My cake bar!

My last sesh of this cake bars business was in January(?), when my cousin came over for work.

I still remember that day, vividly. Getting lost and ended up at Buckingham Palace as we were waiting for a table at a lobster restaurant. Where there’s food concerned, you can count on my memory mate. Hehe

What was more vivid was, the next day.

We had an early train to Cambridge after a late night. With more than one hour ride, all 3 of us decided to take a nap.

So I shut my eyes, think of things that matter, you know, to lull myself to sleep.

My thoughts were jumping from one thing/topic to another and suddenly, I my eyes went wide open, and so does my lips, releasing short sharp high pitch sound aka squeal, “My cake bar!”

My reaction is gold enough to wake my cousin and her friend who were both facing me.


Thank God there train carriage I was in was empty.

I left my cake bar, no. CAKE BARSSSS. Plural, people, plural! In their short life span, they must’ve felt so lonely without my presence! Oh poor them.

It was so disheartening to leave them in London as I head home in another city.

Nuff memory lane!

Now I have my own stash that’s travelled all the way from Pasir Ris to Maria Avenue to London and all the way to my home.

There should be a programme to accumulate mileage for these kind of things, like our shoes or bears for example. And of course, the points should be able to be converted into any of our preferred airline loyalty membership, yes?

*hands up all frequent flyers!*


Since it was my birthday last week, belated birthday cake’s overdue.

Till next post,


I used to have time for this. But now,

I just….














*Ngapppp.* Gonna eat this as I stare at my beautiful window.



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