ll blog tomorrow.

It’s like saying diet starts tomorrow, everyday.

But since I’ve finished my 50 episode historical drama, this blog deserves my attention.

Y’know…before it collects dust *cough* and fossilise like Shafa’s blog *cough*. Excuse me. I’m allergic to dust.


Went groceries shopping the other day for some me time (as if staying alone is.not.alone.enough) and stumbled upon these babies.



Look at em flavours! Makes me miss Chef Tony’s popcorn back at home. The walnut (i think) white chocolate is absolutely omnomnomable.

But Chef Tony ain’t got time to be here.

Before, I’ve tried Peppermint Dream, Toffee Nut Latte and Mango & Chilli and all of em’ were super sweet (like me, bahahaha *smacks head*). Too sweet for my liking.

So, this round, I opt for the most pancreas friendly flavour – Strawberry & Dark Chocolate.


Lookie look! It matches my keyboard.

me time, dumpling time

Finally! The first day where I don’t have to go to uni during the fasting month has come!


Back at home, during the fasting month, my nanny would make a big batch of my favourite snack – epok-epok kentang – and I would help her. Read: create mess.

We’d sit cross-legged in the kitchen, with newspapers as base for big bowl of filling and dough. She’d roll the dough while I’ll put the fillings. She’d give me 10 pieces (or more) for me to crimp the sides. Whatever I crimp, is mine. She’d NEVER let what I crimp be served to guests, or even other family members. Why? Because I’m helplessly untalented with crimping (if such word exist, haha).


That’s my nanny’s fine handwork of crimping. Don’t bother asking what mine looks like. I remember it looking very retarded and distorted. >.<

But it still tastes delicious though. *flips spatula* Because it isn’t me who made the filling.

But that was few years ago.

I was watching some cooking channel on Youtube when I stumbled upon prawn dumpling recipe. *clicks save*

Went to the Asian grocery store to buy the dumpling skin and voila!


My little Ramadhan home activity reenacted with only me, myself and I.

The thought of crimping the dumplings made me a little nauseous but I man up and gave it a go!

















It ended up looking like











(Prawn tofu dumpling)

I guess over the years, my motor skill have refined, bahaha.

Not too bad eh.

Pan fried the flat one for iftar. Kept the pursed shape frozen for they shall be steamed when my bamboo steamer arrives!


The fact that they taste good when I made this whilst fasting… *ehem*pats back*.

another first

If last year I spent my Ramadhan in 4 countries, this year I’m just spending it in 1.

Too tired to even book flight back home. Bahahaha.  Walking and running around with sleep debt is no joke!

Back in Egypt, we’d take turns to cook (or order food). Back in Singapore, we’ve got helper to prepare our meals unless I feel like cooking that day and in Indonesia we have Padang food. I don’t bother looking for anything else really.

Food will be ready usually 10 mins before and we’d sit around comfortably and have little conversations here and there.

But here, it’s just me and my kitchen running the digestive system.

I’ve got a bad habit of cooking as late as I can, in hopessss that by the time the food is juuuuuuust cooked, it’s time to eat.

That nevah happen. I end up breaking fast by drinking first while waiting for the food to cook.

Bahhhh. The rush I put upon myself.

But anyways!

Here’s what I had for first sehri/sahur


Tom Yum chicken burger – *ehem* made by yours truly – only the patty btw. Everything else is store bought >.<


and Banana blueberry juice with some other stuff.

Everytime I make any juice, the measurements are done by eyes. Ain’t nobody got time for measuring cups and all yo. And everytime I pour the juice in the glass, it fills nicely to the brim.

You have no idea how proud I am of myself! *flipsshawl*

I probably should run a juice bar or something teehee.

A little late but to all my fellow muslim readers, Ramadhan Mubarak. If I’ve offend you right under your nose or behind your back, please forgive me. It’s hard being a girl with mood swings and all.

Till next post, please don’t upload your food pictures on Instagram. Somewhere in this world, someone like me is fasting 19 hours and more.

*rubs tummy*

my barcode

The laser cutting machine has chosen to break down amidst the submission period. I know. What an impeccable timing.

It barely cut my card. Imagine the birthday card you buy at bookstore. Yup, that thin card.

I decided to have a little bit more faith in the machine and cut my beams on plywood.

When faith don’t work and instead of beams you end up with something totes different….


you end up having what might juuuuuuuust look like your personal barcode.

My very own barcode. Teehee.

I’m not for sale tho.


Just finished watching a Korean Drama where the serial killer marked his victim by slicing their wrist like a barcode.