good again

Uni is finally open after the long Easter weekend!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but, from Friday till yesterday (Monday), I was moping at home and can’t wait to be in uni.

So that’s what I did today, go to school to get some work done.

Instead of working at the workshop area, I decided to go to our (architecture student’s) floor aka the highest floor aka what I call the ‘Penthouse Level’.

The open studio was empty. Assa! Unpack, settled on a playlist and started cracking.

As I was video hopping, I stumbled upon Backstreet Boys album.

C’mon 90s baby. No matter how crappy you’re feeling, if any BSB song pops up, it’ll definitely momentarily throw you in the memory lane of good ol’ meaningful songs.

You pheel me!?

I was lightly singing along as I was doing my work when a tutor came over and went, “YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC SUCKS!”

Ok, fine. That’s what I heard.

He said, ‘I disapprove your choice of music, I was holding it in till you started singing. Do you have an earpiece please? I really need to finish my marking.”

Wah seh. First my choice in music. Then my voice. What next!? The length of my toes?

No one. I REPEAT, NO ONE has any right to diss another person’s choice in music. More so BSB! Even my aunt knows BSB!

I assumed there was no generation gap issue here. Boy was I wrong.

What a killjoy.

After a while, I packed my bag and left to do some damage control.

(and we all know what that means. mmmmhhmmmmm)

I’ve been wanting to try the desserts at Marks & Spencer. Went there. Looked at all the dessert selection and NOPE.

No dilation in the pupil.

No flutter in the heart.

No excitement.

We all know how I live my life around dessert.

That desire left. Nowhere to be found. Poof. Vanish.

I didn’t know what else to do. I don’t want to go home with this feeling.

Then I remembered that I haven’t buy something which my tutor recommended and quickly made my way to the particular store.

The moment I stepped in. Literally at the entrance, my shoulders had more strength, my pupils dilated, my heart flutters and my blood started flowing again (ok, that was exaggerated, but you feel me yeah).


Oh how I’ve missed you…..



The balm for any woes.

Sigh. I’m such a changed person no? Hehehehehehehe.


Look! Even got me-self a colouring book to colour the stress away.



Life’s good again guys.